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Medwave ; 22(1): e8512, 2022 Jan 07.
Artigo em Espanhol, Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-34995274


The currently abundant bibliography on healthcare can make the search process an exhausting and frustrating experience. For this reason, it is essential to learn the basic concepts of research question formulation, information sources, and search strategies to make this process more efficient and user-friendly. The search strategy is an iterative process that allows the incorporation of tools and terms in the strategy design to optimize evidence retrieval. Each strategy varies according to the questions, the language used, the source of information accessed, and the available tools. This article is part of a methodological series of narrative reviews on biostatistics and clinical epidemiology. This narrative review describes the essential elements for developing a literature search strategy and identifying the relevant evidence concerning a clinical question through familiar and accessible sources (such as Google and Google Scholar), as well as search interfaces and technical-scientific databases focused on biomedical knowledge (PubMed and The Cochrane Library).

Pessoal de Saúde , Armazenamento e Recuperação da Informação , Bases de Dados Bibliográficas , Bases de Dados Factuais , Atenção à Saúde , Humanos
Multimedia | Recursos Multimídia | ID: multimedia-9530


Webinar organizado por la Red Centroamericana de Informática en Salud con la participación de Daniela Naranjo Caicedo, Product Sales Manager para Latinoamérica de Elsevier, y realizado el 14 de abril de 2020.

Medicina Baseada em Evidências , COVID-19/prevenção & controle , Sistemas de Informação em Saúde , Comunicação , Bases de Dados Bibliográficas , Troca de Informação em Saúde , Disseminação de Informação , Pessoal de Saúde/educação ,
J Korean Med Sci ; 36(49): e345, 2021 Dec 20.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-34931501


During the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, publications on the disease have exploded globally. The present study analyzed PubMed and KoreaMed indexed COVID-19 publications by Korean researchers from January 1, 2020 to August 19, 2021. A total of 83,549 COVID-19 articles were recorded in PubMed and 1,875 of these were published by Korean authors in 673 journals (67 Korean and 606 overseas journals). The KoreaMed platform covered 766 articles on COVID-19, including 612 by Korean authors. Among the Journal of Korean Medical Science (JKMS) articles on COVID-19, PubMed covered 176 and KoreaMed 141 documents. Korean researchers contributed to 2.2% of global publications on COVID-19 in PubMed. The JKMS has published most articles on COVID-19 in Korea.

Bibliografias como Assunto , COVID-19/epidemiologia , Publicações Periódicas como Assunto , PubMed , Publicações , Indexação e Redação de Resumos , Bases de Dados Bibliográficas , Saúde Global , Humanos , República da Coreia , SARS-CoV-2
J Med Libr Assoc ; 109(3): 414-421, 2021 Jul 01.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-34629970


Objective: To evaluate the performance of gender detection tools that allow the uploading of files (e.g., Excel or CSV files) containing first names, are usable by researchers without advanced computer skills, and are at least partially free of charge. Methods: The study was conducted using four physician datasets (total number of physicians: 6,131; 50.3% female) from Switzerland, a multilingual country. Four gender detection tools met the inclusion criteria: three partially free (Gender API, NamSor, and and one completely free (Wiki-Gendersort). For each tool, we recorded the number of correct classifications (i.e., correct gender assigned to a name), misclassifications (i.e., wrong gender assigned to a name), and nonclassifications (i.e., no gender assigned). We computed three metrics: the proportion of misclassifications excluding nonclassifications (errorCodedWithoutNA), the proportion of nonclassifications (naCoded), and the proportion of misclassifications and nonclassifications (errorCoded). Results: The proportion of misclassifications was low for all four gender detection tools (errorCodedWithoutNA between 1.5 and 2.2%). By contrast, the proportion of unrecognized names (naCoded) varied: 0% for NamSor, 0.3% for Gender API, 4.5% for Wiki-Gendersort, and 16.4% for Using errorCoded, which penalizes both types of error equally, we obtained the following results: Gender API 1.8%, NamSor 2.0%, Wiki-Gendersort 6.6%, and 17.7%. Conclusions: Gender API and NamSor were the most accurate tools. led to a high number of nonclassifications. Wiki-Gendersort may be a good compromise for researchers wishing to use a completely free tool. Other studies would be useful to evaluate the performance of these tools in other populations (e.g., Asian).

