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Factors that influence student completion of course and faculty evaluations.
Am J Pharm Educ ; 77(2): 27, 2013 Mar 12.
Artículo en Inglés | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-23519650


To determine if there is a relationship between students' grades, gender, age, or ethnicity and their completion of course and/or faculty evaluations.


Data were collected and analyzed for relationships among students' gender, age, ethnicity, and course grade on their completion rates of course and faculty evaluations.


The grade a student received in a course was not related to completion rates for course or faculty evaluations. Students born in 1987 or earlier were significantly more likely to complete course or faculty evaluations. Significant differences in completion rates were also found based on the course taken and the gender and ethnicity of the students.


Several demographic characteristics were identified that correlated with the completion of course and/or faculty evaluations. However, no correlation was found with the grade a student receives in a course and completion of either course or faculty evaluations. In order to improve course and faculty evaluation rates, further analysis of the influence of demographics on completion rates is warranted.





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