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Urethrorectal fistula repair in children: urologic perspective.
J Trauma ; 69(5): 1300-3, 2010 Nov.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-21068625


We report our experience in the management of urethrorectal fistulae in children with emphasis on the complexity of this rare disease.


A retrospective review was performed in cases that underwent repair of urethrorectal fistula at our center between 1997 and 2007. Records were reviewed for age, history, presentation, radiologic data, operative data, and condition at last follow-up.


Five children were managed for urethrorectal fistula. Their mean age was 6.8 years (range, 2 months-12 years). One case had congenital urethrorectal fistula and four had acquired fistulas including two after abdomino-perineal pull through for imperforate anus, one case post perineal urethroplasty, and another post repair of posttraumatic rectal tear. All patients presented with history of passing urine both through the rectum and the urethral meatus. We have three urinary diverted cases: one case in whom urinary and fecal diversions were performed and the remaining case was operated without diversion. Perineal approach was adopted in four procedures and abdomino-perineal approach in one. One patient required optical internal urethrotomy for anastomotic stricture at 6 months follow-up.


Urethrorectal fistula is a rare complication whether congenital or iatrogenic. Perineal repair is challenging, necessities meticulous dissection, adequate vascularity of the edges, and interposition of vascularized flaps and is potentially successful.





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