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Conscious Cogn ; 101: 103320, 2022 05.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-35490544


This paper considers the phenomenology of depersonalisation disorder, in relation to predictive processing and its associated pathophysiology. To do this, we first establish a few mechanistic tenets of predictive processing that are necessary to talk about phenomenal transparency, mental action, and self as subject. We briefly review the important role of 'predicting precision' and how this affords mental action and the loss of phenomenal transparency. We then turn to sensory attenuation and the phenomenal consequences of (pathophysiological) failures to attenuate or modulate sensory precision. We then consider this failure in the context of depersonalisation disorder. The key idea here is that depersonalisation disorder reflects the remarkable capacity to explain perceptual engagement with the world via the hypothesis that "I am an embodied perceiver, but I am not in control of my perception". We suggest that individuals with depersonalisation may believe that 'another agent' is controlling their thoughts, perceptions or actions, while maintaining full insight that the 'other agent' is 'me' (the self). Finally, we rehearse the predictions of this formal analysis, with a special focus on the psychophysical and physiological abnormalities that may underwrite the phenomenology of depersonalisation.

Despersonalização , Humanos , Psicologia do Self
Psicol. conduct ; 30(1): 235-248, abr. 2022.
Artigo em Espanhol | IBECS | ID: ibc-204160


La atención plena (mindfulness) ha desbordado el ámbito clínico y comienza a aplicarse con entusiasmo en la escuela, el deporte o la empresa. La sospecha de que estamos ante una intervención que, aunque probablemente eficaz, tenga un tamaño de efecto pequeño, lo que obliga a realizar investigaciones con gran rigor. Así, solo conociendo los procesos psicológicos implicados en la atención plena podremos tener una visión más realista de su utilidad ante los diferentes problemas. Ante esto, ¿cómo explicar el extraordinario éxito que está obteniendo en Occidente la atención plena, tanto a nivel académico como mundano? Se presentan tres principios conductuales que se practican durante el entrenamiento en atención plena y se denuncia su uso ideológico, que aparece enmarcado, no en la mística existencial ni en el conductismo contextual, sino en la psicología positiva y su agenda neoliberal.

Mindfulness has gone beyond clinical applications and is beginning to be enthusiastically applied in schools, sport, and business settings. It seems to be a type of intervention that, while probably effective, has a small effect size, which calls for rigorous research. Understanding the psychological processes involved in mindfulness is essential in order to achieve a more realistic picture of its usefulness for some behavioral disorders. How can we explain the extraordinary success of mindfulness in western societies, both in academia and in popular culture? We present three behavioral principles and ideological reasons for applying mindfulness. Nowadays, mindfulness is framed not by mystical existentialism or contextual behaviorism, but by positive psychology and its neoliberal agenda.

Humanos , Atenção Plena/tendências , Psicologia/tendências , Psicologia do Self
J Pastoral Care Counsel ; 75(4): 267-273, 2021 Dec.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-34693800


The purpose of this article is to research han (an oppressed feeling in Korea) through spiritual approaches including self psychology. Han is an oppressive feeling in Korean society. This han, caused by splitting, can be a place for the beginning of healing. One can invest one's instinctual energy in the right place in the feeble self, according to one's deepest needs there, in that spot of fragility. Many Koreans have been suffering from a deceptive self-image and do not feel deserving of love or care because of the vicious han-ridden circle. If Koreans can attain healthy self-object experiences, they will no longer feel fragility in themselves.

Assistência Religiosa , Psicologia do Self , Ansiedade , Humanos , Amor , Autoimagem
Psychoanal Rev ; 108(2): 141-153, 2021 Jun.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-33999703


A person's life and work, as recounted in a full-scale biography, is always a vibrant opportunity to touch the riddle's core, reflecting the sublime human yearning to see beyond the veil separating "I" from "other." This is especially true in respect to Heinz Kohut, the founding father of self psychology. Strozier's (2001) monumental biography is used for a philosophical and historical scrutiny of Kohut's quest for the Grand Unity embodied in the monistic principle of holistic totality. This vision of laying the foundations of a supra-personal dimension in which the personal and the interpersonal amalgamate into an entangled universe is advocated as the spiritual core of Kohut's oeuvre. The vertical split between One Person Psychology and Two Person Psychology is, thus, healed by Kohut's revolutionary role in creating, explicitly and implicitly, a new kind of ethics in psychoanalysis: the ethics of Oneness.

