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Medicine (Baltimore) ; 99(21): e20334, 2020 May 22.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-32481321


BACKGROUND: Team science research includes authors from various fields collaborating to publish their work on certain topics. Despite the numerous papers that discussed the ordering of author names and the contributions of authors to an article, no paper evaluatedIn addition, few researchers publish academic articles without co-author collaboration. Whether the bibliometric indexes (eg, h-/x-index) of sole-author researchers are higher than those of other types of multiple authors is required for comparison. We aimed to evaluate a productive author who published 114 sole-author articles with exceptional RA and RD in academics. METHODS: By searching the PubMed database (, we used the keyword of (Taiwan[affiliation]) from 2016 to 2017 and downloaded 29,356 articles. One physician (Dr. Tseng from the field of Internal Medicine) who published 12 articles as a single author was selected. His articles and citations were searched in PubMed. A comparison of various types of author ordering placements was conducted using sensitivity analysis to inspect whether this sole author earns the highest metrics in RA. Social network analysis (SNA), Gini coefficient (GC), pyramid plot, and the Kano diagram were applied to gather the following data for visualization: RESULTS:: We observed that CONCLUSIONS:: The metrics on RA are high for the sole author studied. The author's RD can be denoted by the MeSH terms and measured by the GC. The author-weighted scheme is required for quantifying author credits in an article to evaluate the author's RA. Social network analysis incorporating the Kano diagrams provided insights into the relationships between actors (eg, coauthors, MeSH terms, or journals). The methods used in this study can be replicated to evaluate other productive studies on RA and RD in the future.

Bibliometria , Pesquisa Biomédica/estatística & dados numéricos , MEDLINE/estatística & dados numéricos , Publicações Periódicas como Assunto/estatística & dados numéricos , Bases de Dados Factuais , Humanos
Stud Health Technol Inform ; 270: 884-888, 2020 Jun 16.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-32570509


The Swiss Variant Interpretation Platform for Oncology is a centralized, joint and curated database for clinical somatic variants piloted by a board of Swiss healthcare institutions and operated by the SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics. To support this effort, SIB Text Mining designed a set of text analytics services. This report focuses on three of those services. First, the automatic annotations of the literature with a set of terminologies have been performed, resulting in a large annotated version of MEDLINE and PMC. Second, a generator of variant synonyms for single nucleotide variants has been developed using publicly available data resources, as well as patterns of non-standard formats, often found in the literature. Third, a literature ranking service enables to retrieve a ranked set of MEDLINE abstracts given a variant and optionally a diagnosis. The annotation of MEDLINE and PMC resulted in a total of respectively 785,181,199 and 1,156,060,212 annotations, which means an average of 26 and 425 annotations per abstract and full-text article. The generator of variant synonyms enables to retrieve up to 42 synonyms for a variant. The literature ranking service reaches a precision (P10) of 63%, which means that almost two-thirds of the top-10 returned abstracts are judged relevant. Further services will be implemented to complete this set of services, such as a service to retrieve relevant clinical trials for a patient and a literature ranking service for full-text articles.

Biologia Computacional , Mineração de Dados , Indexação e Redação de Resumos , Humanos , MEDLINE , Suíça
Am J Med Sci ; 360(3): 222-228, 2020 09.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-32591091


The present review aimed to present the research highlights on C1q/TNF-related protein 1 (CTRP1), a member of the recently discovered family of highly conserved adiponectin paralog proteins, C1q tumor necrosis factor-related proteins. CTRP1 plays an important role in regulating body energy homeostasis and sensitivity to insulin. Studies on animal models have shown that it lowers the concentration of glucose. Elevated concentrations of CTRP1 reduce weight gain and diet-induced insulin resistance. CTRP1 limits the extent of ischemia-reperfusion injury in acute myocardial infarction. It inhibits platelet aggregation by blocking von Willebrand factor binding to collagen. In patients with chronic kidney disease, an increase in CTRP1 levels is associated with a lesser degree of disease progression. CTRP1 stimulates aldosterone synthesis in the adrenal cortex by affecting aldosterone synthase expression. In dehydration, an increase in CTRP1 concentration helps to maintain normotension. It participates in processes related to the proliferation and maturation of chondrocytes. It also promotes atherosclerosis, and a surge in its concentration is correlated with a higher cardiovascular risk in patients with coronary atherosclerosis. In vascular smooth muscle cells, it induces the expression of proinflammatory cytokines. An increase in CTRP1 levels is correlated with the progression of the neoplastic process in patients with glioblastoma.

Adipocinas/fisiologia , Proteínas/fisiologia , Animais , Doenças Cardiovasculares , Condrogênese/fisiologia , Metabolismo Energético , Glucose/metabolismo , Homeostase/fisiologia , Humanos , Inflamação , Resistência à Insulina/fisiologia , Nefropatias , Metabolismo dos Lipídeos/fisiologia , MEDLINE , Neoplasias , PubMed
Z Evid Fortbild Qual Gesundhwes ; 150-152: 20-28, 2020 Apr.
Artigo em Alemão | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-32439423


BACKGROUND: Journal hand searching offers the possibility to complement a literature search as part of systematic reviews and other evidence syntheses. Hand searching is indicated in cases where scientific journals with potentially relevant publications addressing the research question are not indexed in a literature database. However, it is often unclear whether these journals are actually indexed, and when they are, in which literature databases. In many cases, it is also unknown which journals should be searched by hand in addition to systematic literature search after databases to be searched have been specified. Therefore, the project aimed to investigate the indexation of selected scientific health science journals and to provide an overview of indexation in order to facilitate the hand search planning process. METHODS: Journals from German-speaking countries covering eight professional fields (medical laboratory assistance, occupational therapy, midwifery, logopedics, nursing, physiotherapy, public health and rehabilitation) were considered that publish original research papers or systematic reviews or other review types in German and/or English. Two researchers per field identified relevant journals and independently analyzed the indexing locations using the journal websites. In case of missing information, we contacted the editors. RESULTS: A total of 70 journals were included: from 1 to 17 journals per field. These journals are indexed in 1 to 29 databases. Twelve journals are not indexed or do not offer information concerning indexation. Indexation is distributed across n=74 different literature databases. Most journals are indexed in LIVIVO (n=55) and (n=33). Other common indexing databases are Scopus (n=18), Web of Science Core Collection (n=16), PSYNDEX (n=13), and Embase (n=10). CONCLUSIONS: The results indicate a heterogeneous indexation of the included journals. Only a small number is indexed in common international literature databases such as MEDLINE or CINAHL. On the other hand, only a few journals are not indexed in any database. The results can be used as a basis to define databases for literature searches as part of systematic reviews. In addition, the findings might guide the selection of journals for hand searching after literature databases have been defined.

