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Exploring the early phase of implementation of a vaccine-based clinical decision support system in the community pharmacy.
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To explore the implementation strategy of a recombinant zoster vaccine (RZV) clinical decision support (CDS) intervention in community pharmacy workflow to increase second-dose vaccination rates.


The level of analysis was the unit (e.g., pharmacy). The participants were selected from across approximately 2200 pharmacies in 37 states on the basis of criteria believed to affect implementation success (e.g., size, location) using a sampling matrix. PRACTICE DESCRIPTION Large supermarket pharmacy chain. PRACTICE INNOVATION Vaccine-based CDS intervention in community pharmacy workflow. EVALUATION A mixed-methods contextual inquiry approach explored the implementation of a new RZV CDS workflow intervention. Data collection involved key informant, semistructured interviews and an electronic, Web-based survey. The survey was based on a validated instrument and was made available to all pharmacists nationwide within the study organization to assess views of the implementation's appropriateness, acceptability, and feasibility during early implementation. Afterward, a series of semistructured, in-depth interviews were conducted until a point of saturation was reached. The interview guide was based on selected constructs of the Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research.


A total of 1128 survey responses were collected. Survey respondents agreed or strongly agreed that the implementation was acceptable (78.34%), appropriate (79.92%), and feasible (80.53%). Twelve pharmacist participants were interviewed via telephone. Five themes emerged from the interviews, revealing facilitators and barriers that affected implementation of the intervention intervention characteristics, outer setting, inner setting, characteristics of individuals, and process.


The implementation of the RZV CDS "nudge" intervention was welcomed, suitable, and operable in the community pharmacy setting to meet the needs of the organization, employees, and patients. The contextual factors identified during the implementation process of this CDS intervention in a community pharmacy setting may be used in scaling this and future CDS interventions for public health initiatives aimed at pharmacists in this setting.





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