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Student Pharmacists' Perceptions of a Composite Examination in Their First Professional Year.
Am J Pharm Educ ; 80(1): 4, 2016 Feb 25.
Artículo en Inglés | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-26941430


To assess first-year (P1) pharmacy students' studying behaviors and perceptions after implementation of a new computerized "composite examination" (CE) testing procedure.


Student surveys were conducted to assess studying behavior and perceptions about the CE before and after its implementation.


Surveys were completed by 149 P1 students (92% response rate). Significant changes between survey results before and after the CE included an increase in students' concerns about the limited number of questions per course on each examination and decreased concerns about the time allotted and the inability to write on the CEs. Significant changes in study habits included a decrease in cramming (studying shortly before the test) and an increase in priority studying (spending more time on one course than another).


The CE positively changed assessment practice at the college. It helped overcome logistic challenges in computerized testing and drove positive changes in study habits.





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