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Applications of cyclodextrins in cosmetic products: A review.
Buschmann, Hans-Jürgen; Schollmeyer, Eckhard.
  • Buschmann HJ; Deutsches Textilforschungszentrum Nord-West e.V., Adlerstrasse 1, D-47798 Krefeld, Germany.
J Cosmet Sci ; 53(3): 185-91, 2002.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-12053209
Cyclodextrins are non-toxic cyclic polysaccharides. They form inlusion complexes with numerous organic molecules. The physical and chemical properties of the guest molecules change due to complex formation. Thus, for example, the stability of the complexed molecule against light and oxygen increases and the vapor pressure is reduced. The solubility of slightly soluble molecules increases in a cyclodextrin complex. All these and further advantages of cyclodextrins and their complexes can be used for the formulation of cosmetic products. As a result, effects are possible not realizable with common techniques.





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