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J Card Surg ; 35(10): 2734-2736, 2020 Oct.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-33043662


BACKGROUND AND AIM: To evaluate the publication rate of articles related to cardiac surgery in the four main cardiovascular journals over the last 5 years. METHODS: A bibliometric review of all full-length articles published between January 2014 and March 2020 in the top four cardiovascular journals (Circulation, European Heart Journal (EHJ), Journal of the American College of Cardiology (JACC), and JAMA Cardiology) was conducted. For each eligible article in the four journals, the journal of publication, study design, area of interest, country of origin, and type of intervention tested (for cardiac surgery and interventional cardiology studies) were extracted. The affiliations of all editorial board members were identified from journal websites or from online searches and recorded as from cardiac surgery, cardiology, or another discipline. Correlations between variables were evaluated. RESULTS: A total of 4835 articles were reviewed. Cardiac surgery studies amounted to 6.2% (104) of total research publications in JACC, 4.4% (74) in Circulation, 3.6% (13) in JAMA Cardiology, and 2.0% (22) in EHJ (P < .001). The percentage of cardiac surgery publications was significantly less than interventional cardiology publications (P < .001). CONCLUSIONS: Cardiac surgery studies represent only a small minority of the articles published in the top cardiovascular journals over the last 5 years, with significant differences between individual journals. Cardiac surgery studies were more often observational and this may constitute one important reason for their under-representation.

Bibliografias como Assunto , Cardiologia , Publicações Periódicas como Assunto , Publicações/estatística & dados numéricos , Pesquisa/estatística & dados numéricos , Sociedades Médicas/organização & administração , Cardiologia/organização & administração , Humanos , Fatores de Tempo
Cent Eur J Public Health ; 28(3): 237-244, 2020 Sep.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-32997481


OBJECTIVE: Period of elderly age preordains the occurrence of many health issues. People deported during World War II to concentration camps suffered from malnutrition, lack of sleep, physical and mental exhaustion. Recently, the health condition of Holocaust survivors is often complicated as a result of physical punishments and different torture methods as well as mental hardships which they had suffered during deportation. The consequences often have psychosomatic nature thus the survivors are often receivers of health care. The topic of bibliography review is based on the need to objectivize and systematically evaluate subjective health issues of Holocaust survivors in connection with trauma related to the stay in a concentration camp. The aim is to offer a review of effects of the Holocaust on health of different body systems for survivors in concentration camps and Jewish ghettos in the course of World War II. METHODS: To map the subjective problems of Holocaust survivors, evidence-based medicine (EBM) method has been used with the help of scientific database PubMed, CINAHL Plus with full text, ProQuest and other sources with specific key words and Boole operators. Prognostic type of clinical/review questions has been selected for the bibliography review, which is trying to predict the probability of relation or output of illness/condition and based on diseases or symptoms seriousness to find out expectancy for treatment/improvement of care. RESULTS: 175 studies have been found in basic search with the use of key words both in English and in Czech language. The search has not been time-limited. The advanced search has focused on different body systems and health damage due to Nazi experiments. Fourteen studies have been used to complete the study. The research results have confirmed the significant effect of Holocaust trauma on body condition of the survivors. The reasons of this condition were insufficient nutrition, unsuitable and harmful hygienic, living and working conditions and brutality of the guards. According to the research, these factors have impacted all organ systems, mainly locomotion and cardiovascular ones. The results have shown a more frequent occurrence of osteoporosis, fractures of long bones and corresponding chronical pain of people of Jewish origin who had gone through different forms of torture during World War II. Other present symptoms include gastrointestinal problems, tumors mainly in the area of colorectum and lungs. Moreover, the stay in concentration camps had influence on women's menstrual cycle. CONCLUSION: The studies of Holocaust effects are an example of the influence of an extreme mental and physical burden on the body condition of the survivors' health. The results of the studies have shown a wide range of the effects also in mental and social areas.

Nível de Saúde , Holocausto , Sobreviventes/estatística & dados numéricos , Bibliografias como Assunto , Humanos , Judeus
Cell ; 181(3): 487-491, 2020 04 30.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-32234518


This year's Gairdner Foundation Award for Biomedical Research goes to Roel Nusse for his pioneering work on the Wnt signaling pathway and its many roles in development, cancer, and stem cells.

Proteínas Wnt/metabolismo , Via de Sinalização Wnt , beta Catenina/metabolismo , Animais , Animais Geneticamente Modificados/metabolismo , Bibliografias como Assunto , Comunicação Celular , Drosophila , Proteínas de Drosophila/metabolismo , Feminino , Humanos , Neoplasias Mamárias Animais/metabolismo , Neoplasias Mamárias Animais/patologia , Camundongos , Proteína Wnt1/metabolismo
Cardiovasc Interv Ther ; 35(1): 37-43, 2020 Jan.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-31482290


Individual studies IVUS vs angiography-guided DES implantation studies, whether randomized clinical trials or registries are underpowered, to show a reduction in mortality, especially at 1 year of follow-up. However, either meta-analyses or the few studies with long-term (> 5 year) follow-up showed that IVUS guidance reduced mortality and improved patient survival, even with second-generation DES.