Identidade de Gênero , Armazenamento e Recuperação da Informação , Bases de Dados Bibliográficas , Feminino , Humanos , Masculino
J Med Libr Assoc ; 109(3): 464-471, 2021 Jul 01.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-34629976


Objective: This study aims to identify the core journals cited in the health care management literature and to determine their coverage in the foremost bibliographic databases used by the discipline. Methods: Using the methodology outlined by the Medical Library Association's Nursing and Allied Health Resource Section (NAHRS) protocol for "Mapping the Literature of Nursing and Allied Health Professions," this study updates an earlier study published in 2007. Cited references from articles published in a three-year range (2016-2018) were collected from five health care management journals. Using Bradford's Law of Scattering, cited journal titles were tabulated and ranked according to the number of times cited. Eleven databases were used to determine coverage of the most highly cited journal titles for all source journals, as well as for a subset of practitioner-oriented journals. Results: The most highly cited sources were journals, followed by government documents, Internet resources, books, and miscellaneous resources. The databases with the most complete coverage of Zone 1 and 2 were Scopus, Web of Science Core Collection, and PubMed, while the worst performing databases were Health Business Elite, ABI/Inform, and Business Source Complete. Conclusions: The literature of health care management has expanded rapidly in the last decade, with cumulative citations increasing by 76.6% and the number of cited journal titles increasing by nearly 70% since the original study. Coverage of the core journals in popular databases remains high, although specialized health care management and business databases did not perform as well as general or biomedical databases.

Indexação e Redação de Resumos , Publicações , Bibliometria , Bases de Dados Bibliográficas , Atenção à Saúde
PLoS One ; 16(10): e0255658, 2021.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-34648505


This paper explores the evolution of research collaboration networks in the 'stakeholder theory and management' (STM) discipline and identifies the longitudinal effect of co-authorship networks on research performance, i.e., research productivity and citation counts. Research articles totaling 6,127 records from 1989 to 2020 were harvested from the Web of Science Database and transformed into bibliometric data using Bibexcel, followed by applying social network analysis to compare and analyze scientific collaboration networks at the author, institution and country levels. This work maps the structure of these networks across three consecutive sub-periods (t1: 1989-1999; t2: 2000-2010; t3: 2011-2020) and explores the association between authors' social network properties and their research performance. The results show that authors collaboration network was fragmented all through the periods, however, with an increase in the number and size of cliques. Similar results were observed in the institutional collaboration network but with less fragmentation between institutions reflected by the increase in network density as time passed. The international collaboration had evolved from an uncondensed, fragmented and highly centralized network, to a highly dense and less fragmented network in t3. Moreover, a positive association was reported between authors' research performance and centrality and structural hole measures in t3 as opposed to ego-density, constraint and tie strength in t1. The findings can be used by policy makers to improve collaboration and develop research programs that can enhance several scientific fields. Central authors identified in the networks are better positioned to receive government funding, maximize research outputs and improve research community reputation. Viewed from a network's perspective, scientists can understand how collaborative relationships influence research performance and consider where to invest their decision and choices.

Pesquisa Biomédica/métodos , Comportamento Cooperativo , Relações Interprofissionais , Participação dos Interessados , Bibliometria , Bases de Dados Bibliográficas/estatística & dados numéricos , Humanos , Rede Social
Femina ; 49(9): 530-536, 20211030. ilus, tab
Artigo em Português | LILACS | ID: biblio-1342322


A síndrome dos ovários policísticos (SOP) é uma condição endócrina frequente em mulheres em idade reprodutiva. O quadro clínico é manifesto por anovulação crônica hiperandrogênica, acompanhada muitas vezes de infertilidade; além disso, essa condição está associada ao aumento de distúrbios do metabolismo glicídico e a diversos outros riscos em longo prazo. Uma vez gestante, a mulher portadora de SOP apresenta risco aumentado em 2,8 vezes para o diabetes gestacional, em 2,0 a 4,0 vezes para o desenvolvimento de síndromes hipertensivas da gestação e em 2,3 vezes para internação em UTI neonatal. Independentemente do excesso de peso, que é comumente associado à síndrome e que certamente potencializa o risco de complicações, a SOP por si só promove alterações que cursam com a elevação dessas complicações. Esta é uma revisão narrativa sobre as potenciais complicações gestacionais relacionadas à SOP e compila a literatura mais atual sobre o tema.(AU)

