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Ann Lab Med ; 42(2): 178-187, 2022 03 01.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-34635611


Background: Urine tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinases-2/insulin-like growth factor-binding protein 7 (TIMP-2/IGFBP7) (NephroCheck, Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, Raritan, NJ, USA) is a US Food and Drug Administration-approved biomarker for risk assessment of acute kidney injury (AKI) in critically ill adult patients in intensive care units; however, its clinical impact in the emergency department (ED) remains unproven. We evaluated the utility of NephroCheck for predicting AKI development and short-term mortality in the ED. Methods: This was a prospective, observational, five-center international study. We consecutively enrolled ED patients admitted with ≥30% risk of AKI development (assessed by ED physician: ED score) or acute diseases. Serum creatinine was tested on ED arrival (T0), day 1, and day 2 (T48); urine for NephroCheck was collected at T0 and T48. We performed ROC curve and reclassification analyses. Results: Among the 529 patients enrolled (213 females; median age, 65 years), AKI developed in 59 (11.2%) patients. The T0 NephroCheck value was higher in the AKI group than in the non-AKI group (median 0.77 vs. 0.29 (ng/m)2/1,000, P=0.001), and better predicted AKI development than the ED score (area under the curve [AUC], 0.64 vs. 0.53; P=0.04). In reclassification analyses, adding NephroCheck to the ED score improved the prediction of AKI development (P<0.05). The T0 NephroCheck value predicted 30-day mortality (AUC, 0.68; P<0.001). Conclusions: NephroCheck can predict both AKI development and short-term mortality in at-risk ED patients. NephroCheck would be a useful biomarker for early ruling-in or ruling-out of AKI in the ED.

Injúria Renal Aguda , Proteínas de Ligação a Fator de Crescimento Semelhante a Insulina/urina , Inibidor Tecidual de Metaloproteinase-2 , Doença Aguda , Injúria Renal Aguda/diagnóstico , Idoso , Biomarcadores , Serviço Hospitalar de Emergência , Feminino , Humanos , Masculino , Estudos Prospectivos , Inibidor Tecidual de Metaloproteinase-2/urina , Estados Unidos
Food Chem ; 366: 130712, 2022 Jan 01.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-34343953


The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of selenium enrichment on the gel properties and gastrointestinal digestive properties of egg white. Results of texture profile analysis, scanning electron microscopy and differential scanning calorimetry showed that the heat-induced gel of selenium-enriched egg white (EW-2) exhibited higher gel strength, smoother microstructure, and higher thermal denaturation temperature than ordinary egg white (EW-1), which might be due to the change of ovomucin and ovotransferrin content. The gastrointestinal digestive products of the EW-2 protein contained a higher proportion of small peptides and more free amino acids than those of EW-1. Results of oxygen radical absorbance capacity and cellular antioxidant activity assays indicated that digestive products of the EW-2 protein exhibited stronger antioxidant activity than those of the EW-1 protein. In summary, Se enrichment improved heat-induced gel properties of egg white, and promoted the gastrointestinal digestion of egg white protein.

Selênio , Animais , Galinhas , Digestão , Feminino , Temperatura Alta , Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Food Chem ; 367: 130661, 2022 Jan 15.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-34348197


Cow (CwC) and camel casein (CaC) hydrolysates were generated using Alcalase™ (CwCA and CaCA) and Pronase-E (CwCP and CaCP) each for 3 and 6 h, and investigated for their potential to inhibit key lipid digesting enzymes i.e., pancreatic lipase (PL) and cholesteryl esterase (CE). Results revealed stronger PL and CE inhibition by CaC hydrolysates compared to CwC. Potent hydrolysates (CwCP-3 h and CaCA-6 h) upon simulated gastrointestinal digestion (SGID) showed significant improvement in inhibition of both PL and CE. However, both the SGID hydrolysates showed similar extent of PL and CE inhibition and were further sequenced for peptide identification. Peptides MMML, FDML, HLPGRG from CwC and AAGF, MSNYF, FLWPEYGAL from CaC hydrolysates were predicted to be most active PL inhibitory peptides. Peptide LP found in both CwC and CaC hydrolysates was predicted as active CE inhibitor. Thus, CwC and CaC could be potential source of peptides with promising CE and PL inhibitory properties.

Caseínas , Esterol Esterase , Animais , Camelus , Bovinos , Digestão , Feminino , Hidrólise , Lipase , Peptídeos , Hidrolisados de Proteína , Esterol Esterase/genética
Talanta ; 236: 122899, 2022 Jan 01.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-34635272


A real-time quartz crystal microbalance (QCM) cytosensor was first developed for dynamical and noninvasive monitoring of cell viscoelasticity for evaluation of apoptosis degree. In this work, human breast cancer cells MCF-7 and MDA-MB-231 were employed as cell model and respectively captured on the surface of QCM electrode modified with mercaptosuccinic acid and poly-l-lysine. Cell viscoelasticity was measured dynamically by real-time monitoring energy dissipation with QCM, and the dynamic diagram of the energy dissipation of MDA-MB-231 cells treated with curcumin was first obtained. The results displayed that the changes of energy dissipation in MDA-MB-231 cells and MCF-7 cells were 8.81 × 10-6 and 5.29 × 10-6, particularly due to the difference in cell viscoelasticity. Furthermore, curcumin was used to induce cell apoptosis and suppress energy dissipation of MDA-MB-231 cells. Combining apoptosis assay with QCM measurement, the results revealed good linear relationship between cell viscoelasticity inhibition and apoptosis rate with correlation coefficient R = 0.9908. The QCM cytosensor could rapidly, accurately, dynamically, and noninvasively monitor the changes of cell viscoelasticity for evaluation of apoptosis degree in MDA-MB-231 cells. The study established a new model for cell apoptosis assessment, facilitating understanding of the mechanisms of cell apoptosis on the aspect of mechanical properties.