Psicologia do Self , Biografias como Assunto , Humanos , Psicanálise
Biosystems ; 198: 104236, 2020 Dec.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-32898644


Double contingency-each of us (Ego) expects others (Alter) to entertain expectations as we entertain them ourselves-can be considered as the micro-operation of an above-individual (i.e., social) logic of expectations. Meaning is provided to events from the perspective of hindsight, but with reference to horizons of meaning. Whereas "natural selection" is based on genotypes that are observable (like DNA), cultural selection mechanisms are not hard-wired, but evolve. The "genotypes" of cultural evolution are codes in the communication which can operate as selections upon one another. Local instantiations shape trajectories; regimes operate as selection pressure with reference to the next-order horizons of meaning. These orders of expectations can operate incursively and hyper-incursively against the arrow of time and thus generate redundancies: (i) horizons of meaning can be expected to overlap and (ii) distinctions generate new options enlarging the maximum capacities. Information theory and the theory of anticipatory systems can be used for the elaboration of operations against the arrow of time. New options can be a synergetic effect of interactions among codes in the communication and serve as sources of wealth in a knowledge-based economy.

Algoritmos , Comunicação , Evolução Cultural , Modelos Teóricos , Teoria Psicológica , Autoimagem , Humanos , Metacognição/fisiologia , Psicologia do Self
Anesth Analg ; 131(6): 1934-1942, 2020 12.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-32858532


The letters between Emery Andrew Rovenstine, MD (1895-1960), and Arthur Ernest Guedel, MD (1883-1956), are a window into the personalities and politics of the creation of American anesthesiology. The ambition of these men, both personal and professional, lay at the heart of their sacrifices and successes. Their correspondence unmasked common struggles and foibles, humanizing these giants of our field. Notably throughout the letters, Rovenstine, as the junior partner, wrestled with Guedel's advice to temper personal ambition for the collective good. Over time, their relationship matured, and the junior eclipsed the senior. Still, at various points in his career, Rovenstine was censured for self-promotion by leaders in anesthesiology and the general medical community. These moments brought to light issues of continued relevance today: inner tension between individual and group ambition, and professional friction between academic and political priorities in anesthesiology. In the end, it was an unapologetic blend of ambition for self and ambition for the specialty that allowed Emery Rovenstine to make his unique imprint on American anesthesiology.

Anestesia/história , Anestesiologistas/história , Anestesiologia/história , Liderança , História do Século XIX , História do Século XX , Humanos , Masculino , Psicologia do Self
Acta Psychol (Amst) ; 210: 103167, 2020 Oct.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-32853906


The self-prioritisation and we-prioritisation effects can be observed through faster responses to self-stimuli (self and group) than non-self-stimuli. It remains uncertain if we-prioritisation extends to individual members of one's own group. In light of recent work that implicates memory-based processes in identity-prioritisation effects, the present experiment was developed to determine whether a task-partner's identity relevant information also benefits from an enhanced representation, despite conflicting evidence of partner-prioritisation. To this end, pairs of participants were recruited to perform a joint task. Each partner was assigned a shape and a stranger was also assigned a shape. Participants then completed a shape-to-label matching task where one participant responded if a shape and a label pair matched and the other responded if the shape and a label pair did not match. Halfway through the task the associated identities were switched such that the same shapes and labels were reassigned. Overall, a standard self-prioritisation effect was observed with match-responders making faster responses to self- over partner- and stranger-stimuli. After identities were remapped a decrement in performance was observed for self-trials relative to baseline self-responses. Conversely, responses were faster to partner- and stranger-stimuli relative to baseline performance for each stimulus type. Thus, no evidence was observed for an enhanced representation for task-partner-associated identities. However, an interaction between old and new memory traces for self- and other-associated identities does seem to interfere with self-retrieval and self-verification processes.