Humanos , Feminino , Gravidez , Recém-Nascido , Síndrome do Ovário Policístico/complicações , Complicações na Gravidez , Gravidez de Alto Risco , Aborto Espontâneo/etiologia , Fatores de Risco , Bases de Dados Bibliográficas , Diabetes Gestacional/etiologia , Hipertensão Induzida pela Gravidez/etiologia , Trabalho de Parto Prematuro/fisiopatologia
An. psicol ; 37(2): 341-351, mayo-sept. 2021. tab, graf, mapas
Artigo em Espanhol | IBECS | ID: ibc-202557


El presente estudio bibliométrico tuvo como objetivo conocer y analizar la actividad científica disponible sobre percepción y detección de violencia de género (VG) e identificación como víctimas. Se realizó una búsqueda sin límite temporal en la base de datos Scopus hallando 2.152 documentos. Para reducir el ruido documental de la búsqueda, se cribaron los resultados y se analizaron 974 documentos finales procedentes de 465 fuentes documentales, 160 revistas, 2.758 autores/as, 159 instituciones y 79 países. Los resultados muestran un aumento en la producción en los últimos años, destacando la publicación de artículos originales. Asimismo, predomina la autoría única por país, siendo Estados Unidos el país puntero. Entre los objetivos de los documentos más citados se encuentra la detección de VG por el personal sanitario, la valoración del riesgo de reincidencia mediante la percepción de las víctimas, así como el estudio de percepciones y actitudes de diferentes actores hacia la VG

This bibliometric study seeks to know and analyse the available scientific activity on the perception and detection of gender violence as well as in the identification as victims. An unlimited search was conducted in the Scopus database, finding 2,152 documents. Subsequently, the results were screened by reducing the documentary noise. The results were obtained from 1984-2020 and the final 974 documents were analysed from 465 documentary sources, 160 journals, 2,758 authors, 159 institutions, and 79 countries. The results show an increase in production in recent years, highlighting the publication of original articles. Likewise, the single author-ship per country predominates, being the United States the leading country. The main objectives of the most cited documents are detection of gender violence by healthcare personnel, assessment of the risk of recidivism through the perception of the victims, as well as the study of perceptions and attitudes of different actors towards gender-violence

Humanos , Violência de Gênero/estatística & dados numéricos , Vítimas de Crime/estatística & dados numéricos , Bibliometria , Publicações Periódicas como Assunto/estatística & dados numéricos , Fatores de Tempo , Autoria e Coautoria na Publicação Científica , Bases de Dados Bibliográficas
Aval. psicol ; 20(3): 369-378, jul.-set. 2021. ilus, tab
Artigo em Inglês | LILACS, Index Psicologia - Periódicos | ID: biblio-1345372


Despite the prevalence of personality disorders (PD) and their association with several harmful health outcomes, previous reports found a low number of studies on PDs conducted in Brazil. We conducted a narrative review to investigate the current state of research in Brazil focusing on PDs. The search was performed in BVS-Psi, PePSIC, and Google Scholar databases. We focused on papers published in Brazilian journals as a criterion to select studies conducted in Brazil and/or coordinated by Brazilian researchers. A total of 177 papers were included. Approximately 60% of papers were empirical studies, although only 47.17% of them had clinical samples. Borderline and Antisocial were the most recurrently investigated PDs. Two scales were usually administered, IDCP and PID-5. SCID-II was administered in less than 5% of empirical studies. We proposed an agenda for research on PDs in Brazil, including guidelines and directions eminently urgent to the studies to be conducted in Brazil. (AU)