Técnicas Biossensoriais , Neoplasias da Mama , Curcumina , Apoptose , Neoplasias da Mama/tratamento farmacológico , Curcumina/farmacologia , Feminino , Humanos , Viscosidade
Food Chem ; 368: 130675, 2022 Jan 30.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-34419795


Human milk (HM) modifications over time represent an important issue. This work proposed to evaluate the changes in HM during one-year storage through total lipids (TL) degradation and portable near-infrared (NIR) spectrometer combined with chemometrics. Colostrum, transition, and mature stages were obtained from donors and considered in the raw and pasteurized forms. Principal component analysis in TL content showed changes in the mature stages for both forms after 75 days. Multivariate curve resolution with alternating least squares in NIR spectral data reveals a decrease in protein and triacylglycerol contents while an increase in free fatty acids (palmitic acid) contents were observed through the storage after around 5-6 months. Therefore, more than 5-6 months of storage suggest possible biochemical changes in the HM nutritional composition. Moreover, the chemometrics investigation was crucial in extracting information, bringing coherent results, and helping to understand the chemical changes in human milk during storage.

Colostro , Leite Humano , Feminino , Humanos , Análise dos Mínimos Quadrados , Lipídeos , Gravidez , Análise de Componente Principal
J Ethnopharmacol ; 282: 114574, 2022 Jan 10.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-34461187


ETHNOPHARMACOLOGICAL RELEVANCE: Gekko gecko is used as a traditional medicine for various diseases including respiratory disorders in northeast Asian countries, mainly Korea, Japan, and China. AIM OF THE STUDY: Allergic asthma is a chronic respiratory disease caused by an inappropriate immune response. Due to the recent spread of coronavirus disease 2019, interest in the treatment of pulmonary disorders has rapidly increased. In this study, we investigated the anti-asthmatic effects of G. gecko extract (GGE) using an established mouse model of ovalbumin-induced asthma. MATERIALS AND METHODS: To evaluate the anti-asthmatic effects of GGE, we evaluated histological changes and the responses of inflammatory mediators related to allergic airway inflammation. Furthermore, we investigated the regulatory effects of GGE on type 2 helper T (Th2) cell activation. RESULTS: Administration of GGE attenuated asthmatic phenotypes, including inflammatory cell infiltration, mucus production, and expression of Th2 cytokines. Furthermore, GGE treatment reduced Th2 cell activation and differentiation. CONCLUSIONS: These results indicate that GGE alleviates allergic airway inflammation by regulating Th2 cell activation and differentiation.

Antiasmáticos/uso terapêutico , Asma/tratamento farmacológico , Medicina Tradicional do Leste Asiático , Muco/metabolismo , Ovalbumina , Extratos Vegetais/uso terapêutico , Animais , Asma/induzido quimicamente , Asma/patologia , Líquido da Lavagem Broncoalveolar , COVID-19 , Citocinas/metabolismo , Feminino , Citometria de Fluxo , Imunoglobulina E/imunologia , Mediadores da Inflamação/metabolismo , Pulmão/patologia , Camundongos , Camundongos Endogâmicos BALB C , Pandemias , Células Th2/efeitos dos fármacos , Células Th2/imunologia , Triptaminas/farmacologia
J Hazard Mater ; 421: 126683, 2022 01 05.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-34315024


Experimental studies have demonstrated that disinfection byproducts (DBPs) can cause ovarian toxicity including inhibition of antral follicle growth and disruption of steroidogenesis, but there is a paucity of human evidence. We aimed to investigate whether urinary biomarkers of exposure to drinking water DBPs were associated with ovarian reserve. The present study included 956 women attending an infertility clinic in Wuhan, China from December 2018 to January 2020. Antral follicle count (AFC), ovarian volume (OV), anti-Mullerian hormone (AMH), and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) were measured as indicators of ovarian reserve. Urinary dichloroacetic acid (DCAA) and trichloroacetic acid (TCAA) were assessed as potential biomarkers of drinking water DBP exposures. Multivariate linear and Poisson regression models were applied to estimate the associations of urinary DCAA and TCAA concentrations with indicators of ovarian reserve. Elevated urinary DCAA and TCAA levels were monotonically associated with reduced total AFC (- 5.98%; 95% CI: - 10.30%, - 1.44% in DCAA and - 12.98%; 95% CI: - 17.00%, - 8.76% in TCAA comparing the extreme tertiles; both P for trends ≤ 0.01), and the former was only observed in right AFC but not in left AFC, whereas the latter was estimated for both right and left AFC. Moreover, elevated urinary TCAA levels were monotonically associated with decreased AMH (- 14.09%; 95% CI: - 24.79%, - 1.86% comparing the extreme tertiles; P for trend = 0.03). These negative associations were still observed for the exposure biomarkers modeled as continuous variables. Our findings suggest that exposure to drinking water DBPs may be associated with decreased ovarian reserve.

Água Potável , Reserva Ovariana , Biomarcadores , Estudos Transversais , Desinfecção , Feminino , Humanos
Food Chem ; 366: 130636, 2022 Jan 01.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-34314929


The study aimed to determine the efficiency of advanced chelate compounds-based trace minerals (OTM) in laying hens. Laying hens (240, 32 weeks old) were assigned to one of the following five groups: NOTM (no added trace minerals), CONTM (standard mineral salts), and three experimental groups in which chelates were used to replace 33, 66, and 100% of mineral salts (OTM33, OTM66, and OTM100, respectively). Each treatment had six replicates with eight hens per replicate. After 18 weeks, performance and physicochemical properties of eggs in all experimental groups was better than those in the NOTM group. Among the treatments, OTM66 and OTM100 produced the best results in terms of laying performance, yolk PUFA/SFA ratio, Zn and Se contents, and malondialdehyde concentration in both serum and yolk. In conclusion, up to 66% OTM supplementation was beneficial for performance, lipid and mineral composition of yolk, and oxidative status.