Bases de Dados Bibliográficas , Publicações Periódicas como Assunto , Indexação e Redação de Resumos , Alemanha , MEDLINE
Nucleic Acids Res ; 48(W1): W12-W16, 2020 07 02.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-32379317


Thanks to recent efforts by the text mining community, biocurators have now access to plenty of good tools and Web interfaces for identifying and visualizing biomedical entities in literature. Yet, many of these systems start with a PubMed query, which is limited by strong Boolean constraints. Some semantic search engines exploit entities for Information Retrieval, and/or deliver relevance-based ranked results. Yet, they are not designed for supporting a specific curation workflow, and allow very limited control on the search process. The Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics Literature Services (SIBiLS) provide personalized Information Retrieval in the biological literature. Indeed, SIBiLS allow fully customizable search in semantically enriched contents, based on keywords and/or mapped biomedical entities from a growing set of standardized and legacy vocabularies. The services have been used and favourably evaluated to assist the curation of genes and gene products, by delivering customized literature triage engines to different curation teams. SIBiLS ( are freely accessible via REST APIs and are ready to empower any curation workflow, built on modern technologies scalable with big data: MongoDB and Elasticsearch. They cover MEDLINE and PubMed Central Open Access enriched by nearly 2 billion of mapped biomedical entities, and are daily updated.

Mineração de Dados/métodos , Ferramenta de Busca , MEDLINE , Medicina de Precisão
Diabetes Metab Syndr ; 14(4): 395-403, 2020.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-32334395


BACKGROUND AND AIMS: Diabetes Mellitus (DM) is chronic conditions with devastating multi-systemic complication and may be associated with severe form of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). We conducted a systematic review and meta-analysis in order to investigate the association between DM and poor outcome in patients with COVID-19 pneumonia. METHODS: Systematic literature search was performed from several electronic databases on subjects that assess DM and outcome in COVID-19 pneumonia. The outcome of interest was composite poor outcome, including mortality, severe COVID-19, acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), need for intensive care unit (ICU) care, and disease progression. RESULTS: There were a total of 6452 patients from 30 studies. Meta-analysis showed that DM was associated with composite poor outcome (RR 2.38 [1.88, 3.03], p < 0.001; I2: 62%) and its subgroup which comprised of mortality (RR 2.12 [1.44, 3.11], p < 0.001; I2: 72%), severe COVID-19 (RR 2.45 [1.79, 3.35], p < 0.001; I2: 45%), ARDS (RR 4.64 [1.86, 11.58], p = 0.001; I2: 9%), and disease progression (RR 3.31 [1.08, 10.14], p = 0.04; I2: 0%). Meta-regression showed that the association with composite poor outcome was influenced by age (p = 0.003) and hypertension (p < 0.001). Subgroup analysis showed that the association was weaker in studies with median age ≥55 years-old (RR 1.92) compared to <55 years-old (RR 3.48), and in prevalence of hypertension ≥25% (RR 1.93) compared to <25% (RR 3.06). Subgroup analysis on median age <55 years-old and prevalence of hypertension <25% showed strong association (RR 3.33) CONCLUSION: DM was associated with mortality, severe COVID-19, ARDS, and disease progression in patients with COVID-19.

Betacoronavirus , Infecções por Coronavirus/mortalidade , Infecções por Coronavirus/fisiopatologia , Diabetes Mellitus/mortalidade , Diabetes Mellitus/fisiopatologia , Pneumonia Viral/mortalidade , Pneumonia Viral/fisiopatologia , Fatores Etários , Comorbidade , Infecções por Coronavirus/epidemiologia , Complicações do Diabetes/epidemiologia , Diabetes Mellitus/epidemiologia , Progressão da Doença , Humanos , Hipertensão/epidemiologia , MEDLINE , Pessoa de Meia-Idade , Pandemias , Pneumonia Viral/epidemiologia , Prognóstico , PubMed , Síndrome do Desconforto Respiratório do Adulto/epidemiologia , Síndrome do Desconforto Respiratório do Adulto/fisiopatologia , Síndrome do Desconforto Respiratório do Adulto/virologia
PLoS One ; 15(4): e0231728, 2020.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-32315351


INTRODUCTION: Phenotype-driven rare disease gene prioritization relies on high quality curated resources containing disease, gene and phenotype annotations. However, the effectiveness of gene prioritization tools is constrained by the incomplete coverage of rare disease, phenotype and gene annotations in such curated resources. METHODS: We extracted rare disease correlation pairs involving diseases, phenotypes and genes from MEDLINE abstracts and used the information propagation algorithm GCAS to build an association network. We built a tool called PRIORI-T for rare disease gene prioritization that uses this network for phenotype-driven rare disease gene prioritization. The quality of disease-gene associations in PRIORI-T was compared with resources such as DisGeNET and Open Targets in the context of rare diseases. The gene prioritization performance of PRIORI-T was evaluated using phenotype descriptions of 230 real-world rare disease clinical cases collated from recent publications, as well as compared to other gene prioritization tools such as HANRD and Orphamizer. RESULTS: PRIORI-T contains qualitatively better associations than DisGeNET and Open Targets. Furthermore, the causal genes were captured within Top-50 for more than 40% of the real-world clinical cases and within Top-300 for more than 72% of the cases when PRIORI-T was used for gene prioritization. It outperformed other gene prioritization tools such as HANRD and Orphamizer that primarily rely on curated resources. CONCLUSIONS: PRIORI-T exhibited improved gene prioritization performance without requiring high quality curated data. Thus, it holds great promise in phenotype-driven gene prioritization for rare disease studies.

