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Long-term urological outcomes in paediatric spinal cord injury.
Spinal Cord ; 44(12): 729-33, 2006 Dec.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-16446753


Retrospective review.


This retrospective review observes the evolution of bladder management by time and reports adult urological outcomes and complications in paediatric onset spinal cord injury (SCI).


Spinal Injuries Unit RNOH Stanmore.


In total, 10 traumatic SCI patients with mean age at injury of 13.6 years underwent treatment, for a mean period of 13.1 years. Characteristics of injury were noted. Two diagnostic subgroups, neurogenic detrusor overactivity (NDO), and acontractile detrusor were made. Complications, treatment changes, operative procedures with follow-up were noted.


In group 1 (6/10 patients) with NDO, five had DSD. Initial bladder management was reflex/urge voiding (n=4), suprapubic catheterisation (SPC), (n=1) and self-intermittent catheterisation (SIC), (n=1). Two patients had multiple upper tract complications with decreased renal function, two recurrent symptomatic urinary infections and one; bladder calculus. In total, 12 operative procedures were performed to treat complications and change bladder management to, SIC+oxybutynin (n=3), ileal conduit (n=1), sacral anterior root stimulator implant (SARSI), (n=1), voiding on urge (n=1). In group 2 (4/10 patients) with a-contractile detrusor two had low compliance. Initial bladder management was SIC (n=3) and voiding on urge/straining (n=1). Two patients converted from SIC to permanent catheter drainage and reported complications. Incidental kidney stone was diagnosed in one. A total of four interventions were carried out with final management of SIC (n=2), voiding on urge/straining (n=1) and Mitrofanoff+ileocystoplasty (n=1).


Bladder management in paediatric SCI is dependent on neurological level and type of injury; it changes with growth and is affected by changes in bladder management.





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