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A new operative method for obtaining full-arch prostheses for immediate loading dental implants.
de Mello, Guilherme Paulo Scarpel; Mello, Elaine Duarte Artuso de; Corazza, Pedro Henrique.
  • de Mello GPS; Implantology Division of APCD/EAP, Sao Jose dos Campos, SP, Brazil.
  • Mello EDA; Implantology Division of APCD/EAP, Sao Jose dos Campos, SP, Brazil.
  • Corazza PH; Graduate Program in Dentistry, Dental School, University of Passo Fundo, Passo Fundo, RS, Brazil. Electronic address:
J Prosthodont Res ; 61(2): 223-227, 2017 Apr.
Artículo en Inglés | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-27780685


Implant supported full-arch immediate prosthesis (also called the immediate Brånemark protocol) revolutionized dental clinical practice due to the aesthetic/functional benefits it offers to the patient. This work presents a simplified and efficient technique for implant supported full-arch immediate prosthesis fabrication.


After diagnosing the necessity of the protocol, the implants were installed with a minimum torque of 35Ncm. For implant impression, the use of previously prepared castable cylinders (dispensing with impression posts), and a U-shaped acrylic (Mello technique) generated a cast without distortion. The Brånemark protocol was fabricated on this cast without the metal test specimen.


The simplified technique proposed in this article for Brånemark protocol fabrication seemed to be effective.





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