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Screening cystoscopy and biopsy in patients with neuropathic bladder and chronic suprapubic indwelling catheters: is it valid?
J Urol ; 170(2 Pt 1): 425-7, 2003 Aug.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-12853791


Screening for bladder malignancy in patients with neuropathic bladder and a chronic indwelling catheter by cystoscopy and biopsy is commonly performed. Despite this practice the test has not been fully validated to date. We analyzed our experience with this screening test and explored its validity when applied to our patients. MATERIALS AND


We performed a retrospective analysis of screening biopsies in 36 patients with neuropathic bladder and a chronic indwelling catheter who had undergone yearly screening from 5 years after catheter insertion. Mean time since suprapubic catheter insertion was 12.1 years (range 8.7 to 23.8).


No tumors were ever identified in our screened group. However, histological findings were frequently abnormal, of which the most common are active chronic cystitis and squamous metaplasia.


Our study reinforces the increasing body of evidence suggesting that screening cystoscopy and biopsy in this group of patients is not valid. As a screening test, it fulfils few of the necessary criteria.





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