Galinhas , Ácidos Graxos , Ração Animal/análise , Animais , Dieta , Suplementos Nutricionais , Gema de Ovo/metabolismo , Ácidos Graxos/metabolismo , Feminino , Minerais/metabolismo , Estresse Oxidativo
Gene ; 806: 145922, 2022 Jan 05.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-34454032


Gastric cancer (GC)-derived cell lines were generally used in basic cancer research and drug screening. However, it is always concerned about the difference between cultured cells and primary tumor by oncologists. To address this question, we compared differentially expressed genes (DEGs) in primary cancers, healthy tissues, and cell lines both in vitro and in silico. Seven reported genes with decreased expression in GCs by DNA methylation were analyzed in our cohort studies and experimentally validation. Selected datasets from TCGA (The Cancer Genome Atlas), CCLE (The Broad Institute Cancer Cell Line Encyclopedia), and GTEx (The Genotype-Tissue Expression project) were used to represent GCs, GC-derived cell lines, and healthy tissues respectively in the in silico analysis. Thirty gastric tissues together with six cell lines were used for validations. Unexpectedly, we experimentally found that reported cancer-related downregulated genes were only found in cancer cell lines but not in biopsies. The unchanged gene expressions in primary GCs were generally consistent with our cohort study, using information from cancerous (TCGA) and healthy tissues (GETx). Substantial differences were also found between DEGs of cancer tissues (TGCA)/ healthy tissues (GTEx) pair and cell lines (CCLE)/ healthy tissues (GTEx) pair, which confirmed the significant differences between primary cancer and cancer cell lines. Moreover, elevated expression of YWHAQ (14-3-3 δ) and THBS1 were observed in the GC biopsies, which might be potential biomarkers for GC diagnosis, considering the increased YWHAQ and THBS1 associated with poor survival rates in gastric cancer patients. In sum, it is suggested that cautions should be taken when using GC cell lines to study genes that show great differences between cell lines and tissues.

Proteínas 14-3-3/genética , Regulação Neoplásica da Expressão Gênica , Proteínas de Neoplasias/genética , Neoplasias Gástricas/genética , Trombospondinas/genética , Proteínas 14-3-3/metabolismo , Idoso , Atlas como Assunto , Biomarcadores Tumorais/genética , Biomarcadores Tumorais/metabolismo , Linhagem Celular Tumoral , Metilação de DNA , Conjuntos de Dados como Assunto , Epigênese Genética , Feminino , Humanos , Masculino , Pessoa de Meia-Idade , Modelos Biológicos , Proteínas de Neoplasias/metabolismo , Cultura Primária de Células , Prognóstico , Neoplasias Gástricas/diagnóstico , Neoplasias Gástricas/mortalidade , Neoplasias Gástricas/patologia , Análise de Sobrevida , Trombospondinas/metabolismo , Células Tumorais Cultivadas
Gene ; 806: 145928, 2022 Jan 05.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-34455027


Cytochrome P450 Family 19 (CYP19) is a crucial enzyme to catalyze the conversion of androgens to estrogens. However, the regulatory mechanism of goose CYP19 gene remains poorly understood. The present study attempted to obtain the full-length coding sequence (CDS) and 5'-flanking sequence of CYP19 gene, to investigate its expression and distribution profiles in different sized follicles, and to analyze the transcriptional regulatory mechanism of CYP19 gene in goose. Results showed that its CDS consisted of 1512 nucleotides and the encoded amino acid sequence contained a classical P450 structural domain. Homology analysis showed that there were high homologies of nucleotide and amino acid sequences between goose and other avian species. Its promoter sequence spanned from -1925 bp to the transcription start site (ATG) and several transcriptional factors were predicted in this region. Further analysis from luciferase assay showed that the luciferase activity was the highest spanning from -118 to -1 bp by constructing deletion promoter reporter vector. In addition, result from quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction indicated that the mRNA level of CYP19 gene were highly expressed in theca layer of the fifth largest follicle, and the cellular location was in the theca externa cells by immunohistochemistry. Taken together, it could be concluded that the transcription activity of CYP19 gene was activated by transcriptional factors in its proximal region of promoter to promote the synthesis of estrogens, regulating the selection of pre-hierarchical into hierarchical follicle in goose.

Proteínas Aviárias/genética , Família 19 do Citocromo P450/genética , Gansos/genética , Regulação Enzimológica da Expressão Gênica , RNA Mensageiro/genética , Transcrição Genética , Sequência de Aminoácidos , Animais , Proteínas Aviárias/metabolismo , Família 19 do Citocromo P450/metabolismo , Feminino , Gansos/classificação , Regulação da Expressão Gênica no Desenvolvimento , Folículo Ovariano/citologia , Folículo Ovariano/crescimento & desenvolvimento , Folículo Ovariano/metabolismo , Filogenia , Regiões Promotoras Genéticas , RNA Mensageiro/metabolismo , Alinhamento de Sequência , Homologia de Sequência de Aminoácidos , Sítio de Iniciação de Transcrição
Gene ; 806: 145935, 2022 Jan 05.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-34478821


