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[Variation Characteristics of Inorganic Phosphorus in Purple Soil Profile Under Different Conservation Tillage Treatments].
Huan Jing Ke Xue ; 37(6): 2284-2290, 2016 Jun 08.
Artigo em Chinês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-29964898
In this study the effects of tillage methods (rice-winter paddy field conventional farming, CF; rice-winter paddy field combing ridge with no-tillage, RNT1; rice-wheat or rape combing ridge with no-tillage, RNT2; rice-wheat or rape conventional paddy-upland rotation tillage, CR) on purple soil profile of different forms of inorganic phosphorus distribution characteristics were investigated in a long-term experimental site established in 1990, Chongqing City, China. The results showed that compared to the status before the experiment, the total phosphorus, available phosphorus and various morphologies of inorganic phosphorus all increased to a certain degree in the soils with different long-term tillage treatments,and the contents of different forms of inorganic phosphorus in soil size ranked as RNT2> CF> CR> RNT1. Except that the contents of Fe-P in the lower layer were higher than those in the upper layer, contents of Ca2-P, Ca8-P, Al-P, Ca10-P and O-P in the arable layers were all higher than those in the lower layers. The effects of farming practices on the availability of various phosphorus forms were significant. They were in the order of CR> RNT> CF. Long-term conventional paddy-upland rotation tillage was more advantageous to crops in the absorption of phosphorus. It was shown by relevant analysis that the contribution of various groups of inorganic phosphorus to purple soil was in the order of Ca2-P(0.9369)> Al-P(0.9158)> Ca8-P(0.9012)> Fe-P(0.8287)> Ca10-P(0.8059)> O-P(0.7472).





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