Algoritmos , Biologia Computacional/métodos , MEDLINE , Doenças Raras/genética , Humanos , Fenótipo
PLoS One ; 15(4): e0230948, 2020.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-32240219


BACKGROUND: Ultra close-range digital photogrammetry (UCR-DP) is emerging as a robust technique for 3D model generation and represents a convenient and low-cost solution for rapid data acquisition in virtual anthropology. OBJECTIVES: This systematic review aims to analyse applications, technical implementation, and performance of UCR-DP in skeletal anthropology. METHODS: The PRISMA guidelines were applied to the study. The bibliographic search was performed on March 1st, 2019 using Scopus and MEDLINE databases to retrieve peer-reviewed studies accessible in English full-text. The authors worked independently to select the articles meeting inclusion criteria, upon discussion. Studies underwent to quantitative and qualitative syntheses. RESULTS: Twenty-six studies were selected. The majority appeared in 2016 or after and were focused on methodological aspects; the applications mainly dealt with the documentation of skeletal findings and the identification or comparison of anatomical features and trauma. Most authors used commercial software packages, and an offline approach. Research is still quite heterogeneous concerning methods, terminology and quality of results, and proper validation is still lacking. CONCLUSIONS: UCR-DP has great potential in skeletal anthropology, with many significant advantages: versatility in terms of application range and technical implementation, scalability, and photorealistic restitution. Validation of the technique, and the application of the cloud-based approach, with its reduced requirements relating to hardware, labour, time, and cost, could further facilitate the sharing of large collections for research and communication purposes.

Antropologia/métodos , Osso e Ossos/diagnóstico por imagem , Fotogrametria/métodos , Coleta de Dados/métodos , Bases de Dados Factuais , Humanos , MEDLINE
Klin Monbl Augenheilkd ; 237(4): 527-530, 2020 Apr.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-32330978


PURPOSE: To assess the prevalence of epiphora in the general adult population based on PubMed search citations. METHODS: 1) Electronic PubMed MEDLINE database search (September 13, 2019) with the terms (Medical Subject Headings or MeSH) "prevalence" and "epiphora", 2) "epiphora" and "dry eye", and 3) "prevalence", "epiphora", and "dry eye". Review of all citations from these searches containing the term "epiphora" either in their abstract or title. RESULTS: 1) PubMed search retrieved 2 617 137 citations for "prevalence", 26 135 for "epiphora", and 2554 for "prevalence" AND "epiphora". Within the latter 2554 citations, the word "epiphora" appeared in the abstract or title of only 109 citations (< 5%). None of these 109 citations assessed the prevalence of epiphora in the adult general population as the primary end point. Only one abstract mentioned that out of 125 patients, 7.2% indicated, retrospectively, that they had already had epiphora before cataract surgery. Two large population-based studies addressed the incidence of epiphora, not in adults, but in infants (20%) and children (7.7%). 2) The PubMed search showed 22 487 citations for "dry eye", 30 211 for "epiphora" OR "dry eye", and up to 18 414 joint citations for the terms "epiphora" AND "dry eye". These 18 414 citations were 70 and 82% of the number of MeSH citations for "epiphora" and "dry eye" alone, respectively. Of these 18 414 citations, the word "epiphora" only appeared in 131 citations (< 1%), one of them being an extra report mentioning a 32% incidence of epiphora among postmenopausal women. 3) The search found 2206 citations for "prevalence" AND "epiphora" AND "dry eye", with only 10 of them (< 1%) containing the word "epiphora". CONCLUSIONS: Despite a large number of citations retrieved by PubMed searches, there seems to be a lack of studies on the prevalence of epiphora in the adult general population. There is apparently also a large number of overlapping PubMed citations retrieved for searches with the terms "epiphora" AND "dry eye", although more than 99% of them did not even display the word "epiphora". Although epiphora is considered a common complain, its prevalence in the adult general population deserves to be further assessed.

Medical Subject Headings , Adulto , Criança , Feminino , Humanos , MEDLINE , Prevalência , PubMed , Estudos Retrospectivos
Hipertens. riesgo vasc ; 37(1): 17-21, ene.-mar. 2020. graf, tab
Artigo em Espanhol | IBECS | ID: ibc-188669


Introducción: La ciencia argentina ha jugado un papel importante en el estudio de la presión arterial. Sin embargo, esta producción científica no ha sido caracterizada. Nos propusimos: 1) analizar la contribución de las publicaciones científicas indizadas en MEDLINE de autores con filiación argentina en el campo de la presión arterial e hipertensión arterial en los últimos 50 años, y 2) determinar las características de las revistas científicas en las cuales se publicaron. Métodos: Se analizaron cuantitativa y cualitativamente 831 publicaciones indizadas en MEDLINE (periodo 1966-2017) de autores de Argentina. Resultados: El número de publicaciones se incrementaron 5,4 veces en los últimos 20 años. El 80% de las publicaciones fueron manuscritos originales y el 15% revisiones. El 65% de las publicaciones abordaron la investigación clínica y el 33% la investigación básica. El promedio de autores por trabajo fue de 6 (89% como primer autor), el 74% pertenecían a instituciones públicas. Las investigaciones se publicaron en revistas editadas en EE. UU. (36%), Reino Unido (27%), Holanda (12%), España (6%) y Argentina (4%). El 18% de las publicaciones fue en revistas con factor impacto >3,88 (primer cuartil). Solo el 5% accedieron a revistas con factor ≥10. El índice SJR promedio fue 1,66. Conclusiones: La producción científica Argentina en MEDLINE en el campo de la presión arterial e hipertensión arterial presentó un crecimiento constante. La gran mayoría son investigaciones originales, dirigidas por investigadores con filiación en instituciones públicas. Mayormente se accede a revistas extranjeras con aceptables índices de calidad