Soluble molecules of programmed death ligand 1 (sPD-L1) are known to modulate T-cell depletion, an important mechanism of hepatitis B virus (HBV) persistence and liver disease progression. In addition, PD-L1 polymorphisms in the 3'-UTR can influence PD-L1 expression and have been associated with cancer risk, although not definitively. The purpose of this study was to investigate the association of PD-L1 polymorphisms and circulating levels of sPD-L1 in HBV infection and live disease progression. In this study, five hundred fifty-one HBV infected patients of the three clinically well-defined subgroups chronic hepatitis B (CHB, n = 186), liver cirrhosis (LC, n = 142) and hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC, n = 223) and 240 healthy individuals (HC) were enrolled. PD-L1 polymorphisms (rs2297136 and rs4143815) were genotyped by in-house validated ARMS assays. Logistic regression models were applied in order to determine the association of PD-L1 polymorphisms with HBV infection as well as with progression of related liver diseases. Plasma sPD-L1 levels were quantified by ELISA assays. The PD-L1 rs2297136 AA genotype was associated with HBV infection susceptibility (HBV vs. HC: OR = 1.6; 95%CI = 1.1-2.3; p = 0.0087) and disease progression (LC vs. CHB: OR = 1.8; 95%CI = 1.1-2.9; p = 0.018). Whereas, the rs2297136 GG genotype was a protective factor for HCC development. Plasma sPD-L1 levels were significantly high in HBV patients (p < 0.0001) and higher in the LC followed by CHB and HCC groups. High sPD-L1 levels correlated with increased liver enzymes and with advanced liver disease progression (Child-pugh C > B > A, p < 0.0001) and BCLC classification (BCLC D > C > B > A, p = 0.031). We could, for the first time, conclude that PD-L1 rs2297136 polymorphism and plasma sPD-L1 protein levels associate with HBV infection and HBV-related liver disease progression.

Antígeno B7-H1/genética , Carcinoma Hepatocelular/genética , Vírus da Hepatite B/patogenicidade , Hepatite B Crônica/genética , Cirrose Hepática/genética , Neoplasias Hepáticas/genética , Polimorfismo Genético , Regiões 3' não Traduzidas , Adulto , Idoso , Antígeno B7-H1/sangue , Biomarcadores/sangue , Carcinoma Hepatocelular/diagnóstico , Carcinoma Hepatocelular/etiologia , Carcinoma Hepatocelular/virologia , Estudos de Casos e Controles , Progressão da Doença , Feminino , Expressão Gênica , Predisposição Genética para Doença , Vírus da Hepatite B/crescimento & desenvolvimento , Hepatite B Crônica/complicações , Hepatite B Crônica/diagnóstico , Hepatite B Crônica/virologia , Humanos , Fígado/metabolismo , Fígado/patologia , Fígado/virologia , Cirrose Hepática/diagnóstico , Cirrose Hepática/etiologia , Cirrose Hepática/virologia , Neoplasias Hepáticas/diagnóstico , Neoplasias Hepáticas/etiologia , Neoplasias Hepáticas/virologia , Masculino , Pessoa de Meia-Idade , Valor Preditivo dos Testes
J Cell Sci ; 135(5)2022 03 01.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-33414166


Ferroptosis is a regulated, non-apoptotic form of cell death, characterized by hydroxy-peroxidation of discrete phospholipid hydroperoxides, particularly hydroperoxyl (Hp) forms of arachidonoyl- and adrenoyl-phosphatidylethanolamine, with a downstream cascade of oxidative damage to membrane lipids, proteins and DNA, culminating in cell death. We recently showed that human trophoblasts are particularly sensitive to ferroptosis caused by depletion or inhibition of glutathione peroxidase 4 (GPX4) or the lipase PLA2G6. Here, we show that trophoblastic ferroptosis is accompanied by a dramatic change in the trophoblast plasma membrane, with macro-blebbing and vesiculation. Immunofluorescence revealed that ferroptotic cell-derived blebs stained positive for F-actin, but negative for cytoplasmic organelle markers. Transfer of conditioned medium that contained detached macrovesicles or co-culture of wild-type target cells with blebbing cells did not stimulate ferroptosis in target cells. Molecular modeling showed that the presence of Hp-phosphatidylethanolamine in the cell membrane promoted its cell ability to be stretched. Together, our data establish that membrane macro-blebbing is characteristic of trophoblast ferroptosis and can serve as a useful marker of this process. Whether or not these blebs are physiologically functional remains to be established.

Ferroptose , Feminino , Humanos , Peroxidação de Lipídeos , Fosfolipídeo Hidroperóxido Glutationa Peroxidase , Placenta , Gravidez , Trofoblastos
Esc. Anna Nery Rev. Enferm ; 26(spe): e20210179, 2022. ilus
Artigo em Português | LILACS, BDENF - Enfermagem | ID: biblio-1292850


Objetivo: O estudo objetivou compreender as repercussões da pandemia da Covid-19 no cuidado de lactentes prematuros, na perspectiva de mães e profissionais de saúde. Método: Foram realizadas entrevistas semiestruturadas nos meses de junho e julho de 2020, por meio de ligação telefônica, com 14 mães e quatro profissionais de saúde do serviço de follow-up de uma maternidade pública da Paraíba, Brasil. Resultados: A partir da análise temática indutiva, os impactos da pandemia no cuidado ao lactente nascido prematuro, foram: sobrecarga e afastamento dos profissionais dos serviços de saúde, desativação temporária da unidade mãe canguru, descontinuidade da assistência ao prematuro, medo materno de expor a criança à Covid-19 e baixa condição socioeconômica. Foram elencadas estratégias de enfrentamento para o cuidado dos lactentes durante a pandemia, como: maior espaçamento das consultas, acompanhamento por meio telefônico e cumprimento das medidas de biossegurança. Conclusão e implicações para a prática: A pandemia exigi adaptações na assistência, tornando necessárias novas formas de cuidado a essas crianças, como exemplo, as consultas de acompanhamento remotas, a fim de garantir o seu direito à vida e saúde

