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Changes in fenugreek transcriptome induced by methyl jasmonate and steroid precursors revealed by RNA-Seq.
Genomics ; 2017 Oct 26.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-29107013
Changes in fenugreek transcriptome related to enhanced production of steroids were induced by methyl jasmonate, cholesterol and squalene, and recorded using RNA-seq. A total of 112,850 unigenes were obtained after de novo assembling of next generation sequencing data, and used for functional annotations. In steroidal saponins pathway, transcripts involved in mevalonate, terpenoid backbone and plant sterol synthesis were annotated. Overexpression of several transcripts from phytosterol biosynthesis pathway was confirmed by quantitative RT-PCR. In diosgenin biosynthesis pathway, fatty acid ω-hydroxylase (CYP86A2) and steroid 22-alpha-hydroxylase (CYP90B1) genes were annotated in all induced transcriptomes. Moreover, direct sequencing confirmed increased levels of CYP90B1, unspecific monooxygenase and 26-hydroxylase genes in plants with elevated level of diosgenin. New unigenes corresponding to enzymes involved in biosynthesis of diosgenin from cycloartenol via cholesterol were obtained and the role of CYP72A family in steroidal saponin biosynthesis was proposed. Additional support for biosynthetic pathway from cycloartenol to diosgenin was provided.





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