Introduction: Argentine science has played an important role in the study of blood pressure. However, this scientific production has not been classified. We set out (1) to analyse the contribution of scientific publications indexed in MEDLINE of authors with Argentinean academic affiliation in the field of blood pressure and hypertension in the last 50 years and, (2) determine the characteristics of the scientific journals in which they were published. Methods: The 831 indexed MEDLINE publications by authors from Argentina were analysed quantitatively and qualitatively (period 1966-2017). Results: The number of publications has increased 5.4 times in the last 20 years. Eighty percent of the publications were original manuscripts and 15% reviews. Sixty-five percent of the publications addressed clinical research, 33% basic research. The average authors per paper was 6 (89% as first author), 74% belonged to public institutions. The research was published in journals published in the United States (36%), the United Kingdom (27%), the Netherlands (12%), Spain (6%) and Argentina (4%). Eighteen percent of the publications were in journals with impact factor >3.88 (first quartile). Only 5% accessed journals with a factor ≥10. The average SJR index was 1.66. Conclusions: Argentine scientific production in MEDLINE in the field of blood pressure and hypertension showed constant growth. The vast majority is original research, directed by researchers with affiliation to public institutions. Foreign journals are accessed in the main, with acceptable quality indexes

Humanos , Indicadores de Ciência, Tecnologia e Inovação , MEDLINE , Hipertensão/epidemiologia , Publicações Periódicas como Assunto/estatística & dados numéricos , Pesquisa Biomédica/estatística & dados numéricos , Bibliometria , Argentina/epidemiologia , Pesquisa Qualitativa
J Nutr ; 150(5): 1151-1159, 2020 05 01.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-32027740


BACKGROUND: The endothelium plays a key role in the maintenance of vascular health and represents a potential physiological target for dietary and other lifestyle interventions designed to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases (CVD) including stroke or coronary heart disease. OBJECTIVE: To conduct a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials (RCTs) investigating the effects of the Mediterranean dietary pattern (MedDiet) on endothelial function. METHODS: Medline, Embase, and Scopus databases were searched from inception until January 2019 for studies that met the following criteria: 1) RCTs including adult participants, 2) interventions promoting the MedDiet, 3) inclusion of a control group, and 4) measurements of endothelial function. A random-effects meta-analysis was conducted. Metaregression and subgroup analyses were performed to identify whether effects were modified by health status (i.e., healthy participants versus participants with existing comorbidities), type of intervention (i.e., MedDiet alone or with a cointervention), study duration, study design (i.e., parallel or crossover), BMI, and age of participants. RESULTS: Fourteen articles reporting data for 1930 participants were included in the meta-analysis. Study duration ranged from 4 wk to 2.3 y. We observed a beneficial effect of the MedDiet on endothelial function [standardized mean difference (SMD): 0.35; 95% CI: 0.17, 0.53; P <0.001; I2 = 73.68%]. MedDiet interventions improved flow-mediated dilation (FMD)-the reference method for noninvasive, clinical measurement of endothelial function-by 1.66% (absolute change; 95% CI: 1.15, 2.17; P <0.001; I2 = 0%). Effects of the MedDiet on endothelial function were not modified by health status, type of intervention, study duration, study design, BMI, or age of participants (P >0.05). CONCLUSIONS: MedDiet interventions improve endothelial function in adults, suggesting that the protective effects of the MedDiet are evident at early stages of the atherosclerotic process with important implications for the early prevention of CVD. This study has the PROSPERO registration number: CRD42018106188.

Dieta Mediterrânea , Endotélio Vascular/fisiologia , Adulto , Idoso , Índice de Massa Corporal , Doenças Cardiovasculares/prevenção & controle , Nível de Saúde , Humanos , MEDLINE , Pessoa de Meia-Idade , Análise de Onda de Pulso , Ensaios Clínicos Controlados Aleatórios como Assunto , Fatores de Risco , Vasodilatação/fisiologia
Rev. enferm. UFPE on line ; 14: [1-7], 2020. ilus, graf, tab
Artigo em Português | BDENF - Enfermagem | ID: biblio-1096987


Objetivo: analisar o manejo da sífilis gestacional durante a assistência pré-natal. Método: trata-se de um estudo bibliográfico, tipo revisão integrativa, desenvolvido por meio de uma pesquisa sistemática na BVS com os descritores em saúde, nas bases de dados LILACS, MEDLINE e BDENF durante o mês de junho. Selecionaram-se artigos originais na íntegra; em português, inglês e espanhol; publicados entre 2017 a 2019. Utilizou-se o CASP para análise de elegibilidade dos estudos, apresentando-os em forma de figuras e analisando-os-de maneira descritiva. Resultados: encontraram-se 303 artigos e, após filtrá-los com os critérios de elegibilidade, sete artigos foram selecionados para esta revisão. Conclusão: certifica-se de que o manejo da sífilis gestacional foi realizado inadequadamente na maioria dos estudos analisados devido ao diagnóstico e ao tratamento tardios, não adesão ao tratamento, pela gestante e pelo parceiro, número reduzido de consultas pré-natais, insegurança profissional de realizar os esquemas terapêuticos e problemas organizacionais dos serviços de saúde. Percebe-se a necessidade de implementar medidas mais eficazes no contexto profissional e melhoria dos serviços de saúde para a realização do manejo adequado.(AU)