Memória , Psicologia do Self , Humanos , Relações Interpessoais
Drug Metab Pers Ther ; 35(2)2020 06 30.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-32681775


Objectives Self-esteem is the degree to which the qualities and characteristics contained in one's self-concept are perceived to be positive. The aim of this study was to evaluate the self-esteem scores in phenylketonuria (PKU) patients on "strict", "loos" and "off diet". Sixty PKU patients were divided in three equal groups. Methods Group a: "on strict", group b: "on loos" and group c: "off diet". A special questionnaire for self-esteem scores was created for these patients. Results Before psychological support, group a patients demonstrated 6/20 (30%) very high self-esteem, 9/20 (45%) high and 5/25 (25%) moderate. After support 14/20 (70%) were turned to very high, 5/20 (25%) represented high except one whose degrees remained an altered. group b 4/20 (20%) were very high, 7/20 (35%) were high, 3/20 (15%) moderate and the rest of them showed low self-esteem degrees, after support, 10/20 (50%) showed very high, 5/20 (25%) became high, 3/20 (15%) turned to moderate and 2/20 (10%) remained unaltered. Group c, 1/20 (5%) were very high self-esteemed, 7/20 (35%) were high, 6/20 (30%) were moderate and 6/20 (30%) with low self-esteemed, at the end of support, 6/20 (30%) become very high, 8/20 (40%) with high, 4/20 (20.0%), moderate self-esteem whereas the rest were unaltered. Conclusions Very high and high self-esteem degrees were demonstrated in patients who follow their PKU diet. Moderate and low self-esteem degrees were predominantly found in patients on loos and or off diet. Psychological supports commonly result in amelioration of self-esteem degrees.

Dieta/psicologia , Fenilcetonúrias/psicologia , Psicologia do Self , Adolescente , Adulto , Humanos , Fenilcetonúrias/sangue , Inquéritos e Questionários , Adulto Jovem
Span. j. psychol ; 23: e24.1-e24.10, 2020. tab, graf
Artigo em Inglês | IBECS | ID: ibc-196599


Self-consciousness development takes place mainly in adolescence because the brain undergoes certain structural changes that facilitate abstract thinking and metacognition, thus favoring the development of identity. Despite the importance of self-consciousness for mental health, there are no specific measurement instruments for Spanish adolescents. The objective of this study was to explore the dimensions of self-consciousness among Spanish adolescents aged between 13 and 18 years and validate the Chinese Adolescent Self-Consciousness Questionnaire (ASC) in this population. A second-order confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) was conducted in accordance with previous validations of the ASC, using R Studio and the Lavaan package, to test its adequacy in a Spanish sample. Internal consistency and temporal stability were also tested, and evidence of validity was found. The results showed a good fit to the model eliminating four items with poor fit indices, CFI = .90, TLI = .89, RMSEA = .078, 95% CI [.076, .080]. Higher self-consciousness was associated with greater self-esteem and lower depressive symptomatology. No significant gender differences were found. This study provides a valid measure to evaluate self-consciousness in Spanish adolescents. The relationship established between self-consciousness and anxiety and depression requires further study as self-consciousness is involved in the development and maintenance of adolescent psychopathology

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Humanos , Masculino , Feminino , Adolescente , Psicometria/instrumentação , Escalas de Graduação Psiquiátrica Breve , Autoimagem , Metacognição/classificação , Estado de Consciência/classificação , Reprodutibilidade dos Testes , Traduções , Autorrelato/estatística & dados numéricos , Comportamento do Adolescente/psicologia , Psicologia do Self
Rev. Bras. Psicoter. (Online) ; 21(3): 13-24, dez. 2020.
Artigo em Português | LILACS, Index Psicologia - Periódicos | ID: biblio-1222996


Este artigo objetiva fazer uma reflexão teórica sobre o acolhimento da queixa e a compreensão da demanda no processo clínico da terapia centrada no cliente, de Carl Rogers. Inicialmente, apresenta uma distinção entre queixa e demanda e argumenta que o acolhimento da queixa e sua conversão em demanda faz parte do manejo clínico. Posteriormente, apresenta algumas noções rogerianas para entender como se estruturam os fenômenos da queixa e da demanda. Em seguida, descreve os aspectos relacionados ao acolhimento da queixa e sua conversão em demanda, segundo o desenvolvimento do processo terapêutico, via consideração positiva incondicional e compreensão empática. Conclui que a terapia centrada no cliente possui implicações conceituais que possibilitam um olhar clínico sobre tais fenômenos em relação aos seus aspectos constituintes, distintivos e conversivos. Sugere, finalmente, outras reflexões e estudos empíricos.(AU)