Bibliografias como Assunto , Implante de Prótese Vascular/métodos , Doença da Artéria Coronariana/cirurgia , Stents Farmacológicos , Intervenção Coronária Percutânea/métodos , Cirurgia Assistida por Computador/métodos , Ultrassonografia de Intervenção/métodos , Doença da Artéria Coronariana/diagnóstico , Doença da Artéria Coronariana/mortalidade , Saúde Global , Humanos , Intervenção Coronária Percutânea/mortalidade , Taxa de Sobrevida/tendências
Dominguezia ; 36(2): 47-48, 2020. ilus
Artigo em Espanhol | MOSAICO - Saúde integrativa | ID: biblio-1147074


El jesuita Gaspar Juárez (1731-1804) podría ser visto como el primer botánico argentino. Debe aclararse, sin embargo, que él no se entendía como tal, ya que consideraba sus trabajos en esta área como un pasatiempo, mientras se dedicada a temas históricos y religiosos.

Humanos , Masculino , História do Século XVIII , Etnobotânica , Argentina , Bibliografias como Assunto
Movimento (Porto Alegre) ; 25(1): e25001, jan.- dez. 2019. tabelas, ilus
Artigo em Português | LILACS | ID: biblio-1047583


Este artigo identifica a natureza das imagens utilizadas pelos periódicos de ensino e de técnicas da Educação Física e esporte (1932-1960) e analisa as intencionalidades editoriais nos seus usos e apropriações (CERTEAU, 2014). Possui abordagem quantiqualitativa do tipo exploratória e assume os pressupostos teóricometodológicos da História Cultural (CHARTIER, 1990). As fontes constituem-se nas matérias com imagens dos periódicos: Revista de Educação Física (1932-1960), Revista Educação Physica (1932-1945) e Revista Brasileira de Educação Física (1944-1952). A análise evidencia duas naturezas de imagens: fotografias e desenhos (ilustração antropomórfica, diagrama, croqui e charge). O uso desses dispositivos de modelização da leitura por parte dos editores visava contribuir com a formação de professores de Educação Física, sob uma perspectiva que privilegiava o fazer para aprender e o aprender fazendo. As imagens faziam parte do projeto editorial desses periódicos, contribuindo para a divulgação e o ensino das práticas da Educação Física

This article identifies the nature of images used by journals focused on Physical Education and Sport teaching and techniques (1932-1960) and analyzes editorial intentions in their uses and appropriations (CERTEAU, 2014). It takes an exploratory quantitativequalitative approach and the theoretical-methodological assumptions of Cultural History (CHARTIER, 1990). Its sources are images from journals: Revista de Educação Física (1932-1960), Revista Educação Physica (1932-1945), and Revista Brasileira de Educação Física (1944-1952). The analysis points to images of two natures: photographs and drawings (anthropomorphic illustrations, diagrams, sketches, and cartoons). The use of these reading modeling devices by editors was intended to contribute to Physical Education teachers' training from a perspective emphasizing doing for learning and learning by doing. The images were part of these journals' editorial projects in order to contribute to disseminate and teach Physical Education practices

Identifica la naturaleza de las imágenes utilizadas por los periódicos de enseñanza y de técnicas de la Educación Física y Deporte (1932-1960) y analiza las intencionalidades editoriales en sus usos y apropiaciones (CERTEAU, 2014). Tiene un enfoque cuantitativo y cualitativo, tipo exploratorio, y asume los supuestos teóricos y metodológicos de la Historia Cultural (CHARTIER, 1990). Las fuentes son las materias con imágenes de los periódicos: Revista de Educação Física (1932-1960), Revista Educação Physica (1932-1945) y Revista Brasileira de Educação Física (1944-1952). El análisis pone en evidencia dos naturalezas de imágenes: fotografías y dibujos (ilustración antropomórfica, diagrama, croquis y humorísticos). El uso de estos dispositivos de modelización de la lectura, por parte de los editores, buscaba contribuir con la formación de profesores de Educación Física, con una perspectiva que privilegiaba el hacer para aprender y el aprender haciendo. Las imágenes formaban parte del proyecto editorial de esos periódicos, ayudando a la divulgación y a la enseñanza de las prácticas de la Educación Física

Humanos , Educação Física e Treinamento , Publicações Periódicas como Assunto , Bibliografias como Assunto , Fotografação
Hist Psychol ; 22(4): 372-374, 2019 11.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-31633372


Lewis M. Terman's publication list is impressively long. Even a selective bibliography includes around three dozen articles and books (Watson, 1974). Yet by many standards of authorship assignment, one significant contribution is invariably omitted: the paper "The Versatility of Genius" nominally sole-authored by Ralph K. White in 1931. To see why, it is necessary to place this article in the context of two careers-Terman's and White's. Terman (1940) discussed White's (1931) key results in his overview of "Psychological Approaches to the Biography of Genius." In that article, Terman's appreciation for the study seems much greater than the author's own. No criticisms even mentioned. Furthermore, it has become apparent many decades later that White's inquiry into the versatility of genius remains the most rigorous empirical treatment of the subject-a subject that encompasses the fascinating topic of polymathy as well (Cassandro & Simonton, 2010). Hence, why not give White's (1931) inquiry the attention it deserves? Just add the reference to Terman's curriculum vita with an asterisk indicating White's mentor as covert coauthor! (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2019 APA, all rights reserved).

