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Density-controlled, solution-based growth of ZnO nanorod arrays via layer-by-layer polymer thin films for enhanced field emission.
Nanotechnology ; 19(43): 435302, 2008 Oct 29.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-21832689
A simple, scalable, and cost-effective technique for controlling the growth density of ZnO nanorod arrays based on a layer-by-layer polyelectrolyte polymer film is demonstrated. The ZnO nanorods were synthesized using a low temperature (T = 90 °C), solution-based method. The density-control technique utilizes a polymer thin film pre-coated on the substrate to control the mass transport of the reactant to the substrate. The density-controlled arrays were investigated as potential field emission candidates. The field emission results revealed that an emitter density of 7 nanorods µm(-2) and a tapered nanorod morphology generated a high field enhancement factor of 5884. This novel technique shows promise for applications in flat panel display technology.





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