This article aims to make a theoretical reflection on the complaint reception and the demand understanding in the clinical process of the client-centered therapy, by Carl Rogers. Initially, presents a distinction between complaint and demand and argues that the complaint reception and its conversion into demand are part of the clinical management. Subsequently, presents some rogerian notions to understand how the complaint and demand phenomena are structured. It then describes the aspects related to the complaint reception and its conversion into demand, according to the therapeutic process development, through unconditional positive consideration and empathic understanding. Concludes that the client-centered therapy has conceptual implications that enable a clinical view of these phenomena in relation to their constituent, distinctive and conversion aspects. Finally, suggests other reflections and empirical studies.(AU)

Este artículo tiene como objetivo hacer una reflexión teórica sobre la recepción de la queja y la comprensión de la demanda en el proceso clínico de la terapia centrada en el cliente, de Carl Rogers. Inicialmente, presenta una distinción entre queja y demanda y argumenta que la recepción de la queja y su conversión en demanda son parte del manejo clínico. Posteriormente, presenta algunos conceptos de Rogers para entender cómo se estructuran los fenómenos de la queja y de la demanda. En seguida, describe los aspectos relacionados con la recepción de la queja y su conversión para demanda, según el desarrollo del proceso terapéutico, mediante la consideración positiva incondicional y la comprensión empática. Concluye que la terapia centrada en el cliente tiene implicaciones conceptuales que posibilitan una mirada clínica sobre tales fenómenos en relación a sus aspectos constituyentes, distintivos y de conversión. Sugiere, finalmente, otras reflexiones y estudios empíricos.(AU)

Psicologia do Self , Psicoterapia Centrada na Pessoa , Psicoterapia
Rev. Bras. Psicoter. (Online) ; 22(2): 101-113, ago. 2020.
Artigo em Português | LILACS, Index Psicologia - Periódicos | ID: biblio-1247546


O entendimento e tratamento das patologias da identidade representam grande desafio aos profissionais de saúde mental devido à complexidade e intensidade de sua apresentação. No presente estudo relatamos um caso típico de patologia da identidade, revisando teorias sobre formação do self, caráter, identidade, além da descrição de conceitos importantes para o entendimento e consequente discussão do mesmo.(AU)

The understanding and treatment of identity pathologies present a great challenge to mental health professionals due to the complexity and intensity of their presentation. In the present study we report a typical case of identity pathology, reviewing theories about self formation, character, identity, as well as the description of important concepts for understanding and consequent discussion of the case.(AU)

El entendimiento y tratamiento de las patologías de la identidad representan un gran desafío a los profesionales de salud mental debido a la complejidad e intensidad de su presentación. En el presente estudio relatamos un caso típico de patología de la identidad, revisando teorías sobre formación del self, carácter, identidad, además de la descripción de conceptos importantes para el entendimiento y consecuente discusión del mismo.(AU)

Psicoterapia , Transtorno da Personalidade Borderline , Psicologia do Self , Teoria da Mente
Psychoanal Rev ; 106(6): 537-558, 2019 Dec.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-31877077


Psychoanalysis has long grappled with understanding and defining termination. Freud came to some pessimistic conclusions about it toward the end of his life. Later, especially in the United States, the field developed some rigid ideas about endings in psychoanalysis. Heinz Kohut, through his wide-ranging ideas about what he came to call self psychology, brought a sense of openness, fluidity, and nonlinearity to our understanding of termination. His ideas lie scattered throughout his writings, as he never developed a coherent theory of endings in treatment. This paper brings together those thoughts and argues that Kohut prefigures more recent writings about termination, especially by self and relational psychoanalysts. It places Kohut's thoughts on termination in the context of his view of the self as tilting toward cohesion and wholeness, gently nudging the listing ship upright. Termination marks the often vague and indeterminate, yet real, point of mutual recognition of that wholeness.

Teoria Psicanalítica , Terapia Psicanalítica , Psicologia do Self , Humanos , Psicanálise
Estud. Interdiscip. Psicol ; 10(3,Supl 1): 48-65, jun-dez.2019. tab
Artigo em Português | LILACS | ID: biblio-1291244


A Psicologia da Família surgiu como disciplina na década de 1980, nos EUA. Influenciada pela Terapia de Família, adota a Abordagem Sistêmica como referencial teórico e se articula aos referenciais tradicionais da Psicologia. Defende a integração entre perspectivas teóricas que abordem o self e a relação. Realizou-se uma revisão narrativa, cujo objetivo foi o de analisar e discutir a produção nacional, considerando temas e áreas disciplinares. Foi feita uma pesquisa no SCIELO e na PEPSIC, de 2010 a 2019, com os termos Psicologia e Família. Posteriormente, foram trazidos artigos ilustrativos do Journal of Family Psychology, a fim de especificar a articulação entre self e relação. Os resultados indicaram que os estudos nacionais sobre família são realizados em várias áreas disciplinares da Psicologia e apresentam temas tradicionais e inovadores, que podem sugerir novas formas de intervenção psicológica (Au).