Apesar da prevalência dos transtornos da personalidade (TP) e a associação com diversas consequências prejudiciais, estudos prévios encontraram um número escasso de pesquisas conduzidas no Brasil. Nós conduzimos uma revisão narrativa para investigar o estado atual de pesquisas no Brasil com foco em TP. A busca foi realizada nas bases BVS-Psi, PePSIC e Google Acadêmico. Nós focamos em artigos publicados em periódicos brasileiros como critério para seleção de estudos conduzidos no Brasil e/ou coordenados por pesquisadores brasileiros. No total, 177 artigos foram selecionados. Aproximadamente 60% eram estudos empíricos, embora apenas 47.17% destes, incluíram amostras clínicas. Os TPs mais investigados foram Borderline e Antissocial. As duas escalas mais aplicadas foram o IDCP e o PID-5. A SCID-II foi aplicada em menos de 5% dos estudos empíricos. Nós propomos uma agenda para pesquisas sobre TP no Brasil, incluindo diretrizes e direções urgentes para estudos a serem conduzidos no Brasil. (AU)

A pesar de la prevalencia de los trastornos de la personalidad (TP) y su asociación con varias consecuencias nocivas, estudios previos han encontrado un escaso número de estudios realizados en Brasil. Se realizó una revisión narrativa para pesquisar el estado actual de la investigación en Brasil con un enfoque en el TP. La búsqueda se realizó en las bases de datos BVS-Psi, PePSIC, y Google Scholar. Priorizando artículos publicados en revistas brasileñas como criterio de selección de los estudios realizados en Brasil y/o coordinados por investigadores brasileños. En total, 177 artículos fueron seleccionados. Aproximadamente el 60% fueron estudios empíricos, aunque solo el 47.17% de estos incluyeron muestras clínicas. Los TP más investigados fueron Borderline y Antisocial. Las dos escalas más aplicadas fueron el IDCP y el PID-5. La SCID-I se aplicó en menos del 5% de los estudios empíricos. Se propuso una agenda para la investigación sobre TP en Brasil, incluyendo las directrices y orientaciones eminentemente urgentes a los estudios que se llevarán a cabo. (AU)

Transtornos da Personalidade/psicologia , Publicações Periódicas como Assunto , Transtorno da Personalidade Borderline/psicologia , Brasil , Bases de Dados Bibliográficas , Transtorno da Personalidade Antissocial/psicologia
Aval. psicol ; 20(3): 341-351, jul.-set. 2021. ilus, tab
Artigo em Português | LILACS, Index Psicologia - Periódicos | ID: biblio-1345369


(AU)A Psicologia tem buscado compreender como ocorrem os processos de interesse e percepção sexual, contudo essa área ainda carece de estudos. Buscando compreender o estado da arte da área dos erros de percepção sexual, esta pesquisa realizou uma revisão integrativa da literatura utilizando o termo "sexual misperception" obtido do APA Thesaurus. Foram pesquisadas as bases PsycNet, Pubmed, Web of Science™, Lilacs, Wiley e Sage Journals. Foram obtidos, ao final dos processos de inclusão e exclusão, 19 artigos. Foi observada uma concentração das pesquisas nos Estados Unidos, com foco nas diferenças de gênero na percepção sexual. Outras variáveis investigadas estavam relacionadas ao consumo de álcool e comportamentos violentos. Os resultados apontam para poucas pesquisas realizadas nos contextos concretos e com elevada utilização de amostras WEIRD (ocidentais, com alto grau de alto escolaridade, de sociedades industrializadas, ricas e democráticas), as quais devem inspirar estudos em outras realidades. (AU)

Psychology tries to understand how the processes of sexual interest and perception occur however this area still needs further investigation. Focusing on understanding the state of the art in the field of ​​sexual perception errors, we carried out a systematic review of the literature using the term sexual misperception obtained from the APA Thesaurus. We reviewed the following databases; PsycNET, PubMed, Web of Science, Lilacs, Wiley, and Sage Journals. After the inclusion and exclusion processes, we obtained 19 articles. Most studies were performed in the United States, with a focus on gender differences in sexual perception. Other variables investigated were alcohol consumption and violent behavior. We identified a small number of studies carried out in real contexts, using exclusively WEIRD (white, educated, industrialized, rich, and democratic) samples, which should inspire studies in other realities. (AU)

