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[ICAM-1 469K/E gene polymorphisms increase the risk of gastric dysplasia].
Zhonghua Zhong Liu Za Zhi ; 34(3): 192-5, 2012 Mar.
Artigo em Chinês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-22780972


To investigate the influence of ICAM-1 469K/E gene polymorphisms on the risk of atrophic gastritis and dysplasia.


The ICAM-1 469K/E gene polymorphisms in a total of 372 subjects were detected by polymerase chain reaction-direct sequencing. All of the subjects were from Linqu County, a high risk area of gastric cancer in Shandong Province of northern China. All cases were initially diagnosed as normal or superficial gastritis at the beginning of this study. After a 5-year follow-up, the cases were subdivided into no progression group (no histological progression, n=137), progression group I (progressed to severe chronic atrophic gastritis, n=194) and progression group II (progressed to low-grade dysplasia, n=41).


In all 372 subjects, the frequencies of KK, KE or EE genotype of ICAM-1 K469E were 50.5%, 39.2% and 10.2%, respectively. No significant differences were observed in the ICAM-1 469K/E genotype frequencies between the progression group I and no progression group (P>0.05). The frequencies of KK genotype (68.3%) were significantly higher in the progression group II than in the no progression group (49.6%, P=0.035), and also than in the progression group I (47.4%, P=0.015). An increased risk of the progressing to dysplasia from normal or superficial gastritis was found in the individuals with ICAM-1 469KK genotype [odds ratio (OR)=2.21, 95%CI, 1.10-4.42].


ICAM-1 469K/E gene polymorphisms are significantly associated with the risk of gastric low-grade dysplasia, but not related with severe chronic atrophic gastritis in a population with high risk of gastric cancer in Linqu County, Shandong Province, China.





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