Family Psychology emerged as a discipline in the 1980s in the USA. Influenced by Family Therapy, it adopts the Systemic Approach as a theoretical framework and articulates with the traditional frameworks of Psychology. It advocates the integration between theoretical perspectives that approach the self and the relation. A narrative review was carried out, whose objective was to analyze and discuss the national production, considering subjects and disciplinary areas. A research was conducted at SCIELO and PEPSIC, from 2010 to 2019, with the terms Psychology and Family. Subsequently, illustrative articles were brought from the Journal of Family Psychology in order to specify the articulation between self and relationship. The results indicated that national family studies are conducted in various disciplinary areas of psychology and present traditional and innovative themes that may suggest new forms of psychological intervention (AU).

La Psicología de la Familia surgió como disciplina en la década de 1980 en los Estados Unidos. Influenciada por la Terapia Familiar, adopta el enfoque sistémico como marco teórico y se articula a los referenciales tradicionales de la Psicología. Defiende la integración entre perspectivas teóricas que se acercan al yo y a la relación. Se realizó una revisión narrativa, cuyo objetivo ha sido analizar y discutir la producción nacional, considerando temas y áreas disciplinarias. Una encuesta se realizó en SCIELO y PEPSIC, de 2010 a 2019, con los términos Psicología y Familia. Más tarde, se trajeron artículos ilustrativos del Journal of Family Psychology para especificar la articulación entre el self y la relación. Los resultados indicaron que los estudios familiares nacionales se realizan en diversas áreas disciplinarias de la Psicología y presentan temas tradicionales e innovadores, que pueden sugerir nuevas formas de intervención psicológica (AU).

Humanos , Masculino , Feminino , Família/psicologia , Psicologia do Self , Terapia Familiar , Intervenção Psicossocial , Inquéritos e Questionários , Ego , Relações Familiares/psicologia
Nat Commun ; 10(1): 2117, 2019 05 09.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-31073156


One can never know the internal workings of another person-one can only infer others' mental states based on external cues. In contrast, each person has direct access to the contents of their own mind. Here, we test the hypothesis that this privileged access shapes the way people represent internal mental experiences, such that they represent their own mental states more distinctly than the states of others. Across four studies, participants considered their own and others' mental states; analyses measured the distinctiveness of mental state representations. Two fMRI studies used representational similarity analyses to demonstrate that the social brain manifests more distinct activity patterns when thinking about one's own states vs. others'. Two behavioral studies complement these findings, and demonstrate that people differentiate between states less as social distance increases. Together, these results suggest that we represent our own mind with greater granularity than the minds of others.

Encéfalo/fisiologia , Psicologia do Self , Percepção Social , Teoria da Mente/fisiologia , Adulto , Idoso , Encéfalo/diagnóstico por imagem , Sinais (Psicologia) , Feminino , Humanos , Imageamento por Ressonância Magnética , Masculino , Pessoa de Meia-Idade , Distância Psicológica , Adulto Jovem
Rev. psicoanál. (Madr.) ; 34(85): 21-30, 2019.
Artigo em Espanhol | IBECS | ID: ibc-189806


Se trata de una conferencia pronunciada por Ferenczi en 1928 en Madrid. En ella aborda aspectos fundamentales de la formación del psicoanalista. Afirma que la condición sine qua non es el conocimiento y observación de uno mismo a través del análisis personal, previo a cualquier formación teórica y práctica. Explica cómo solo a través de la introspección y la comprensión de los propios procesos psíquicos e intelectuales es posible capacitarse para la comprensión de las mociones psíquicas y afectivas ajenas. Expone la importancia de la asociación libre y el análisis de los sueños, así como de que el análisis sea conducido por otro, por las limitaciones inevitables del autoanálisis. El análisis de la transferencia, el vencimiento de las resistencias realizado con tacto y firmeza por otro conducen a la independencia del analizando con respecto del analista, específica del método psicoanalítico. Compara la formación del psicoanalista con la del artesano. A continuación habla de la creación de la API bajo su iniciativa y de las complejas vicisitudes de la institucionalización del psicoanálisis, alentando a la constitución en España de un grupo propio para el desarrollo del psicoanálisis en torno a la figura -elogiada por él- de Luis López-Ballesteros

