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The larvae of Sericostoma bergeri Malicky, 1973 and Sericostoma herakles Malicky, 1999 (Trichoptera, Sericostomatidae).
Zookeys ; (695): 123-133, 2017.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-29134011
This paper describes the previously unknown larvae of Sericostoma bergeri and S. herakles (Trichoptera: Sericostomatidae) restricted to European Ecoregion 6 (= Hellenic western Balkan). Information on the morphology of the larvae is given, and the most important diagnostic features are illustrated. Sericostoma bergeri and S. herakles can be easily separated from known sericostomatid larvae of Ecoregion 6 (Schizopelex huettingeri, Oecismus monedula, Sericostoma flavicorne and S. personatum) by the shape of the pronotum, presence or lack of a comma-like marking on the lateral protuberance, by the number of setae on abdominal dorsum IX, and by distribution patterns. With respect to the latter, S. bergeri is a micro-endemic of the Greek Islands of Euboea and Andros whereas S. herakles is an endemic of the Peloponnese. The species are integrated in a dichotomous key including the currently known Sericostomatidae larvae of the Hellenic western Balkan. In addition, ecological information on the two species is provided.





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