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1079.5- and 1341.4-nm: larger energy from a dual-wavelength Nd:YAIO(3) pulsed laser.
Appl Opt ; 32(30): 5952-7, 1993 Oct 20.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-20856418
On the basis of oscillation conditions of simultaneous multiple-wavelength lasing that we have established, a larger-energy (1079.5 and 1341.4 nm) dual-wavelength NdYAlO(3) pulsed laser has been developed. Output energies of 3.71 and 1.39 J with efficiencies of 1.29% and 0.48% for the 1341.4-and 1079.5-nm wavelengths, respectively, have been achieved. To our knowledge, this is the best result among simultaneous dual-wavelength solid-state lasers to date. The temporal and spatial distributions of these beams obtained from a free-running dual-wavelength NdYAlO3 pulsed laser have also been measured. Experimental results show that the temporal and spatial overlap of the two beams is quite good for this type of laser.





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