Objective: The study aimed at understanding the repercussions of the Covid-19 pandemic in the care of premature infants, from the perspective of mothers and health professionals. Method: Semi-structured interviews were conducted in the months of June and July 2020, over the telephone, with 14 mothers and four health professionals from the follow-up service of a public maternity hospital in Paraíba, Brazil. Results: From the inductive thematic analysis, the impacts of the pandemic on the care of premature infants were as follows: overload and distancing of health service professionals, temporary deactivation of the Kangaroo mother unit, discontinuity of care for the premature infant, maternal fear of exposing the child to Covid-19 and low socioeconomic status. Coping strategies for the care of infants during the pandemic were listed, such as: greater spacing between consultations, phone follow-up and compliance with biosafety measures. Conclusion and implications for the practice: The pandemic required adaptations in care, which make new forms of care necessary for these children, such as remote follow-up consultations, in order to guarantee their right to life and health

Objetivo: El estudio tuvo como objetivo comprender las repercusiones de la pandemia de Covid-19 en la atención de bebés prematuros, desde la perspectiva de las madres y los profesionales de la salud. Método: Se realizaron entrevistas semiestructuradas en los meses de junio y julio de 2020, por medio de llamadas telefónicas, a 14 madres y cuatro profesionales de la salud del servicio de seguimiento de una maternidad pública en Paraíba, Brasil. Resultados: A partir del análisis temático inductivo, los efectos de la pandemia en la atención de bebés prematuros fueron los siguientes: sobrecarga y distanciamiento de profesionales de los servicios de salud, inhabilitación temporal de la unidad Madre Canguro, discontinuidad de la atención al bebé prematuro, miedo materno a exponer al niño al Covid-19 y nivel socioeconómico bajo. Se enumeraron estrategias de afrontamiento para la atención infantil durante la pandemia, tales como: mayor intervalo entre consultas, seguimiento telefónico y cumplimiento de medidas de bioseguridad. Conclusión e implicaciones para la práctica: La pandemia requirió adaptaciones en la atención, que hacen necesarias nuevas formas de atención para estos niños, como las consultas de monitoreo remoto, para garantizar su derecho a la vida y a la salud

Humanos , Feminino , Lactente , Adulto , Pessoa de Meia-Idade , Recém-Nascido Prematuro/crescimento & desenvolvimento , Pessoal de Saúde , Serviços de Saúde Materno-Infantil , COVID-19 , Cuidado do Lactente , Mães , Carga de Trabalho/psicologia , Consulta Remota , Pesquisa Qualitativa , Cobertura Vacinal , Medo , Método Canguru , Higiene das Mãos , Distanciamento Físico , COVID-19/prevenção & controle
São Paulo; SMS; 14 ago. 2021.
Não convencional em Português | LILACS, Coleciona SUS, Sec. Munic. Saúde SP, Sec. Munic. Saúde SP | ID: biblio-1292019
Braz. j. oral sci ; 20: e211632, jan.-dez. 2021. ilus
Artigo em Inglês | LILACS, BBO - Odontologia | ID: biblio-1282550


Non-carious cervical lesions cause destructive dental disorders that actively contribute to the progressive loss of dental structure and the immediate need for dental treatment, due to their multiple symptoms and factors that produce them. Aim: The purpose of the study was to determine the relationship between extrinsic factors and non-carious cervical lesions in patients of the National Hospital Hipólito Unánue. Methods: The research was of a descriptive correlative type. The sample consisted of male and female patients between 18 and 65 years old, who attended the carielogy service of this hospital. For data collection, 2 questionnaires were used to estimate the values of the extrinsic factors that allowed us to obtain the necessary information on the variables to be studied. Spearman's Rho was applied to determine the relationship between the variable's study. Results: According to Spearman's Rho of 0.622, compared to p-0.000 <0.01. Between the variables studied; extrinsic factors and noncarious cervical lesions there is a moderate and significant positive correlation. Conclusion: Through this section it was possible to demonstrate the existing relationship between extrinsic variable factors and non-carious cervical lesions, therefore it was concluded that there is a moderate and significant positive correlation in the sample comprised by the patients of the Hospital in mention

Humanos , Masculino , Feminino , Abrasão Dentária , Erosão Dentária , Análise do Estresse Dentário , Dentina , Desgaste dos Dentes
Rev. Odontol. Araçatuba (Impr.) ; 42(3): 9-15, set.-dez. 2021. ilus
Artigo em Português | LILACS, BBO - Odontologia | ID: biblio-1283900


Este relato descreve o caso de uma paciente jovem que necessitou de reabilitação na região maxilar anterior devido a insatisfações estéticas. O artigo objetivou relatar a sequência clínica da reabilitação de um implante pré-existente na região do dente 21 com UCLA de zircônia personalizável e coroa de dissilicato de lítio associada a instalação de facetas de dissilicato de lítio dos dentes 15 ao 25 para harmonização do sorriso. Previamente ao tratamento reabilitador, foi realizado o planejamento do caso que incluiu a necessidade de gengivectomia e condicionamento do perfil de emergência na região peri-implantar. Após a cicatrização, foram confeccionados preparo minimamente invasivos de acordo com as informações do mock-up. UCLA personalizável de zircônia foi selecionada como componente protético, visando a estética do caso. Para a moldagem, utilizou-se transfer de moldeira aberta para cópia do perfil de emergência e posicionamento do implante na região do 21 e moldagem simultânea com silicone de adição. Após a prova, a cimentação das facetas de dissilicato de lítio foi realizada com cimento adesivo fotopolimerizável. Os resultados estéticos e funcionais foram satisfatórios. No presente caso clínico, conclui-se a importância da abordagem multidisciplinar para alcançar resultados satisfatórios. Ademais, a associação das facetas e a coroa de dissilicato de lítio implantossuportada com UCLA de zircônia personalizável proporcionou os resultados estéticos e funcionais da paciente(AU)

