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Pollutant transport analysis and source apportionment of the entire non-point source pollution process in separate sewer systems.
Chemosphere ; 211: 557-565, 2018 Nov.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-30092536
Understanding pollutant transport process and source apportionment is critical to urban stormwater pollution mitigation. Previous studies have investigated transport and sources of road deposited sediments (RDS) and sewer sediments individually, and most of these studies focused on stormwater pollution in combined sewer systems. However, studies about pollutant transport and source apportionment of the entire urban non-point source pollution process in separate sewer systems are lacking. This study analyzed particle size distribution and chemical pollutants in five media during the entire pollutant process including RDS, roof runoff, road runoff, sewer sediments, and sewer runoff. The outcomes found that mass percentage of fine particles became greater during pollutant transport in stormwater runoff. According to transport characteristics, particles were grouped into three types: particles <20 µm, 20-105 µm, and >105 µm. Particles <20 µm had the highest mobility capacity and particles >105 µm had the lowest mobility capacity, while mobility capacity of particles 20-105 µm was uncertain. Pollutant concentrations in road runoff were significantly influenced by rainfall intensity and pollutant concentrations in sewer runoff could become lower during rainy seasons ignoring rainfall intensity. RDS was the main contributor of heavy metals while organic matter and nutrients were primarily contributed by sewer sediments. Roof runoff, road runoff and sewer sediments contributed 5.35%, 69.24% and 25.41% particles to urban receiving water, respectively. Based on the outcomes, several suggestions were given for stormwater management.





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