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In. UN. International Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction (IDNDR); Housing and Urban Devolpment Corporation (HUDCO); Human Settelement Management Institute (HSMI). Shelter : Towards a safer millennium .... s.l, UN. International Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction (IDNDR);Housing and Urban Devolpment Corporation (HUDCO);Human Settelement Management Institute (HSMI), oct. 1999. p.24-6, ilus. (Special Issue : World Disaster Reduction Day).
Monografia em En | Desastres | ID: des-15212


Tropical cyclones are a national phenomenon, over the globe which cannot be prevented but its impacts could be minimised by understanding its regular behaviour, timely prediction and historically based damage assessment. The impacts of tropical cyclones are not dependent on strength and frequency of occurance, but are more specific to location and time of occurance. Advances technologies like remote sensing, computers have made it possible to predicte the size, intensity and path of the cyclones. It is the governments of the nations to evolve effective, short and long term mechanisms to utilise these predictions and forecasts for minimising loss of life and property over the period of time. India is one of the most well equipped countries in the world in terms of sophisticated technology and satellite in place. All that is required is to mobilise and train its taskforce for readiness and quick response to the forecasting, and communication system. (AU)

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