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All-solution processed polymer light-emitting diode displays.
Nat Commun ; 4: 1971, 2013.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-23736123
Adopting the emerging technology of printed electronics in manufacturing novel ultrathin flat panel displays attracts both academic and industrial interests because of the challenge in the device physics and the potential of reducing production costs. Here we produce all-solution processed polymer light-emitting diode displays by solution-depositing the cathode and utilizing a multifunctional buffer layer between the cathode and the organic layers. The use of ink-jetted conducting nanoparticles as the cathode yields high-resolution cathode patterns without any mechanical stress on the organic layers. The buffer layer, which offers the functions of solvent-proof electron injection and proper affinity, is fabricated by mixing the water/alcohol-soluble polymer and a curable epoxy adhesive. Our 1.5-inch polymer light-emitting diode displays are fabricated without any dead pixels or dead lines. The all-solution process eliminates the need for high vacuum for thermal evaporation of the cathode, which paves the way to industrial roll-to-roll manufacturing of flat panel displays.





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