La psicología ha buscado comprender cómo ocurren los procesos de interés y percepción sexual, sin embargo, esta área aún carece de estudios. Buscando comprender el estado del arte en el campo de los errores de percepción sexual, esta investigación llevó a cabo una revisión integradora de la literatura, utilizando el término sexual misperception obtenido del APA Thesauros. Se realizaron búsquedas en las siguientes bases de datos: PsycNet, Pubmed, Web of Science ™, Lilacs, Wiley y Sage Journals. Al finalizar los procesos de inclusión y exclusión, se obtuvieron 19 artículos. Se observó una concentración de investigación en los Estados Unidos con enfoque en las diferencias de género en la percepción sexual. Otras variables investigadas fueron el consumo de alcohol y el comportamiento violento. Se identificó un pequeño número de investigaciones realizadas en contextos reales y con alto uso de muestras WEIRD (occidentales, con alto grado de educación, sociedades industrializadas, ricas y democráticas), que deberían inspirar estudios en otras realidades. (AU)

Distorção da Percepção , Comportamento Sexual/psicologia , Delitos Sexuais/psicologia , Consumo de Bebidas Alcoólicas/psicologia , Caracteres Sexuais , Publicações Periódicas como Assunto , Fatores Sexuais , Bases de Dados Bibliográficas , Individualidade
F1000Res ; 10: 401, 2021.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-34408850


Background: The reliable and usable (semi)automation of data extraction can support the field of systematic review by reducing the workload required to gather information about the conduct and results of the included studies. This living systematic review examines published approaches for data extraction from reports of clinical studies. Methods: We systematically and continually search MEDLINE, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), arXiv, and the dblp computer science bibliography databases. Full text screening and data extraction are conducted within an open-source living systematic review application created for the purpose of this review. This iteration of the living review includes publications up to a cut-off date of 22 April 2020. Results: In total, 53 publications are included in this version of our review. Of these, 41 (77%) of the publications addressed extraction of data from abstracts, while 14 (26%) used full texts. A total of 48 (90%) publications developed and evaluated classifiers that used randomised controlled trials as the main target texts. Over 30 entities were extracted, with PICOs (population, intervention, comparator, outcome) being the most frequently extracted. A description of their datasets was provided by 49 publications (94%), but only seven (13%) made the data publicly available. Code was made available by 10 (19%) publications, and five (9%) implemented publicly available tools. Conclusions: This living systematic review presents an overview of (semi)automated data-extraction literature of interest to different types of systematic review. We identified a broad evidence base of publications describing data extraction for interventional reviews and a small number of publications extracting epidemiological or diagnostic accuracy data. The lack of publicly available gold-standard data for evaluation, and lack of application thereof, makes it difficult to draw conclusions on which is the best-performing system for each data extraction target. With this living review we aim to review the literature continually.

Publicações , Relatório de Pesquisa , Automação , Bases de Dados Bibliográficas , MEDLINE , Revisões Sistemáticas como Assunto
BMJ Open ; 11(8): e048031, 2021 08 24.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-34429311


INTRODUCTION: Complex organisational arrangements are required to deliver antenatal and newborn screening programmes. Decision-makers consider the benefits and harms of screening when reviewing the evidence about these programmes. Economic evaluations contribute one important part of this assessment process. However, it is not fully understood what approaches health economic assessments have adopted to measure and value benefits and harms. This study aims to systematically review and critique the published and grey literature on methods for identifying, measuring and valuing the benefits and harms of antenatal and newborn screening adopted by health economic assessments. METHODS AND ANALYSIS: Nine bibliographic databases will be searched from 2000 onwards. These search strategies will be supplemented by manual reference searching of bibliographies, forward citation searching, contacts with experts, author searching and web searching for grey literature. Studies will be selected for review if they report health economic assessments of an antenatal or newborn screening programme. Assessments of title and abstracts and full reports will be undertaken independently with disagreements resolved through discussion. Data extraction will include fields to assess the reporting quality of the studies using the Consolidated Health Economic Evaluation Reporting Standards statement and a bespoke ancillary form to assess how benefits and harms have been accounted for. ETHICS AND DISSEMINATION: This is an evidence synthesis review from already published materials and hence ethics committee approval or written informed consent will not be required. Our results will be disseminated by publishing in high-impact peer-review journals and presenting at relevant conferences. PROSPERO REGISTRATION NUMBER: CRD42020165236.