Objective: to analyze the management of gestational syphilis during prenatal care. Method: this is a bibliographic study, type integrative review, developed through a systematic search in the VHL with the health descriptors, in the databases LILACS, MEDLINE and BDENF during the month of June. Original articles in full were selected; in Portuguese, English and Spanish; published between 2017 and 2019. CASP was used to analyze the eligibility of studies, presenting them in the form of figures and analyzing them in a descriptive manner. Results: 303 articles were found and, after filtering them with the eligibility criteria, seven articles were selected for this review. Conclusion: it makes sure that the management of gestational syphilis was performed inappropriately in most studies analyzed due to late diagnosis and treatment, non-adherence to treatment, by the pregnant woman and her partner, reduced number of prenatal consultations, professional insecurity of carry out the therapeutic schemes and organizational problems of health services. It is perceived the need to implement more effective measures in the professional context and improvement of health services to carry out the appropriate management.(AU)

Objetivo: analizar el manejo de la sífilis gestacional durante la atención prenatal. Método: es un estudio bibliográfico, tipo revisión integradora, desarrollado a través de una búsqueda sistemática en la BVS con los descriptores de salud, en las bases de datos LILACS, MEDLINE y BDENF durante el mes de junio. Se seleccionaron artículos originales completos; en portugués, inglés y español; publicado entre 2017 y 2019. Se utilizó el CASP para analizar la elegibilidad de los estudios, presentándolos en forma de cifras y analizándolos de manera descriptiva. Resultados: se encontraron 303 artículos y, después de filtrarlos con los criterios de elegibilidad, se seleccionaron siete artículos para esta revisión. Conclusión: se asegura de que el manejo de la sífilis gestacional se realizó de manera inapropiada en la mayoría de los estudios analizados debido a un diagnóstico y tratamiento tardíos, la no adherencia al tratamiento, por parte de la mujer embarazada y su pareja, un número reducido de consultas prenatales, inseguridad profesional de llevar a cabo los esquemas terapéuticos y los problemas organizacionales de los servicios de salud. Se percibe la necesidad de implementar medidas más efectivas en el contexto profesional y la mejora de los servicios de salud para llevar a cabo la gestión adecuada.(AU)

Humanos , Feminino , Gravidez , Recém-Nascido , Cuidado Pré-Natal , Atenção Primária à Saúde , Sífilis Congênita/prevenção & controle , Sífilis , Gestantes , Enfermagem Obstétrica , MEDLINE , LILACS
Rev. enferm. UFPE on line ; 14: [1-12], 2020. ilus, tab, graf
Artigo em Português | BDENF - Enfermagem | ID: biblio-1096982


Objetivo: analisar as dificuldades de acesso aos serviços de saúde pelas pessoas LGBT. Método: trata-se de um estudo bibliográfico, descritivo, do tipo revisão integrativa da literatura. Realizou-se a busca em janeiro de 2019 nas bases de dados: MEDLINE, Web of Science e SCOPUS. Pesquisaram-se artigos com delimitação atemporal. Avaliaram-se os artigos segundo o critério AHRQ e sua elegibilidade pelo CASP. Analisaram-se os dados no software IRAMUTEQ a partir da Classificação Hierárquica Descendente. Resultados: destaca-se que a amostra final foi composta por dez artigos, entre eles, 70% encontraram-se disponíveis na SCOPUS; 10%, na Web of Science e 20%, na MEDLINE. Notou-se que, referente à nacionalidade dos estudos, 10% foram da Alemanha; 10%, do Brasil; 10%, da Argentina; 20%, do Canadá; 20%, da África do Sul e 30%, dos Estados Unidos da América. Verificou-se que os anos de publicação dos estudos foram entre 2013 e 2018. Conclusão: evidencia-se que o acesso aos serviços de saúde pela população LGBT é permeado por constrangimentos e preconceitos. Ressalta-se que a exclusão, desamparo, omissão e indiferença ao acesso são sentimentos expressados por este público, mesmo existindo políticas públicas específicas.(AU)

Objective: to analyze the difficulties of access to health services by LGBT people. Method: this is a descriptive bibliographic study of the integrative literature review type. The search was performed in January 2019 in the databases: MEDLINE, Web of Science and SCOPUS. We searched for articles with timeless delimitation. The articles were evaluated according to the AHRQ criteria and their eligibility by CASP. Data was analyzed in the IRAMUTEQ software from the Descending Hierarchical Classification. Results: it is noteworthy that the final sample consisted of ten articles, among them, 70% were available at SCOPUS; 10% on Web of Science and 20% on MEDLINE. Regarding the nationality of the studies, 10% were from Germany; 10% from Brazil; 10% from Argentina; 20% from Canada; 20% from South Africa and 30% from the United States of America. It was found that the years of publication of the studies were between 2013 and 2018. Conclusion: it is evident that access to health services by the LGBT population is permeated by constraints and prejudices. It is emphasized that exclusion, helplessness, omission and indifference to access are feelings expressed by this public, even though there are specific public policies.(AU)

Objetivo: analizar las dificultades de acceso a los servicios de salud por parte de las personas LGBT. Método: este es un estudio bibliográfico descriptivo del tipo revisión integradora de literatura. La búsqueda se realizó en enero de 2019 en las bases de datos MEDLINE, Web of Science y SCOPUS. Buscamos artículos con delimitación atemporal. Los artículos fueron evaluados de acuerdo con los criterios AHRQ y su elegibilidad por CASP. Los datos se analizaron en el software IRAMUTEQ de la Clasificación Jerárquica Descendente. Resultados: cabe destacar que la muestra final consistió en 10 artículos, entre ellos, 70% estaban disponibles en SCOPUS, 10% en Web of Science y 20% en Medline. Con respecto a la nacionalidad de los estudios, el 10% provino de Alemania, el 10% de Brasil, el 10% de Argentina, el 20% de Canadá, el 20% de Sudáfrica y el 30% de los Estados Unidos de América. Se descubrió que los años de publicación de los estudios fueron entre 2013 y 2018. Conclusión: es evidente que el acceso a los servicios de salud por parte de la población LGBT está impregnado de restricciones y prejuicios. Es de destacar que la exclusión, la impotencia, la omisión y la indiferencia al acceso son sentimientos expresados por este público, a pesar de que existen políticas públicas específicas.(AU)

