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Internal strain induced significant enhancement of deep ultraviolet light extraction efficiency for AlGaN multiple quantum wells grown by MOCVD.
Opt Express ; 26(2): 680-686, 2018 Jan 22.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-29401950
In this work, combined analysis of internal strain effects on optical polarization and internal quantum efficiency (IQE) were conducted for the first time. Deep ultraviolet light extraction efficiency of AlGaN multiple quantum wells (MQWs) have been investigated by means of polarization-dependent photoluminescence (PD-PL) and temperature-dependent photoluminescence (TD-PL). With the increase of compressive internal strain applied to the MQWs by an underlying n-AlGaN layer, the degree of polarization (DOP) of the sample was improved from -0.26 to -0.06 leading to significant enhancement of light extraction efficiency (LEE) as the PL intensity increased by 29.2% even though the internal quantum efficiency declined by 7.7%. The results indicated that proper management of the internal compressive strain in AlGaN MQWs can facilitate the transverse electric (TE) mode and suppress the transverse magnetic (TM) mode which could effectively reduce the total internal reflection (TIR) and absorption. This work threw light upon the promising application of compressively strained MQWs to reduce the wave-guide effect and improve the LEE of deep ultraviolet light emitting diodes (DUV LEDs).





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