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NGF protects against oxygen and glucose deprivation-induced oxidative stress and apoptosis by up-regulation of HO-1 through MEK/ERK pathway.
Neurosci Lett ; 641: 8-14, 2017 02 22.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-28115238
Both nerve growth factor (NGF) and heme oxygenases-1 (HO-1) promotes neuron survival from cerebral ischemic lesions. NGF protects neurons from oxygen-glucose deprivation (OGD), and HO-1 expression can be induced by some growth factors like NGF. This work attempted to identify the contribution of HO-1 on the neuroprotection role of NGF in OGD model, which is an injury simulation of ischemic neuron in vitro. The viability of cortical neurons cells treated with OGD restored significantly by pretreatment with NGF in a dose dependent manner. Moreover, NGF provided obvious protective effects against OGD-induced neurons apoptosis. It identified that NGF could prevent apoptosis and ROS (reactive oxygen species) accumulation in the primary cortical neurons exposed to OGD. NGF could up-regulate the expression level of HO-1, and then afford neuroprotection against OGD insult. In addition, we found that MEK/ERK pathway participated NGF-induced over-expression of HO-1, and was involved in the transcriptional activity or neuroprotection effect of NGF.





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