Economia Médica , Triagem Neonatal , Análise Custo-Benefício , Bases de Dados Bibliográficas , Feminino , Literatura Cinzenta , Humanos , Recém-Nascido , Gravidez , Revisões Sistemáticas como Assunto
Femina ; 49(8): 494-500, 20210831. ilus
Artigo em Português | LILACS | ID: biblio-1342420


Introdução: A gravidez na adolescência é considerada um problema global de saú- de pública, visto que 11% dos nascimentos em todo o mundo são oriundos de gestações em mulheres adolescentes. A taxa de reincidência de gestação durante a adolescência é de 61%, no Brasil, em adolescentes entre 10 e 19 anos, e de 17% a 35%, nos Estados Unidos, sendo ainda maior em países subdesenvolvidos. Objeti- vo: Realizar um levantamento dos conteúdos científicos sobre o uso de métodos contraceptivos e da reincidência de gestações em mulheres adolescentes. Méto- dos: Trata-se de um artigo de revisão sistemática. A busca foi realizada nas bases de dados Cochrane, LILACS e PubMed, por meio das palavras-chave Adolescent e Contraception. Foram incluídos artigos em inglês, português e espanhol publica- dos entre 2010 e 2020. Resultados: Foram encontradas 526 publicações, tendo sido excluídas 113 por duplicidade, 234 após a leitura de título, 155 após a leitura de resumo e 14 após a leitura na íntegra. Fizeram parte desta revisão oito publicações. Discussão: A amostra total contou com 2.492 adolescentes, com idade majoritária entre 14 e 19 anos, as quais, em sua maioria, eram primíparas. Nos grupos de bai- xa escolaridade, havia menos conhecimento e uso de métodos contraceptivos de longa duração (LARCs) e mais tendência ao uso de métodos de curta duração ou a relações sexuais desprotegidas. Os métodos contraceptivos pós-parto mais uti- lizados apresentavam menos eficácia, principalmente o preservativo. Conclusão: A promoção do acesso aos métodos de alta eficácia, principalmente LARCs, e o acompanhamento por meio de entrevista motivacional são capazes de reduzir a reincidência gestacional em adolescentes.(AU)

Introduction: Adolescence pregnancy is considered a global public health problem since 11% of births worldwide are from pregnancies in adolescent women. The rate of a second pregnancy during adolescence is up to 61% in Brazil in adolescents bet- ween 10 and 19 years old and 17%-35% in the United States of America, being even higher in underdeveloped countries. Objective: To survey scientific content on the use of contraceptive methods and the recurrence of pregnancies in adolescent women. Methods: This is a systematic review article. The search was carried out in Cochrane, LILACS, and PubMed databases, using the keywords Adolescent and Contraception. Articles in En- glish, Portuguese and Spanish published between 2010 and 2020 were included. Results: We found 526 publications, of which 113 were excluded due to duplication, 234 excluded af- ter reading the title, 155 after reading the abstract, and 14 after reading the full text. Eight publications were part of this review. Discussion: The total sample was made of 2,492 ado- lescents, aged between 14 and 19 years old, most of whom were primiparous. In the less educated groups, there was less knowledge about contraception, less use of long-term con- traceptive methods (LARCs), and a greater tendency to use short-term methods or unprotected sex. The postpartum con- traceptive methods most used were those with the least ef- fectiveness, mainly the condom. Conclusion: The promotion of access to highly effective methods, mainly LARCs and follow- -ups through motivational interviews are capable of reducing gestational recurrence in adolescents.(AU)

Humanos , Feminino , Gravidez , Adolescente , Gravidez na Adolescência , Taxa de Gravidez , Anticoncepção/métodos , Bases de Dados Bibliográficas , Artigo de Revista , Saúde Sexual e Reprodutiva
J Med Libr Assoc ; 109(2): 258-266, 2021 Apr 01.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-34285668


