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Strumento di Valutazione Italiano degli Ambienti di Tirocinio
per gli studenti infermieri (SVIAT): protocollo di validazione. / [Validation of the Italian Clinical Learning Environment Instrument (SVIAT):
study protocol].
Assist Inferm Ric ; 35(1): 29-35, 2016 Jan-Mar.
Artículo en Italiano | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-27183424
UNLABELLED: . Validation of the Italian Clinical Learning Environment Instrument (SVIAT): study protocol.


Nursing students obtain most of their university credits in internship environments whose quality can affect their clinical learning. Several tools are available to measure the quality of the clinical learning environment (CLE) as perceived by students: these instruments developed in other countries, were validated in Italian but do not discriminate those CLEs capable (or not) to promote significant clinical learning.


To validate an instrument to measure the capability of the CLE to generate clinical learning; the secondary aim is to describe the learning environments as perceived by nursing students according to individual course site and tutorial models adopted.


The study will be developed in three phases: a) instrument development and pilot phase, b) validation of the psychometric properties of the instrument and c) description of the CLEs as perceived by the students including factors/item confirmed in the validation process. Expected outcomes. A large validation, with more than 8,000 participating students is expected; the construct under lying will be confirmed through exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis and will report high internal consistency; the instrument will report also a high test-retest and inter-rater reliability; in addition, the instrument will demonstrate predictive ability by discriminating those units able (or not) to activate effective learning processes.





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