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Homeopathy: a brief description of this medical specialty
Rev. homeopatia (São Paulo) ; 80(3/4): 1-15, 2017. tab
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Homeopathy is a medical approach with 200 years of history. Along this time itdemonstrated its ability to solve problems, with low cost, broad scope andunquestionable social acceptance. According to estimates, approximately 500 millionpeople use homeopathy worldwide, corresponding to about 7% of the worldpopulation. However, there are still hindrances to its integration into conventionalmedicine which need to be put into perspective and removed. The aim of the presentarticle is to contextualize homeopathy as a science and an art in Brazil and worldwide.We analyzed some relevant aspects, such as the profile of users, their reasons tochoose homeopathy, and historical and social contexts for the inclusion of homeopathyinto health care and educational systems. We conclude that homeopathy is an ethicalmedical system that provides systemic and safe treatment to patients with optimal costbenefitratio. Homeopathy should be included in universities, schools of medicine andat all levels of the healthcare system, thus ensuring its historical nature as a medicalspecialty. (AU)





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