In a lecture given in Madrid in 1928, Ferenezi addresses fundamental aspects of the psychoanalyst's training, contending that its sine qua non condition is self-knowledge and observation through personal analysis, prior to any theoretical or practical training. He explams how it is only through introspection and understandmg of one s own psychic and intellectual processes that one can develop the skills to understand the psychic and aff ective motions of another. He expounds upon the importance of free association and dream analysis, as well as of the analysis being directed by another, owing to the inevitable limitations of self-analysis. Transference analysis, the overcoming of resistances undertaken with tact and firmness by another lead to the analysand's independence in relation to the analyst, which is specific to the psychoanalytic method. He compares psychoanalytic formation to learning a craft. He then discusses the creation of the IPA on his initiative and the complex vicissitudes of the institutionalisation of psychoanalysis, encouraging the constitution in Spain of its own group for the furtherment of psychoanalysis, based around the much-lauded figure of Luis López Ballesteros

Il s'agit d'une conférence faite par Ferenczi en 1928 a Madrid dans laquelle il aborde des aspects fondamentaux de la formation du psychanalyste. Il affirme que la condition sine qua non est la connaissance et l'observation de soi-méme a travers l'analyse personnelle, préalable a n'importe quelle formation théorique et pratique. Il explique qu'il est seulement possible de se former pour la compréhension des motions psychiques et affectives des autres a travers l'introspection et la compréhension des propres processus psychiques et intellectuels. Il expose l'importance del' association libre, del' analyse des réves et qu' également l'analyse soit conduite par un autre, en raison des limitations inévitables de l'autoanalyse. L'analyse du transfert, la victoire sur les résistances réalisée avec tact et fermeté par un autre conduisent a l'indépendance de l'analysant vis a vis de l'analyste, spécifique a la méthode psychanalytique. Il compare la formation du psychanalyste avec celle de l'artisan. Finalement il parle de la création de l'IPA sous son initiative et les complexes vicissitudes de l'institutionnalisation de la psychanalyse, en encourageant la constitution en Espagne d'un groupe propre pour le développement de la psychanalyse autour de la figure -saluée par lui- de Luis López Ballesteros

Humanos , Psicanálise/educação , Interpretação Psicanalítica , Teoria Psicanalítica , Terapia Psicanalítica/educação , Inconsciente Psicológico , Psicologia do Self , Sonhos/psicologia , Transferência Psicológica , Psicanálise/história , Teoria Freudiana/história , Autoimagem
Rev. psicoanál. (Madr.) ; 34(85): 223-246, 2019.
Artigo em Espanhol | IBECS | ID: ibc-189818


A partir de un caso clínico, desarrollo el presente trabajo en y desde el vínculo transf ero-contratransf erencial, con un material que permite reflexionar sobre aquello que, desde el discurso del sujeto, nos induce a pensar- sentir-actuar: contenidos no simbolizados, vehiculizados por palabras portadoras de significados no atravesados por la falta, que ponen a prueba nuestra disponibilidad psíquica para acompañar en un proceso de paulatinas transformaciones de la omnipotencia infantil. Funcionamiento que anega al paciente en intensos sentimientos de terror y le aprisiona en un mundo cerrado e incestuoso, con graves consecuencias para su desarrollo. Solo aspirando a ser protagonista activo de la historia pasada y presente, el sujeto puede abrirse a la perspectiva de futuro, como consecuencia de la renuncia a anhelos inalcanzables

Drawing from a clinical case, this article is elaborated in and from the transference/ countertransference link. The case material provides an insight into that which, from the standpoint of the discourse of the subj ect, induces us to think-feel-act. These unsymbolised contents, conveyed through words bearing meaning not permeated by lack, test our psychic availability to accompany the patient in a process of gradual transformations of infantile omnipotence, a functioning that floods the patient with intense feelings of terror and imprisons her in a closed-off and incestuous world, with severe developmental consequences. Only by aspiring to be an active protagonist of history - past and present - is the subject able to make way for the future perspective, as a consequence of the renunciation of unattainable wishes

