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Comparison and evaluation of the quick purification methods of methamphetamine hydrochloride from dimethyl sulfone for spectroscopic identification.
Forensic Sci Int ; 282: 86-91, 2018 Jan.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-29174515
Methods to quickly purify methamphetamine hydrochloride from the cutting agent dimethyl sulfone for subsequent identification of confiscated crystalline samples using infrared absorption spectroscopy were compared and evaluated. Although sequential solvation and reprecipitation methods were simple, spectral contamination from dimethyl sulfone was inevitable and might affect the interpretation of the spectra. In addition, methamphetamine hydrochloride and dimethyl sulfone could form a solid solution because of solvation of both crystals into a single solution layer. By contrast, sublimation was an effective method for separation of methamphetamine hydrochloride and dimethyl sulfone. Sublimation combined with infrared absorption spectroscopy enabled rapid identification of crystalline methamphetamine hydrochloride.





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