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Manejo de la hemorragia en pacientes con traumatismo abdominal: aplicación de las Guías Europeas para el manejo del paciente traumatizado sangrante. / [Management of hemorrhage in patients with abdominal trauma: application of the European Guidelines for the management of bleeding following major trauma].
Cir Esp ; 85 Suppl 1: 29-34, 2009 Jun.
Artigo em Espanhol | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-19589407
In patients with traumatic intraabdominal hemorrhage, urgent decisions must be made. Resuscitation measures must often be simultaneously combined with diagnostic actions and measures to control the source of the bleeding. Hemorrhages are usually complicated by coagulation disorders and the presence of acidosis and hypothermia. In these conditions, emergency measures are required that usually involve various specialists. However, given the paucity of the scientific evidence in this field, the intervention protocols differ from one center to another. The European Guidelines for the management of bleeding following major trauma has recently been published. These guidelines review aspects such as evaluation and initial management of bleeding, localization and control of the source of bleeding and replacement of blood products. In addition, recommendations based on the best available evidence to 2008 are made. This review describes the basic aspects of traumatic intraabdominal hemorrhage.





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