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Amminelithium amidoborane Li(NH3)NH2BH3: a new coordination compound with favorable dehydrogenation characteristics.
Chemistry ; 16(12): 3763-9, 2010 Mar 22.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-20157906
The monoammoniate of lithium amidoborane, Li(NH(3))NH(2)BH(3), was synthesized by treatment of LiNH(2)BH(3) with ammonia at room temperature. This compound exists in the amorphous state at room temperature, but at -20 degrees C crystallizes in the orthorhombic space group Pbca with lattice parameters of a = 9.711(4), b = 8.7027(5), c = 7.1999(1) A, and V = 608.51 A(3). The thermal decomposition behavior of this compound under argon and under ammonia was investigated. Through a series of experiments we have demonstrated that Li(NH(3))NH(2)BH(3) is able to absorb/desorb ammonia reversibly at room temperature. In the temperature range of 40-70 degrees C, this compound showed favorable dehydrogenation characteristics. Specifically, under ammonia this material was able to release 3.0 equiv hydrogen (11.18 wt %) rapidly at 60 degrees C, which represents a significant advantage over LiNH(2)BH(3). It has been found that the formation of the coordination bond between ammonia and Li(+) in LiNH(2)BH(3) plays a crucial role in promoting the combination of hydridic B-H bonds and protic N-H bonds, leading to dehydrogenation at low temperature.





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