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Diagnostik bei akutem und chronischem Husten in der hausärztlichen Versorgung. / [Diagnostics of acute and chronic cough in primary care].
Internist (Berl) ; 61(1): 5-12, 2020 Jan.
Artículo en Alemán | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-31912164
Cough is one of the most frequent causes for consultation in primary care. The diagnostic characteristics in primary care with a broad spectrum of causes and unspecific symptoms are presented using the example of acute and chronic cough. The understanding of the formation of the cough stimulus and the induction by inflammatory, mechanical and chemical triggers as well as the significance of the stimulus threshold of the cough receptor facilitate the comprehension of the various possible causes of cough. The necessary diagnostic procedures are based on the exclusion of warning symptoms that necessitate emergency inpatient treatment, on the duration of symptoms and the spectrum of causes to be expected from them. Ambiguities often remain even with careful basic diagnostics. Watchful waiting and active surveillance can initially be the most sensible approach but should not be misconstrued as carelessness. It necessitates follow-up controls and increased attention especially in patients with a high-risk constellation (e.g. multimorbidity, immune suppression, heart failure) in order to be able to quickly react to the development of treatable aspects or even dangerous courses of disease.





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