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Closure of bladder exstrophy with a bilateral anterior pubic osteotomy: Revival of an old technique.
Arab J Urol ; 9(3): 203-6, 2011 Sep.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-26579298


To evaluate the results of simple closure using bilateral anterior pubic osteotomy to achieve a tension-free approximation of the pubis and abdominal wall in patients with bladder exstrophy.


A prospective study carried out between 2006 and 2009 included 15 patients (13 boys and 2 girls; age range 3-47 months). Of these patients, three had recurrent exstrophy while 10 were operated primarily. An elective surgical technique was used for all patients, which included dissection of the exstrophic bladder from the abdominal wall, closure of the bladder and reconstruction of the urethra, then dissection of the rectus muscle and sheath lateral to the attachment of muscle to pubic bone, which makes osteotomy of the superior pubic ramus easy, thus facilitating closure.


For closure of the bladder and anterior abdominal wall the results were excellent for all patients soon after surgery, but there was soft-tissue infection in two patients. Of all 15 patients, one had incomplete bladder dehiscence and another had a vesico-cutaneous fistula; both needed surgical intervention later.


Simple closure with anterior pubic osteotomy is a feasible and effective means to facilitate both bladder and abdominal closure for patients with bladder exstrophy. It is advantageous in being a rapid procedure, and can be completed by the paediatric urologist.





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