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Hurricane Mitch : Women's needs and contributions
Washington, D.C; Inter-American Development Bank. Sustainable Development Department; 1999. 15 p. (Technical Paper Series, SOC-115).
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This report examines evidence from post-Mitch Central America and disasters in other parts of the world to identify the way disasters affect women and to highlight womenïs participation in prevention, relief, rehabilitation, and reconstruction efforts. It attempts to fill a void in the knowledge regarding peopleïs responses to disasters in the region, by exploring the gender dimension and providing general guideliness for integrating a gender perspective in effective disaster management. The report was prepared for and presented at the meeting of the Consultative Group for the Reconstruction and Transformation of Central America which took place in Stockholm, Sweden, May 25-27,1999. It is based on a technical meeting attended by international and government agencies and NGOs which was held in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, May 6-7, 1999 ("Hurricane Mitch Effects on Women and their Participation in the Reconstruction and Transformation of Central America"), Shubh Dumar-Range (consultant), and Jane Mocellin (World Health Organization)





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