Humanos , Masculino , Feminino , Vulnerabilidade em Saúde , Minorias Sexuais e de Gênero , Barreiras ao Acesso aos Cuidados de Saúde , Política de Saúde , Serviços de Saúde , Acesso aos Serviços de Saúde , Epidemiologia Descritiva , MEDLINE
Rev. enferm. UFPE on line ; 14: [1-10], 2020. ilus, graf, tab
Artigo em Português | BDENF - Enfermagem | ID: biblio-1096984


Objetivo: identificar a produção científica sobre o impacto da obesidade sarcopênica na capacidade funcional de idosos. Método: trata-se de um estudo bibliográfico, descritivo, tipo revisão integrativa, a partir da busca nas bases de dados CINAHL, LILACS, MEDLINE, SCOPUS e Web of Science e Biblioteca Virtual SciELO, entre 2014 e 2018. Procedeu-se com a análise descritiva dos resultados a partir de semelhanças dos dados, explicitados em fugura sinóptica. Resultados: incluíram-se 14 artigos que apontaram influências do agravo na velocidade da marcha, dificuldades no equilíbrio e aumento do risco para ocorrência de quedas. Mostrou-se que esses impactos eram limitadores das atividades cotidianas, aumentando a dependência e fragilidade dos idosos, com piora na qualidade de vida e ocorrência de sintomas depressivos. Conclusão: ressalta-se que os impactos negativos gerados pela obesidade sarcopênica na funcionalidade dos idosos apontam a necessidade do monitoramento da composição corporal e força muscular da população idosa, além de ações preventivas deste agravo à saúde.(AU)

Objective: to identify scientific production on the impact of sarcopenic obesity on the functional capacity of the elderly. Method: this is a bibliographic, descriptive, integrative review type study, based on the search in the CINAHL, LILACS, MEDLINE, SCOPUS and Web of Science and SciELO Virtual Library databases, between 2014 and 2018. We proceeded with the descriptive analysis of the results based on similarities of the data, explained in synoptic fugue. Results: 14 articles were included that pointed out influences of the aggravation in gait speed, difficulties in balance and increased risk of falls. These impacts were shown to limit daily activities, increasing the dependence and frailty of the elderly, with worsening quality of life and occurrence of depressive symptoms. Conclusion: it is emphasized that the negative impacts generated by sarcopenic obesity on the functionality of the elderly point to the need to monitor the body composition and muscle strength of the elderly population, in addition to preventive actions for this health problem.(AU)

Objetivo: identificar la producción científica sobre el impacto de la obesidad sarcopénica en la capacidad funcional de los ancianos. Método: este es un estudio de tipo de revisión bibliográfica, descriptiva e integradora, basada en la búsqueda en las bases de datos CINAHL, LILACS, MEDLINE, SCOPUS y Web of Science y Biblioteca Virtual SciELO, entre 2014 y 2018. Se procedió al análisis descriptivo de los resultados basados en similitudes de los datos, explicado en figura sinóptica. Resultados: se incluyeron 14 artículos que señalaron las influencias del agravamiento de la velocidad de la marcha, las dificultades en el equilibrio y el aumento del riesgo de caídas. Se demostró que estos impactos limitan las actividades diarias, aumentando la dependencia y la fragilidad de los ancianos, con el empeoramiento de la calidad de vida y la aparición de síntomas depresivos. Conclusión: se enfatiza que los impactos negativos generados por la obesidad sarcopénica en la funcionalidad de los ancianos apuntan a la necesidad de monitorear la composición corporal y la fuerza muscular de la población de ancianos, además de las acciones preventivas para este problema de salud.(AU)

Humanos , Masculino , Feminino , Idoso , Idoso de 80 Anos ou mais , Idoso , Atividades Cotidianas , Saúde do Idoso , Idoso Fragilizado , Sarcopenia , Obesidade , Acidentes por Quedas , Epidemiologia Descritiva , MEDLINE , LILACS
Rev. enferm. UFPE on line ; 14: [1-10], 2020. ilus, graf, tab
Artigo em Português | BDENF - Enfermagem | ID: biblio-1096985


Objetivo: caracterizar a escuta terapêutica analisando os benefícios na atenção a pessoas com transtornos mentais em diferentes níveis assistenciais. Método: trata-se de um estudo bibliográfico, descritivo, tipo revisão integrativa da literatura, entre 2010 a 2020, na LILACS, MEDLINE, BVS e BDENF. Analisaram-se os artigos pela leitura reflexiva e criteriosa acerca das principais informações e elementos que compõem a temática nos estudos. Resultados: resultaram-se 12 artigos, publicados em periódicos nacionais. Aponta-se a escuta terapêutica como uma importante ferramenta para a análise mais favorável ao entendimento do real sofrimento psíquico do paciente, valorizando as relações profissional-paciente-família e, além disso, necessitando do desenvolvimento de habilidades técnicas e humanísticas, favorecendo uma autorreflexão do paciente e proporcionado uma rede de cuidados instrumentalizada e sistematizada. Conclusão: conclui-se que a escuta é uma eficiente tecnologia terapêutica que pode e deve ser implementada em diversos cenários, mas que carece de maiores pesquisas acerca do impacto nos diferentes níveis, requerendo o desenvolvimento de habilidades técnicas para sua melhor operação.(AU)

Objective: to characterize therapeutic listening by analyzing the benefits in care for people with mental disorders at different levels of care. Method: this is a bibliographic, descriptive, integrative literature review, between 2010 and 2020, at LILACS, MEDLINE, BVS and BDENF. The articles were analyzed by reflective and careful reading about the main information and elements that make up the theme in the studies. Results: 12 articles resulted, published in national journals. Therapeutic listening is pointed out as an important tool for the analysis more favorable to the understanding of the patient's real psychological suffering, valuing the professional-patient-family relationships and, in addition, requiring the development of technical and humanistic skills, favoring a self-reflection of the patient and provided an instrumented and systematized care network. Conclusion: it is concluded that listening is an efficient therapeutic technology that can and should be implemented in different scenarios, but that lacks further research on the impact at different levels, requiring the development of technical skills for its best operation.(AU)

