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Pt(IV)-catalyzed cyclization of arene-alkyne substrates via intramolecular electrophilic hydroarylation.
Org Lett ; 5(7): 1055-8, 2003 Apr 03.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-12659572
[reaction see text] We herein report that PtCl(4) has proven to be a hydroarylation catalyst with an efficiency and substrate scope superior to previously known methods. This catalyst demonstrated consistent performance with arene-yne substrates of diverse structural features, including propargyl ethers, propargylamines, and alkynoate esters, providing good to excellent yields of the 6-endo products (chromenes, dihydroquinolines, and coumarins). In contrast, Pt(II), Pd(II), and Ga(III) salts were shown to be sensitive to the substitution on the alkyne moiety.





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