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Dual-Phase Transformation: Spontaneous Self-Template Surface-Patterning Strategy for Ultra-transparent VO2 Solar Modulating Coatings.
ACS Nano ; 11(1): 407-415, 2017 01 24.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-28009507
Dual-phase transformation has been developed as a template-free surface patterning technique in this study. Ordered VO2 honeycomb structures with a complex hierarchy have been fabricated via this method, and the microstructures of the obtained VO2(M) coatings are tunable by tailoring the pertinent variables. The VO2(M) honeycomb-structured coatings have excellent visible light transmittance at 700 nm (Tvis) up to 95.4% with decent solar modulating ability (ΔTsol) of 5.5%, creating the potential as ultratransparent smart solar modulating coatings. Its excellent performance has been confirmed by a proof-of-principle demonstration. The dual-phase transformation technique has dramatically simplified the conventional colloidal lithography technique as a scalable surface patterning technique for achieving high-performance metal oxide coatings with diverse applications, such as catalysis, sensing, optics, electronics, and superwettable materials.





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