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Factores asociados a mortalidad por acidosis láctica en pacientes diabéticos tratados con metformina. / [Factors associated with death due to lactic acidosis in patients with type-2 diabetes treated with metformin].
Emergencias ; 28(1): 38-40, 2016 02.
Artigo em Espanhol | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-29094825
EN: To identify analytical factors associated with mortality in patients with type-2 diabetes under long-term treatment with metformin who come to the emergency department with acute symptoms of lactic acidosis. Retrospective observational analysis of patient records in a referral hospital. We collected clinical data and laboratory results for a series of metformin-treated patients with type-2 diabetes who developed lactic acidosis, stratified by severity. Factors related to the episode were analyzed for associations with mortality or survival. Of 16 patients studied (mean age 70 years; range, 60-77 years), 75% had gastrointestinal symptoms in the 5 days before they came to the emergency department. Mortality (19%) was associated with sepsis on arrival; elevated white blood cell counts, particularly neutrophil counts; low platelet counts; high C-reactive protein (CRP) and procalcitonin levels; and 1 or more chronic concomitant diseases. Metformin concentration was not significantly associated with mortality. Signs of sepsis, high neutrophil counts with low platelet counts, elevated CRP and procalcitonin levels, and the presence of 1 or more concomitant diseases may be risk factors for death in metformin-treated patients with lactic acidosis.





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