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Rev Med Suisse ; 19(852): 2254-2256, 2023 Nov 29.
Artigo em Francês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-38019543


In the era of highly specialised medicine, the Swiss Urological Society has set up a national register from January 2019 that will prospectively record all data relating to cystectomies. Doctors will be able to use this information to compare their activities at national level, refine surgical techniques and optimise the perioperative management of cystectomy patients. This article presents the register and provides an initial assessment of cystectomy surgery activity in Switzerland over the first four years of its set up.

Dans l'ère de la médecine hautement spécialisée, la Société suisse d'urologie a mis au point dès janvier 2019 un registre national permettant de répertorier prospectivement l'ensemble des données relatives aux cystectomies. Les médecins profitent de ces renseignements pour comparer leur activité au niveau national, affiner les techniques chirurgicales et optimiser la prise en charge périopératoire des patients opérés d'une cystectomie. Cet article est consacré à la présentation du registre et offre un bilan initial de l'activité chirurgicale de cystectomie en Suisse au cours des quatre premières années de sa mise en place.

Cistectomia , Sistema de Registros , Humanos , Cistectomia/normas , Etnicidade , Suíça , Garantia da Qualidade dos Cuidados de Saúde
J Nurs Educ ; 62(11): 653-654, 2023 Nov.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-37934690


We encourage our community of nurse education researchers to remember to assign interpretations to their effect size estimates. In general, our community is asked to reduce the use of rules-of-thumb and, instead, are encouraged to use empirical and contextual methods to assign interpretations to effect size estimates. [J Nurs Educ. 2023;62(11):653-654.].

Pesquisa em Educação de Enfermagem , Humanos , Pesquisa em Educação de Enfermagem/normas
Curr Microbiol ; 81(1): 1, 2023 Nov 08.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-37935938


Consumption of probiotics, which are beneficial live microorganisms, has received a lot of attention because of their potential to improve health and wellness. Robust quality control measures are necessary to ensure the safety of probiotics and maximize their health effects. This review delves into the topic of quality management in probiotics, highlighting the significance of sticking to strict guidelines from manufacture to storage to distribution. Probiotic quality standards, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) implementation, quality control and testing techniques, and documentation and traceability systems are all discussed in detail. The importance of taking precautions to avoid microbial contamination, meeting all applicable regulations, and clearly marking and packaging probiotic products is also emphasized. In addition, it reviews the clinical evidence supporting the possible health advantages of probiotics and investigates the processes through which probiotics enhance health. The review continues by stressing the significance of educating and informing consumers about probiotics and their proper use in order to maximize health benefits. Probiotics' potential health benefits can be maximized and consumer faith in these helpful microbes can be bolstered by adopting thorough quality management measures to ensure their safety, efficacy, and consistency.

Probióticos , Probióticos/normas