Bibliografias como Assunto , Inteligência , Autoria/história , História do Século XX , Humanos , Testes de Inteligência/história
Educ Prim Care ; 30(5): 312-316, 2019 09.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-31502512


Key writings are those texts which represent a timeless contribution to the academic basis of general practice. We surveyed the 14 GP Specialist Training Programmes in Ireland and undertook focus group interviews with teachers and trainees in order to understand the extent to which such texts are currently used and whether they are valued in teaching. Our results indicate that traditional reading lists are not common in Irish GP training, that there are many barriers to trainees engaging with such literature but that both teachers and trainees see merit in providing access to a body of key writings. We suggest how this might be undertaken.

Bibliografias como Assunto , Educação de Pós-Graduação em Medicina/métodos , Medicina Geral/educação , Docentes de Medicina , Grupos Focais , Humanos , Irlanda , Literatura
Int. j. morphol ; 37(3): 938-946, Sept. 2019. tab, graf
Artigo em Espanhol | LILACS | ID: biblio-1012378


El estudio de la enseñanza de la medicina, desde una perspectiva histórica, es importante para explicar el desarrollo de esta profesión. Considerando el valor de los libros en el currículo universitario su estudio permite comprender la influencia sociopolítica del momento histórico. El objetivo de este trabajo fue determinar y analizar la primera bibliografía utilizada en la formación de médicos en Chile entre 1758 y 1840 (desde la fundación de la Universidad de San Felipe a la muerte del Dr. Pedro Morán). A través de una investigación histórica se logró encontrar los ocho libros de textos utilizados durante este periodo. De ellos, se realizó un análisis descriptivo que abarcó la identificación del autor, el título de la obra, el año, idioma y lugar de publicación. Además, se clasificaron según extensión y enfoque. También se realizó un análisis cuantitativo para determinar la cantidad de información que presentan estos libros en comparación con la literatura moderna. Los resultados se ordenaron en tablas y gráficos para su posterior análisis. Los textos encontrados fueron principalmente editados en España y en idioma español (62,5 %), aunque una parte importante fueron editados en Francia y en francés (37,5 %). Mayoritariamente se utilizó bibliografía de autores franceses (50 %), aunque también se incluyeron libros de autores españoles (37,5 %) y alemanes (12,5 %). Con respecto a la extensión de los textos, tanto los libros de mediana y gran extensión estuvieron representados de igual forma (37,5 %) y los compendios representaron un porcentaje menor (12,5 %). Este trabajo es un aporte a la comprensión del origen de la formación de médicos en Chile y ayuda a comprender el nacimiento de la identidad profesional, que ha sido de gran influencia en la historia político - social de Chile, describiendo la bibliografía que marco el nacimiento de la Historia de la Anatomía en nuestro país.

The study of the teaching of medicine, from a historical perspective, is important to explain the development of this profession. Considering the value of books in the university curriculum, its study allows us to understand the socio-political influence of the historical moment. The objective of this work was to determine and analyze the first bibliography used in the training of doctors in Chile between 1758 and 1840 (from the foundation of the University of San Felipe to the death of Dr. Pedro Morán).Through a historical investigation it was possible to find the eight textbooks used during this period. Of these, a descriptive analysis was carried out that included the identification of the author, the title of the work, the year, language and place of publication. In addition, they were classified according to extension and focus. A quantitative analysis was also carried out to determine the amount of information presented in these books compared to modern literature. The results were arranged in tables and graphs for later analysis. The texts found were mainly published in Spain and in Spanish (62.5 %), although an important part was published in France and in French (37.5 %). The bibliography of French authors was used mainly (50 %), although books by Spanish authors (37.5 %) and Germans (12.5 %) were also included. With respect to the extension of the texts, both the medium and large extension books were represented in the same way (37.5 %) and the compendiums represented a smaller percentage (12.5 %). This work is a contribution to the understanding of the origin of the training of doctors in Chile and helps to understand the birth of professional identity, which has been of great influence in the political - social history of Chile, describing the bibliography that marked the birth of the History of Anatomy in our country.

Humanos , História do Século XVIII , História do Século XIX , Bibliografias como Assunto , Educação Médica/história , Anatomia/educação , Anatomia/história , Chile