Objective: There are no existing validated search filters for the group of 37 Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries. This study describes how information specialists from the United Kingdom's National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) developed and evaluated novel OECD countries' geographic search filters for MEDLINE and Embase (Ovid) to improve literature search effectiveness for evidence about OECD countries. Methods: We created the draft filters using an alternative approach to standard filter construction. They are composed entirely of geographic subject headings and are designed to retain OECD country evidence by excluding non-OECD country evidence using the NOT Boolean operator. To evaluate the draft filters' effectiveness, we used MEDLINE and Embase literature searches for three NICE guidelines that retrieved >5,000 search results. A 10% sample of the excluded references was screened to check that OECD country evidence was not inadvertently excluded. Results: The draft MEDLINE filter reduced results for each NICE guideline by 9.5% to 12.9%. In Embase, search results were reduced by 10.7% to 14%. Of the sample references, 7 of 910 (0.8%) were excluded inadvertently. These references were from a guideline about looked-after minors that concerns both OECD and non-OECD countries. Conclusion: The draft filters look promising-they reduced search result volumes while retaining most OECD country evidence from MEDLINE and Embase. However, we advise caution when using them in topics about both non-OECD and OECD countries. We have created final versions of the search filters and will validate them in a future study.

Organização para a Cooperação e Desenvolvimento Econômico , Publicações , Bases de Dados Bibliográficas , MEDLINE
Plast Reconstr Surg ; 148(2): 289e-298e, 2021 Aug 01.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-34228030


BACKGROUND: A 2009 systematic review demonstrated that ethical discourse was underrepresented in the plastic surgery literature; approximately one in 1000 articles contained ethical discussions. In the decade since, advances in plastic surgery and continued social progress have created new ethical dilemmas. However, it is unclear whether these developments have augmented the representation of ethics in the plastic surgery literature. A review of publications over the past decade can assess whether progress has been made and identify where deficits persist. METHODS: The authors searched eight bibliographic databases to identify peer-reviewed articles discussing ethical issues in plastic surgery over the past decade. Independent reviewers extracted characteristics and ethical principles from included articles. RESULTS: A total of 7097 articles were identified from the initial search and 531 articles were included for analysis. The principle of autonomy, present in 87.9 percent of articles, had the greatest representation, followed by beneficence (74.4 percent), nonmaleficence (72.3 percent), and justice (51.2 percent). Informed consent and face transplantation were the most prevalent topics discussed. Aesthetic surgery was the subdiscipline of plastic surgery with the greatest ethical discourse, representing 29.8 percent of all included articles. CONCLUSIONS: In the past decade, there was approximately a five-fold increase in plastic surgery publications that include ethical discourse, indicating a growing awareness of ethical implications by the plastic surgery community. However, representation of ethical principles remained uneven, and specific subdisciplines of plastic surgery were substantially underrepresented. Plastic surgeons should adopt a more comprehensive approach when framing ethical implications in clinical and research settings.

Bibliometria , Bases de Dados Bibliográficas/estatística & dados numéricos , Ética Médica , Relações Médico-Paciente/ética , Cirurgia Plástica/ética , Beneficência , Humanos , Autonomia Profissional , Justiça Social , Cirurgiões/ética
J Korean Med Sci ; 36(25): e169, 2021 Jun 28.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-34184435


BACKGROUND: The five Central Asian republics comprise of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan. Their research and publication activities are gradually improving but there is limited data on how good their peer reviewing practices are. METHODS: We have use the Publons database to extract information on the reviewers registered including the number of verified review, Publons award winners, and top universities in the domain of peer reviewing. This has been analysed overall and country wise. RESULTS: Of 15,764 researchers registered on Publons, only 370 (11.7%) have verified records of peer-reviewing. There are 8 Publons award winners. There is great heterogeneity in the number of active reviewers across the five countries. Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan account for more than 90% of verified reviewers. Only Kazakhstan has more than 100 active reviewers and 6 Publons award recipients. Amongst the top 20 reviewers from Central Asia, half of them are from the Nazarbayev University, Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan. Three countries have less than 10 universities registered on Publons. CONCLUSION: Central Asia has a good number of peer reviewers on Publons though only a minority of researchers are involved in peer reviewing. However, the heterogeneity between the nations can be best dealt with by promoting awareness and international networking including e-learning and mentoring programs.

