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Depression in the wives of convicted men: prevalence and associated factors.
Rev Bras Enferm ; 71(suppl 1): 538-545, 2018.
Artigo em Inglês, Português | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-29562009


To estimate the prevalence of depression and to identify the main risk factors associated with depression in wives of convicted men.


Descriptive, cross - sectional, quantitative approach. The data were collected with 349 female partners of convicted patients in three penitentiaries in the state of Paraná, with a semistructured research, between January and June of 2016, being compiled in a database and analyzed using SPSS® 20.0 software.


It was possible to identify vulnerability to depression among wives of convicted men, most were young and 42.2% have or already had depression. It was verified that the variables to depression were ages equal to or above 30 years (50.3%, p <0.001), smoking (61.1%, p <0.013) and alcoholism (16.1%, p <0.001).


It is the responsibility of the nurse with the multidisciplinary health team to invest in health promotion and prevention actions against these risk factors that were associated with depression in this population.





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