This report describes the case of a Young patient who needed rehabilitation in the anterior maxillary region due to esthetic involvement. The article aimed to report the clinical sequence of the rehabilitation of a pre-existing implant in the region of tooth 21 with UCLA of zirconia customizable and crown of lithium disilicate associated with the installation of veneers of lithium disilicate of teeth 15 to 25 for harmonizing the smile. Prior to the rehabilitation treatment, case planning was carried out, which included the need for gingivectomy and conditioning of the emergency profile in the peri-implant region. After healing, preparations minimally invasive were made according to the information of mock-up. UCLA of zirconia customizable was selected as a prosthetic component, aiming at the aesthetics of the case. For impression, open tray transfer was used to copy the emergency profile and position the implant in the region of 21 and simultaneous impression with addition silicone. After the test of veneers, the cementation of veneers of lithium disilicate was performed with adhesive cement light-curing. The esthetic and functional results were satisfactory. In the present clinical case, the importance of a multidisciplinary approach to achieve satisfactory results is concluded. In addition, the combination of veneers and crow implanted of lithium disilicate with customizable zirconia UCLA provided the patient's esthetic and functional results(AU)

Humanos , Feminino , Adulto , Implantes Dentários , Facetas Dentárias , Estética Dentária , Cerâmica , Planejamento de Prótese Dentária , Gengivectomia
Vínculo ; 18(2): 1-13, jul.-dez. 2021. ilus
Artigo em Português | LILACS, Index Psicologia - Periódicos | ID: biblio-1341799


A prática da adoção é antiga, sofrendo modificações através dos tempos devido aos interesses sociais. Antes os cuidados destinavam-se aos adotantes, a eles caberia gerir os adotados; atualmente, sob a vigência de uma política integral, visa os interesses do adotando. Pensamento "novo" à história da adoção. Este estudo busca compreender as emoções vivenciadas pelos pretendentes a adoção durante o processo e na formação de um novo vínculo. Com metodologia qualitativa utilizou-se acervos da psicologia, serviço social e direito, participaram do estudo três pretendentes à adoção. Utilizou-se um roteiro de entrevista semiestruturado. Analisou-se as informações através da análise de conteúdo temática. Observou-se que no interior do Ceará a atuação referente à adoção está sendo revisitada. E a articulação realizada por grupos de apoio à adoção, formados por adotantes e equipes multiprofissionais de prefeituras ganha espaço. Tais grupos surgem como um acolhimento diante das emoções enfrentadas pelos adotantes, atuando como ambiente de trocas experienciais entre aqueles que já conquistaram o filho real e aqueles que ainda vislumbram o ideal. Assim, tais grupos agem como mecanismos defensivos sublimatórios frente às ansiedades de adotantes.

The practice of adoption is old, changing over time due to social interests. Before care was for adopters, it would be up to them to manage adoptees; currently, under a comprehensive policy, it targets the adopter's interests. "New" thinking to the history of adoption. This study seeks to understand the emotions experienced by applicants for adoption during the process and in the formation of a new link. With qualitative methodology was used collections of psychology, social work and law, participated in the study three applicants for adoption. A semi-structured interview script was used. The information was analyzed through thematic content analysis. It was observed that in the interior of Ceará the action regarding adoption is being revisited. And the articulation carried out by adoption support groups, made up of adopters and multi-professional municipal teams, gains space. Such groups emerge as a welcome in front of the emotions faced by adopters, acting as an environment of experiential exchanges between those who have already conquered the royal child and those who still envision the ideal. Thus, such groups act as sublimative defensive mechanisms in the face of adopter anxieties.

La práctica de la adopción es antigua y cambia con el tiempo debido a intereses sociales. Antes de atender a los adoptantes, dependería de ellos administrar a los adoptados; Actualmente, bajo una política integral, se dirige a los intereses del adoptante. "Nuevo" pensamiento a la historia de la adopción. Este estudio busca comprender las emociones experimentadas por los solicitantes de adopción durante el proceso y en la formación de un nuevo vínculo. Con la metodología cualitativa se utilizaron colecciones de psicología, trabajo social y derecho, participaron en el estudio tres solicitantes para su adopción. Se utilizó un guión de entrevista semiestructurada. La información se analizó mediante análisis de contenido temático. Se observó que en el interior de Ceará se está revisando la acción con respecto a la adopción. Y la articulación llevada a cabo por grupos de apoyo a la adopción, compuestos por adoptantes y equipos municipales multiprofesionales, gana espacio. Tales grupos emergen como una bienvenida frente a las emociones que enfrentan los adoptantes, actuando como un ambiente de intercambios experienciales entre aquellos que ya han conquistado al niño real y aquellos que todavía imaginan el ideal. Por lo tanto, tales grupos actúan como mecanismos defensivos y sublimativos frente a las ansiedades de los adoptant.

