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Intrinsic properties of medical devices: considerations for economic evaluation.
Expert Rev Pharmacoecon Outcomes Res ; 19(6): 619-626, 2019 Dec.
Artículo en Inglés | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-31721598


In recent decades, medical devices (MDs) have increasingly become an integral part of patient care. However, when it comes to designing and appraising economic models, researchers typically follow pharmaceutical templates (e.g. CHEERS) to assess their economic viability. This study evaluates the generalizability of four device-specific criteria, as recommended by the recent MedtechHTA project, of learning curve, incremental innovation, dynamic pricing, and organizational impact with a broader group of MDs including diagnostics and implantables. The purpose was to determine the applicability of these criteria to a broader range of MDs.Areas Covered: We determined the extent to which these criteria could be applied to each device type and attempted to identify common themes. We performed a literature search using PubMed and Google of a range of devices to understand the clinical significance, operation, and economic viability.Expert Opinion: Our findings suggest that the four characteristics are not applicable to all device types. Prior evaluation of a device's intrinsic properties (such as longevity and device location) and its FDA risk classification could help to indicate the applicability of the criteria. Documenting this process when assessing the additional four criteria on the CHEERS checklist would improve the transparency of future economic evaluations.





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