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Steric control of a bridging ligand for high-nuclearity metallamacrocycle formation: a highly puckered 60-membered icosanuclear metalladiazamacrocycle.
Inorg Chem ; 45(20): 7991-3, 2006 Oct 02.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-16999391
A novel S4-symmetric icosanuclear manganese metalladiazamacrocycle was synthesized using a pentadentate ligand, N-3-phenyl-trans-2-propenoylsalicylhydrazide (H3L), that has a rigid and bulky terminal N-acyl group. A 20 cyclic repeat of an--(Mn-N-N)--linkage resulted in a highly puckered diaza-bridged 60-membered icosanuclear metallamacrocycle. The steric interaction between the ligands in the cyclic system leads to five consecutive Mn(III) centers in a chemically different--(Mn(A)Mn(B)Mn(C)Mn(D)Mn(E))--environment, with the chiralities of the metal centers being in a rather complicated--(LambdaLambdaDeltaLambdaLambda)(DeltaDeltaLambdaDeltaDelta)--sequence.





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