Humanos , Feminino , Adulto , Psicologia Social , Grupos de Autoajuda , Sublimação Psicológica , Adoção , Acolhimento , Jurisprudência
Vínculo ; 18(2): 1-10, jul.-dez. 2021. ilus
Artigo em Português | LILACS, Index Psicologia - Periódicos | ID: biblio-1341798


As transformações que a maternidade provoca na mulher, sejam elas psíquicas ou biológicas, pode ser uma vivência marcante e impactante para a gestação. Segundo Melanie Klein, o psiquismo é um funcionamento dinâmico o qual se inicia com o nascimento e finda-se com a morte do indivíduo. Na Psicologia Hospitalar a escuta e o apoio emocional a essas mães são fundamentais para abrandar os sofrimentos e as angústias do pré ou pós-parto. O presente trabalho faz parte das atividades desenvolvidas no estágio obrigatório de Psicologia e Saúde. Pretendeu-se caracterizar o desenvolvimento da afetividade entre mães e seus bebês nos primeiros momentos pós-parto, o pensar e o sentir dessas puérperas, suas perspectivas e possíveis prevenções contraceptivas. O trabalho foi desenvolvido na maternidade da Santa Casa de Misericórdia de Paranaíba-Mato Grosso do Sul. Utilizou-se como instrumentos observação clínica, escuta e roteiro de entrevista semidirigido. As participantes foram 23 mulheres entre puérperas e gestantes. O estudo buscou identificar os laços de afetividade e a qualidade vincular no período perinatal. Os resultados principais sugerem que o acolhimento familiar no período puerperal tem uma incidência de vínculo simbiótico alimentado pela influência da família nos cuidados com a mãe e o bebê. Constata-se ainda que a baixa escolaridade e a falta de acesso a informações sobre contraceptivos contribuem para uma prole numerosa, apontando a necessidade de promover maior acesso as informações dos serviços de saúde da mulher oferecidos pela política pública da cidade.

The changes that motherhood makes in women whatever they are psychic or biological, can be a remarkable and impacting experience for gestation. According to Melanie Klein, the psyche is a dynamic functioning that begins with the birth and ends with the death of the individual. In Hospital Psychology the listening and emotional support to these mothers are the key to slow the sufferings and the anxieties of the pre or postpartum. The present work is part of the activities developed in the obligatory stage of Psychology and Health. It was intended to characterize the development of the affectivity between mothers and their babies in the first moments postpartum, the thinking and the feelings of this puerperal, their perspectives and possible contraceptive preventions. The study was carried out in the maternity ward Santa Casa de Misericórdia of Paranaíba - Mato Grosso do Sul. Clinical observation, listening and semi-guided interviews were used as instruments. The participants were 23 women between puerperal and pregnant women. The study sought to identify the ties of affectivity and quality linked in the puerperal period. The main results suggest that family care in the puerperal period has an incidence of symbiotic relationship fueled by the influence of the family in the care of the mother and the baby. Low schooling and lack of access to information on contraception contribute to a larger number of offspring, pointing to the need to promote greater access to information on women's health services offered by the city's public policy.

Las transformaciones que la maternidad provoca en la mujer ya sean psíquicas o biológicas, puede ser una vivencia marcante e impactante para la gestación. Según Melanie Klein, el psiquismo es un funcionamiento dinámico que se inicia con el nacimiento y se termina con la muerte del individuo. En la Psicología Hospitalaria la escucha y el apoyo emocional a esas madres son fundamentales para ralentizar los sufrimientos y las angustias del pre o post-parto. El presente trabajo forma parte de las actividades desarrolladas en el estadio obligatorio de Psicología y Salud. Se pretendió caracterizar el desarrollo de la afectividad entre madres y sus bebés en los primeros momentos posparto, el pensar y el sentir de esas puérperas, sus perspectivas y posibles prevenciones contraceptivas. El trabajo fue desarrollado en la maternidad de un hospital en la costa este de Mato Grosso del Sur. Se utilizó como instrumentos observación clínica, escucha y guión de entrevista semidirigido. Las participantes fueron 23 mujeres entre puérperas y gestantes. El estudio buscó identificar los lazos de afectividad y la calidad vinculante en el período perinatal. Los resultados principales sugieren que la acogida familiar en el período puerperal tiene una incidencia de vinculo simbiótico alimentado por la influencia de la família en los cuidados con la madre y el bebe. Se constata además que la baja escolaridad y la falta acceso a informaciones sobre contracepción y contribuye a una prole más numerosa, apuntando a la necesidad de promover un acceso mayor a las informaciones de los servicios de salud de la mujer ofrecidos por la política pública de la ciudad.

Humanos , Feminino , Gravidez , Período Pós-Parto , Acolhimento , Relações Mãe-Filho , Mães , Apego ao Objeto
Vínculo ; 18(2): 1-12, jul.-dez. 2021. ilus
Artigo em Português | LILACS, Index Psicologia - Periódicos | ID: biblio-1341791


O presente artigo tem como objetivo compartilhar a experiência de um Grupo Psicoterapêutico de Mulheres, trabalho de psicoterapia grupal realizado em um Centro de Atenção Psicossocial (CAPS). Ao relatar a história do grupo de mulheres, pretendemos abordar as seguintes temáticas: os desafios da clínica na rede de atenção psicossocial e como o grupo de mulheres enfrentou os fracassos e se tornou um espaço de elaboração de luto, fortalecimento de singularidades, bem como de abertura para novas possibilidades de vida; desta forma, reafirmando o potencial dos grupos terapêuticos para sustentação da clínica nos dispositivos públicos de saúde. Percebemos que o potencial terapêutico do grupo de mulheres consiste em proporcionar um lugar de contar e recontar suas histórias. Neste espaço, elas podem compartilhar identificações e integrar-se nas diferenças. Permite-se falar de suas perdas, dores, estigmas e da relação com o fracasso. O processo psicoterapêutico favorece processos de elaboração e ressignificação, tornando possível vislumbrar e, inclusive, construir um recomeço. Pretende-se que esta reflexão vá ao encontro de outros terapeutas de grupo, em outros serviços de saúde, tecendo assim uma rede de reflexões e conhecimento sobre a clínica e a temática de grupos e instituições.