Revisão por Pares , Publicações Periódicas como Assunto , Publicações , Ásia Central , Bases de Dados Bibliográficas , Humanos
J Am Med Inform Assoc ; 28(9): 1919-1927, 2021 08 13.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-34180522


OBJECTIVE: PubMed has suffered from the author ambiguity problem for many years. Existing studies on author name disambiguation (AND) for PubMed only used internal metadata for development. However, some of them are incomplete (eg, a large number of names are only abbreviated and their full names are not available) or less discriminative. To this end, we present a new disambiguation method, namely AggAND, by aggregating information from external databases. MATERIALS AND METHODS: We address this issue by exploring Microsoft Academic Graph, Semantic Scholar, and PubMed Knowledge Graph to enhance the built-in name metadata, and extend the internal metadata with some external and more discriminative metadata. RESULTS: Experimental results on enhanced name metadata demonstrate comparable performance to 3 author identifier systems, as well as show superiority over the original name metadata. More importantly, our method, AggAND, incorporating both enhanced name and extended metadata, yields F1 scores of 95.80% and 93.71% on 2 datasets and outperforms the state-of-the-art method by a large margin (3.61% and 6.55%, respectively). CONCLUSIONS: The feasibility and good performance of our methods not only help better understand the importance of external databases for disambiguation, but also point to a promising direction for future AND studies in which information aggregated from multiple bibliographic databases can be effective in improving disambiguation performance. The methodology shown here can be generalized to broader bibliographic databases beyond PubMed. Our code and data are available online (

Metadados , Semântica , Bases de Dados Bibliográficas , Bases de Dados Factuais , PubMed
BMJ Open ; 11(6): e041036, 2021 06 03.
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INTRODUCTION: Chronic pain is a distressing condition and often poorly treated and managed. Psychological therapies are considered first-line intervention for people with chronic pain. Common psychological therapies require extensive clinician training and specialist qualifications. One approach that does not need lengthy training nor specialist qualification, but has empirical support in other health domains, is behavioural activation (BA). BA seeks to increase engagement in behaviours that are valued by the person and progress through behaviours that can increase mood and develop skills that build satisfying routines. BA can help people to manage their condition through scheduling behaviours, promoting routine and mastery over their condition. The extent to which BA has been used to support people living with chronic pain is not clear. METHODS AND ANALYSIS: This scoping review aims to identify published studies describing the application of BA to support people living with chronic pain. To map the evidence regarding BA and chronic pain, including the study type and the associated evidence, a scoping review was adopted. The search will be conducted in bibliographic databases, clinical trial registries and grey literature. No date limits will be applied to the search strategy. Screening of titles and abstracts, and full-text screening, will be independently undertaken by two investigators using Covidence software. Any disagreement between investigators will be resolved by a third investigator. Data from included publications will be extracted using a customised data extraction tool. ETHICS AND DISSEMINATION: The scoping review is an analysis of existing data and therefore ethics approval is not required. The findings of this scoping review will further our understanding of how BA has been used to support people living with chronic pain and inform future training and education programmes in this area.

Dor , Projetos de Pesquisa , Bases de Dados Bibliográficas , Escolaridade , Humanos , Revisões Sistemáticas como Assunto
Res Synth Methods ; 12(5): 576-589, 2021 Sep.
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BACKGROUND: The CLUSTER model of searching was proposed as a systematic method of searching for studies for reviews of complex interventions. AIM: The method has not been evaluated before. This methodological review identified and evaluated a sample of evidence syntheses that have used CLUSTER. METHODS: A forward citation search on the seed CLUSTER publication was conducted on Web of Science Core Collection using six journal citation indexes and Google Scholar in December 2020. Reviews which used the CLUSTER method were eligible for inclusion. A narrative synthesis was used to describe the types of evidence syntheses that used CLUSTER searching, the extent to which the CLUSTER approach has been operationalised within evidence syntheses and whether the value, benefits and limitations of CLUSTER were assessed by the reviewers. FINDINGS: A total of 16 reviews were identified and eligible for synthesis. Six different review types that used CLUSTER were identified with realist reviews being the most prominent. The evaluation of complex interventions was the most common review topic area. The use of CLUSTER varied among reviews with the retrieval of sibling studies being the most common reason. 'Citations' and 'Lead authors' were the most followed elements of CLUSTER. CONCLUSIONS: Evidence suggests that CLUSTER has been adopted for use in reviews of complex interventions. Its usage varied among the included reviews. It is imperative that future reviewers diligently report the elements and steps of CLUSTER that were utilised in order to provide a reproducible and transparent search strategy that can be reported with similar transparency to bibliographic database searches.

Indexação e Redação de Resumos , Projetos de Pesquisa , Bases de Dados Bibliográficas