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Solving self-mixing equations for arbitrary feedback levels: a concise algorithm.
Appl Opt ; 53(17): 3723-36, 2014 Jun 10.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-24921138
Self-mixing laser sensors show promise for a wide range of sensing applications, including displacement, velocimetry, and fluid flow measurements. Several techniques have been developed to simulate self-mixing signals; however, a complete and succinct process for synthesizing self-mixing signals has so far been absent in the open literature. This article provides a systematic numerical approach for the analysis of self-mixing sensors using the steady-state solution to the Lang and Kobayashi model. Examples are given to show how this method can be used to synthesize self-mixing signals for arbitrary feedback levels and for displacement, distance, and velocity measurement. We examine these applications with a deterministic stimulus and discuss the velocity measurement of a rough surface, which necessitates the inclusion of a random stimulus.





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