This article aims to share the experience of a Psychotherapeutic Group for Women, a group psychotherapy work carried out in a Psychosocial Care Center (CAPS). In reporting the history of the group of women, we intend to address the following themes: the challenges of the clinic in the psychosocial care network and how the group of women faced the failures and became a space for the elaboration of mourning, strengthening of singularities, as well as openness to new life possibilities; thus, reaffirming the potential of the therapeutic groups to support the clinic in public health devices. We realized that the therapeutic potential of the group of women is to provide a place to tell and retell their stories. In this space, they can share identifications and integrate themselves into differences. It allows you to talk about your losses, pains, stigmas and the relationship with failure. The psychotherapeutic process favors processes of elaboration and reframing, making it possible to see and even build a new beginning. It is intended that this reflection will meet other group therapists, in other health services, thus weaving a network of reflections and knowledge about the clinic and the theme of groups and institutions.

Este artículo tiene como objetivo compartir nuestra experiencia con el Grupo de Mujeres, que es un trabajo de psicoterapia grupal realizado en un Centro de Atención Psicosocial. Al informar su historia, pretendemos abordar los desafíos de la clínica en la Red de Atención Psicosocial y cómo tal grupo se enfrentó a los fracasos para convertirse en un espacio para la elaboración del dolor, el fortalecimiento de las singularidades y la apertura a nuevas posibilidades de vida, reafirmando el potencial de los grupos terapéuticos para apoyar la clínica en dispositivos de salud pública. Encontramos que el potencial terapéutico del Grupo de Mujeres es proporcionar un lugar para contar y volver a contar historias. En este espacio, sus participantes pueden compartir identificaciones y agregar diferencias. En él, ellas se permiten hablar sobre sus pérdidas, dolores y estigmas y sobre su relación con el fracaso. El proceso psicoterapéutico favorece la elaboración y la reformulación, lo que permite vislumbrar e incluso construir un nuevo comienzo. Pretendemos que esta reflexión resuene entre otros terapeutas grupales, en otros servicios de salud, tejiendo así una red de reflexiones y conocimientos sobre la clínica y el tema de grupos e instituciones.

Humanos , Feminino , Psicoterapia , Grupos de Autoajuda , Luto , Processos Psicoterapêuticos , Reabilitação Psiquiátrica , Serviços de Saúde Mental
Vínculo ; 18(2): 1-6, jul.-dez. 2021. ilus
Artigo em Português | LILACS, Index Psicologia - Periódicos | ID: biblio-1341790


Históricos de desamparo são observados com maior frequência em crianças que chegam à clínica com sintomas de angústia. Nos atendimentos clínicos são frequentes situações, em que o trabalho de orientação aos pais não obtém resultado satisfatório, o que indica que é requerido um investimento maior no atendimento das crianças. Este artigo alcança os aspectos transferenciais (transferências cruzadas) como fundamentais nos processos grupais com crianças e nas entrevistas com os pais. Nele, visamos um maior conhecimento sobre transferência e seu manejo nos processos grupais focando três direções: em primeiro lugar vertical criança-analista, em segundo lugar horizontal criança-criança e finalmente criança-grupo. Para compor a metodologia foram utilizadas revisão bibliográfica e método qualitativo clínico com recursos de vinhetas clínicas de grupo infantil e entrevistas com os pais. As teorias de Sigmund Freud, Melanie Klein, René Kaës, Pichon Revière e Arminda Aberastury são apresentadas em suas relações com as vinhetas clínicas. Dessa forma, acreditamos que o manejo da transferência em psicoterapia de grupo infantil auxiliará no tratamento do desamparo e, por conseguinte da angústia.

Abandonment historics are observed more often in children that presents anguish symptoms. In clinical cares, there are some frequent situations that the orientation to the parents is not satisfactory, which evince a higher necessity of children treatment investment. This article considers some transference aspects (crossed transfer) as fundamental in children group processes and parents' interview. This study is focused in higher knowledge of transference and its handling in group processes, aiming three directions: the vertical relation of transference between child-analyst, the horizontal relation of transference between children and the relation between child-group. Literature review and qualitative clinical method, with clinical vignette resources of children's group and parent's interview, were used to form the methodology. Sigmund Freud, Melanie Klein, René Kaës, Pichon Revière and Arminda Aberastury theories are shown in relation to the clinical vignette. We believe, therefore, that the psychotherapy transference handling of children's group would help in the abandon treatment and, thus, of anguishing.

Histórias del abandono son observadas con más frecuencia en niños que presentan síntomas de angustia. En las asistencias clínicas, hay situaciones frecuentes en que la orientación a los padres no es satisfactoria, que evidencian una mayor necesidad de inversión en tratamiento infantil. Este artículo considera algunos aspectos de la transferencia (transferencia cruzada) como fundamentales en procesos de grupos de niños y en las entrevistas con los padres. Este estudo es focado en conocimientos mayores de transferencia y su manejo en procesos de grupo, y tiene como objectivo tres direcciones: la relación vertical de transferencia entre el niño y el analista, la relación horizontal de transferencia entre los niños y la relación entre los grupos de niños. Revisión de literatura y el método clínico cualitativo, con recursos de enunciado clínico de grupos de niños y entrevistas con los padres, fueron utilizados para formar la metodología. Las teorías de Sigmund Freud, Melanie Klein, René Kaës, Pichon Revière y Arminda Aberastury se muestran en relación con el enunciado clínico. Creemos, por lo tanto, que el manejo de la transferencia en la psicoterapia grupal de niños podría ayudar en el tratamiento del abandono y, así, de la angustia.

Humanos , Masculino , Feminino , Criança , Psicoterapia , Psicoterapia de Grupo , Angústia Psicológica , Processos Grupais