A partir d'un cas clinique, je développe le travail présent dans et a partir du lien transféro-contratransferentiel, avec un matériel qui permet réfléchir sur ce qui, partant du discours du sujet, nous induit a penser-sentir-agir: contenus non symbolisés, véhiculasses par des mots porteurs de sens non traversés par le manque, qui mettent a l' épreuve notre disponibilité psychique pour accompagner dans un processus les transformations progressives de la toute-puissance infantile. Fonctionnement que plonge le patient dans d'intenses sentiments de terreur et l'emprisonne dans un monde fermé et incestueux, avec de séveres conséquences pour son développement. Seulement en aspirant a étre protagoniste actif de l'histoire passée et présente, le sujet pourra s'ouvrir a la perspective de futur, comme conséquence du renoncement a des aspirations inatteignables

Humanos , Masculino , Criança , Interpretação Psicanalítica , Terapia Psicanalítica/métodos , Transferência Psicológica , Contratransferência , Transtorno do Espectro Autista/terapia , Processos Psicoterapêuticos , Teoria da Construção Pessoal , Ego , Psicologia do Self
Psicol. soc. (Online) ; 31: e188953, 2019.
Artigo em Português | LILACS | ID: biblio-1012871


Resumo O presente artigo pretende discutir a noção de estilo como possibilidade de rever a noção de sujeito numa perspectiva não moderna. A inspiração que nos dá suporte advém da Teoria Ator-rede (TAR), proposta por Bruno Latour e outros autores. O ponto de partida da TAR são as conexões, os laços que articulam humanos a não humanos, tecendo e compondo o mundo em que vivemos. A questão central diz respeito a pensarmos o eu como uma construção relacional e, nesse sentido, recorremos a noção de estilo para desenvolver essa reflexão. Três filósofos contemporâneos - Alfred North Whitehead, Etienne Souriau e Gilles Deleuze - são referências necessárias na compreensão da TAR e nos auxiliam na discussão do conceito de estilo. Discorremos sobre como cada um desses autores aborda esse tema e concluímos indicando os desdobramentos de tais contribuições para pensarmos o eu para além de uma interioridade.

Resumen En el presente artículo se discute la noción de estilo como una posibilidad de revisar la noción de sujeto a partir de una perspectiva no moderna. La inspiración en que se apoya esa idea proviene de la teoría del actor-red (TAR), propuesta por Bruno Latour y otros autores. El punto de partida de la TAR son las conexiones, los lazos que articulan humanos a no humanos, tejiendo y componiendo el mundo en que vivimos. La cuestión central se refiere a pensar en el yo como una construcción relacional y, en ese sentido, recurrimos a la noción de estilo para desarrollar esa reflexión. Trés filósofos contemporáneos - Alfred North Whitehead, Etienne Souriau y Gilles Deleuze - son las referencias necesarias en la comprensión de la TAR y ayudarán con el concepto de estilo. Se discute cómo cada uno de esos autores aborda esa cuestión y se llega a la conclusión sugiriendo el desarrollo de dichas contribuciones para pensar el yo más allá de una interioridad.

Abstract The present article intends to discuss the notion of style as a possibility to revise the notion of subject in a non-modern perspective. The inspiration that supported us came from the Actor-Network Theory (ANT), proposed by Bruno Latour and other authors. ANT's starting points are the connections, the ties that articulate humans and non-humans, weaving and composing the world in which we live. The central issue in this work was to think about the self as a relational construction and to resort to the notion of style in order to develop this reflection. Three contemporary philosophers - Alfred North Whitehead, Etienne Souriau and Gilles Deleuze were essential references in the understanding of ANT and assisted us in discussing the concept of style. In the article we discuss how each of these authors addresses this theme and conclude by indicating the unfolding of such contributions in order to reflect on the self beyond interiority.