Objetivo: caracterizar la escucha terapéutica mediante el análisis de los beneficios en la atención de personas con trastornos mentales en diferentes niveles de atención. Método: se trata de una revisión bibliográfica, descriptiva, integradora de la literatura, entre 2010 y 2020, en LILACS, MEDLINE, BVS y BDENF. Los artículos fueron analizados mediante una lectura reflexiva y cuidadosa sobre la información principal y los elementos que componen el tema en los estudios. Resultados: resultaron 12 artículos, publicados en revistas nacionales. La escucha terapéutica se señala como una herramienta importante para el análisis más favorable a la comprensión del sufrimiento psicológico real del paciente, valorando las relaciones profesionales-paciente-familiares y, además, requiere el desarrollo de habilidades técnicas y humanísticas, favoreciendo una autorreflexión del paciente y proporcionando una red de atención instrumentada y sistematizada. Conclusión: se concluye que escuchar es una tecnología terapéutica eficiente que puede y debe implementarse en diferentes escenarios, pero que necesita más investigación sobre el impacto a diferentes niveles, lo que requiere el desarrollo de habilidades técnicas para su mejor operación.(AU)

Humanos , Masculino , Feminino , Relações Profissional-Paciente , Enfermagem Psiquiátrica , Saúde Mental , Pessoas Mentalmente Doentes , Humanização da Assistência , Comunicação em Saúde , Transtornos Mentais , Serviços de Saúde Mental , Relações Profissional-Família , Epidemiologia Descritiva , MEDLINE , LILACS
Rev. enferm. UFPE on line ; 14: [1-10], 2020. ilus, graf
Artigo em Português | BDENF - Enfermagem | ID: biblio-1096988


Objetivo: desenvolver um aplicativo para auxiliar o profissional da saúde na prescrição de medidas preventivas aos indivíduos em risco de desenvolver lesões cutâneas. Método: trata-se de um estudo bibliográfico, descritivo, tipo revisão integrativa da literatura, sem limite temporal, com busca na MEDLINE, LILACS, COCHRANE e Biblioteca Virtual SciELO. Revela-se que as etapas de desenvolvimento da estrutura do aplicativo foram: "Análise", para a construção do fluxograma do aplicativo; "Design" - para o planejamento e a produção do conteúdo didático; "Desenvolvimento" ­ para a seleção das ferramentas do aplicativo, e "Implementação" ­ em que foram realizados os testes de funcionalidade do aplicativo. Resultados: compõe-se o aplicativo SickSeg por 100 telas e está disponível gratuitamente no Play Store. Realizaram-se os testes de funcionalidade em dois tipos de notebook, seis tipos smartphone e dois tipos de tablet. Identificaram-se, durante os testes, cinco problemas no funcionamento do aplicativo, os quais foram sanados. Conclusão: desenvolveu-se o aplicativo que tem o potencial de auxiliar na prevenção de lesões cutâneas por meio da indicação de medidas preventivas, proporcionando segurança para o paciente.(AU)

Objective: to creat an app to aid the health professional in prescribing preventive measures to individuals at risk of developing skin Injuries. Method: this is a bibliographic, descriptive study, type integrative literature review, with no time limit, with search on MEDLINE, LILACS, COCHRANE and SciELO Virtual Library. Inquires that the stages for creating the app structure were: "Analysis", for creating the app flowchart; "Design" - for the planning and production of didactic content; "Developing" - for selecting of the app tools, in which the functionality tests were performed. Results: the SickSeg app is made up of 100 screens and is available for free on the Play Store. Functionality tests were performed on two types of notebook, six types smartphone and two types of tablet. During the tests, five problems in the operation of the app were identified, which were remedied. Conclusion: the app has been created which has the potential to aid prevent skin injuries through the indication of preventive measures, providing safety for the patient.(AU)

Objetivo: desarrollar una aplicación para ayudar al profesional de la salud a prescribir medidas preventivas a las personas en riesgo de desarrollar lesiones cutáneas. Método: es un estudio bibliográfico, descriptivo, tipo revisión bibliográfica integradora, sin límite de tiempo, con búsqueda en MEDLINE, LILACS, COCHRANE y la Biblioteca Virtual SciELO. Se revela que las etapas de desarrollo de la estructura de la aplicación fueron: "Análisis", para la construcción del diagrama de flujo de la aplicación; "Diseño" - para la planificación y producción de contenido didáctico; "Desarrollo" - para la selección de herramientas de aplicación e "Implementación" - donde se llevaron a cabo las pruebas de funcionalidad de la aplicación. Resultados: la aplicación SickSeg consta de 100 pantallas y está disponible de forma gratuita en Play Store. Las pruebas de funcionalidad se llevaron a cabo en dos tipos de notebook, seis tipos de smartphone y dos tipos de tablet. Durante las pruebas, se identificaron cinco problemas en el funcionamiento de la aplicación, que se solucionaron. Conclusión: se desarrolló la aplicación, que tiene el potencial de ayudar a prevenir lesiones cutáneas a través de la indicación de medidas preventivas, brindando seguridad al paciente.(AU)

Humanos , Masculino , Feminino , Software , Pessoal de Saúde , Tecnologia Educacional , Lesão por Pressão , Lesão por Pressão/prevenção & controle , Dermatite , Dermatite/prevenção & controle , Segurança do Paciente , Aplicativos Móveis , Epidemiologia Descritiva , MEDLINE , LILACS
Rev. enferm. UFPE on line ; 14: [1-10], 2020. ilus, tab, graf
Artigo em Português | BDENF - Enfermagem | ID: biblio-1096990