Psicologia/tendências , Psicologia do Self , Estilo de Vida
Psychiatr Pol ; 52(4): 673-683, 2018 Aug 24.
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OBJECTIVES: Deepening understanding of the experience of patients with anorexia nervosa in the light of a narrative-constructivist approach and Dialogic Self Theory. Exploring the phenomenon of internal dialogues, which occur in patients'minds as an interchange between two competing (healthy and disordered) aspects of their Selves. Describing diagnostic and applicative possibilities of narrative stimuli in the form of "Letters to anorexia". METHODS: As was assumed the process of developing/ regaining a relative detachment from the internal voice of anorexia, which itself is indicative of progressing recovery, can be both diagnosed and fostered with externalisation techniques. Developed for the purpose of the research, a categorisation tool was designed to examine two aspects: Self-positioning (positioning above and below the voice of personified anorexia) and autobiographical narrative patterns used by researched persons. RESULTS: Based on statistical analysis, two different groups of patients were identified: (1) with dominant below-positioning, (2) with dominant above-positioning. Using mixed quantitative-qualitative methodology (including semantic analysis), multidimensional correlations were established within the two homogeneous clusters. CONCLUSIONS: Postulated in the Dialogical Self context, supporting internal dialogue in patients with anorexia nervosa seems to co-exist with subsequent stages in the treatment process, which is reflected in the letters to anorexia written during therapy. Areverse correlation can also besurmised, i.e. the positiveeffectof theintentionaltherapeutictriggering of internal dialogue and narrative experience structuring using narrative stimuli such as letters. Authors provide some suggestions for further in-depth research on internal dialogues with regard to application, diagnosis, therapy, and prevention.

Anorexia Nervosa/psicologia , Anorexia Nervosa/terapia , Comportamento Alimentar/psicologia , Autoimagem , Adaptação Psicológica , Anorexia Nervosa/complicações , Terapia Cognitivo-Comportamental/métodos , Emoções , Feminino , Humanos , Masculino , Narração , Distância Psicológica , Psicologia do Self
J Gen Psychol ; 145(3): 280-295, 2018.
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Self-other merging can arise not only between acquainted people but also between strangers. To date, the factors determining self-other merging between strangers remain to be elucidated. We investigate whether strangers' facial appearance (i.e. gaze direction) modulates such initial processes of self-other merging. In the two experiments, participants viewed strangers' faces whose gaze either directed to or averted from them. The extent of self-other merging was measured in terms of perception of face resemblance, Inclusion of the Other in the Self (IOS) scale, and correlations of personality judgments. We found that direct gaze blurred the self-other boundaries at both facial and conceptual levels. Participants felt a stranger who directly gazed at them to be closer and more similar to themselves about face and personality.

Fixação Ocular , Relações Interpessoais , Distância Psicológica , Psicologia Social/métodos , Psicologia do Self , Adulto , Feminino , Humanos , Julgamento , Masculino , Personalidade , Percepção Social , Percepção Visual , Adulto Jovem
Cuad. psiquiatr. psicoter. niño adolesc ; (65): 105-109, ene.-jun. 2018.
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Padres-bebé forman un complejo entramado de interacciones que de manera muy temprana van a contribuir a la construcción del yo del bebé. Las dificultades de regulación emocional suponen un volumen importante de consultas terapéuticas. En el camino que recorre un niño hasta la adquisición de mecanismos de regulación emocional propios, numerosos son los factores que van a contribuir a que este pase de manera saludable de una regulación fisiológica a la gestión de su propia emotividad. Según como sea este proceso nos encontraremos ante un amplio abanico de sintomatología en la clínica. Si detectamos tempranamente estos desajustes relacionales podremos intervenir de manera precoz y así contribuir a un mejor desarrollo en la construcción del Yo en el bebé

Parents-baby dyad form a complex network of interactions that will contribute to the construction of the baby's self from the very early stages. Difficulties in emotion regulation represent an important amount of therapeutic consultations. There are many factors that influence the path a child follows until the acquisition of his/her own emotion regulation mechanisms from a healthy way of a physiological regulation through the management of his own emotionality. Depending on how this process goes on, a wide range of symptomatology could be present in the clinic. Early detection of these relational imbalances allows an early intervention and thus contributes to a better development in the construction of the baby's self

Humanos , Masculino , Feminino , Lactente , Comportamento do Lactente/psicologia , Ajustamento Emocional , Transtornos Globais do Desenvolvimento Infantil/diagnóstico , Psicologia do Self , Desenvolvimento Infantil , Relações Interpessoais , Intervenção Médica Precoce , Relações Pais-Filho , Poder Familiar/psicologia , Educação Infantil/psicologia