Objetivo: analisar a produção científica sobre a validação de intervenções de enfermagem. Método: trata-se de um estudo bibliográfico, descritivo, tipo revisão integrativa de literatura, no recorte temporal de 2007 a 2016, na MEDLINE, CINAHL e Bibliotecas Virtual de Saúde e COCHRANE. Organizaram-se os estudos, categorizando-os e os analisando de modo descritivo. Resultados: encontraram-se 147 artigos e, após a leitura dos resumos e dos textos na íntegra, foram incluídos oito artigos. Conclusão: identificou-se, por meio da revisão integrativa, a produção científica referente à validação de intervenções de enfermagem na literatura, evidenciando um aumento da produção desses estudos, o que contribui para a prática de Enfermagem no Brasil.(AU)

Objective: to analyze the scientific production on the validation of nursing interventions. Method: this is a bibliographic, descriptive, integrative literature review, in the time frame from 2007 to 2016, in MEDLINE, CINAHL and Virtual Health Libraries and COCHRANE. The studies were organized, categorized, and analyzed in a perspective descriptive. Results: 147 articles were researched and, after reading the abstracts and texts in full, eight articles were included. Conclusion: it was identified, through the integrative review, the scientific production referring to the validation of nursing interventions in the literature, showing an increase in the production of these studies, which contributes to the practice of Nursing in Brazil.(AU)

Objetivo: analizar la producción científica sobre la validación de las intervenciones de enfermería. Método: se trata de una revisión bibliográfica, descriptiva, integradora de la literatura, en el período de 2007 a 2016, en MEDLINE, CINAHL y Bibliotecas Virtuales de Salud y COCHRANE. Se organizaron los estudios, categorizándolos y analizándolos de manera descriptiva. Resultados: se encontraron 147 artículos y, después de leer los resúmenes y textos completos, se incluyeron ocho artículos. Conclusión: a través de la revisión integradora, se identificó la producción científica relacionada con la validación de las intervenciones de enfermería en la literatura, mostrando un aumento en la producción de estos estudios, lo que contribuye a la práctica de Enfermería en Brasil.(AU)

Humanos , Masculino , Feminino , Estudos de Validação como Assunto , Terminologia Padronizada em Enfermagem , Cuidados de Enfermagem , Processo de Enfermagem , Epidemiologia Descritiva , MEDLINE
Rev. enferm. UFPE on line ; 14: [1-10], 2020. ilus, graf, tab
Artigo em Português | BDENF - Enfermagem | ID: biblio-1096994


Objetivo: analisar as evidências científicas acerca da Consulta de Enfermagem ambulatorial em cardiologia. Método: trata-se de um estudo bibliográfico, tipo revisão integrativa, ao consultar as bases de dados MEDLINE, LILACS, Web of Science, CINAHL, SCOPUS e nas bibliotecas virtuais BVS e SciELO. Utilizou-se a técnica de Análise de Conteúdo para análise da produção dos dados, na modalidade Análise de Categorias Temáticas. Resultados: analisarem-se 12 artigos, dos quais emergiram três categorias temáticas: 1 - Programas de atenção à saúde em cardiologia gerenciados por enfermeiros; 2 - Importância da atuação do enfermeiro na melhoria do autocuidado no ambulatório de cardiologia e 3. Diagnósticos e intervenções de Enfermagem no ambulatório de cardiologia. Conclusão: constatou-se que a Consulta de Enfermagem proporciona resultados positivos e proporciona o cuidado de qualidade. Aponta-se a escassez na descrição desse processo, o que pode indicar falhas na sua realização e a não priorização dessas ações na rotina profissional.(AU)

Objetivo: analizar la evidencia científica sobre la Consulta de Enfermería ambulatoria en cardiología. Método: se trata de un estudio bibliográfico, tipo revisión integradora, al consultar las bases de datos MEDLINE, LILACS, Web of Science, CINAHL, SCOPUS y en las bibliotecas virtuales BVS y SciELO. La técnica de Análisis de Contenido se utilizó para analizar la producción de datos, en la modalidad de Análisis de Categorías Temáticas. Resultados: se analizaron 12 artículos, de los cuales surgieron tres categorías temáticas: 1 - Programas de atención de salud en cardiología administrados por enfermeros; 2 ­ Importancia del papel del enfermero en la mejora del autocuidado en la clínica ambulatoria de cardiología y 3. Diagnósticos e intervenciones de Enfermería en la clínica ambulatoria de cardiología. Conclusión: se encontró que la Consulta de Enfermería brinda resultados positivos y brinda atención de calidad. Se señala la escasez en la descripción de este proceso, lo que puede indicar fallas en su desempeño y la falta de priorización de estas acciones en la rutina profesional.(AU)

Objective: to analyze the scientific evidence about the outpatient nursing consultation in cardiology. Method: this is a bibliographic study, type integrative review, when consulting the databases MEDLINE, LILACS, Web of Science, CINAHL, SCOPUS and in the virtual libraries VHL and SciELO. The Content Analysis technique was used to analyze the data production, in the Thematic Categories Analysis modality. Results: 12 articles were analyzed, from which three thematic categories emerged: 1 - Health care programs in cardiology managed by nurses; 2 - Importance of the nurse's role in improving self-care in the cardiology outpatient clinic and 3. Nursing diagnoses and interventions in the cardiology outpatient clinic. Conclusion: it was found that the Nursing Consultation provides positive results and provides quality care. The scarcity in the description of this process is pointed out, which may indicate flaws in its performance and the failure to prioritize these actions in the professional routine.(AU)

Humanos , Masculino , Feminino , Enfermagem no Consultório , Serviço Hospitalar de Cardiologia , Enfermagem Cardiovascular , Assistência Ambulatorial , Enfermeiras e Enfermeiros , Cuidados de Enfermagem , Processo de Enfermagem , MEDLINE , LILACS