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Paediatric airway management and concerns: a survey of advanced paramedics in Ireland.
Ir J Med Sci ; 188(2): 683-688, 2019 May.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-30112623


Paediatric airway management is of fundamental importance in the critically unwell child. Pre-hospital paediatric airway management especially endotracheal intubation is however controversial.


To explore Irish Advanced Paramedics (APs) training, experience and clinical practice in paediatric airway management as well as to examine clinician attitudes toward this topic.


An anonymous online survey of all graduates of the University College Dublin AP training program (N = 453).


With duplicates and failed email deliveries excluded a valid sample of 382 individuals was obtained from whom a response rate of 185/382 (48.4%) was achieved. Three quarters of responding APs worked in urban or mixed practice with the remaining minority operating primarily in rural areas. One quarter of responding APs reported formal training in paediatric intubation. Almost 70% of APs had encountered a child requiring significant airway management in the preceding year. However, this was a rare exposure in terms of overall workload. Basic airway adjuncts were used frequently in such circumstances, with endotracheal intubation having been attempted by only a small minority of APs. Lack of practice was identified by many responding APs as a key issue causing concern in terms of paediatric intubation.


Paediatric airway management has key relevance for pre-hospital care in Ireland. The overall frequency of exposure to children who may benefit from definitive airway management is however likely to represent a significant barrier to the acquisition and maintenance of competency. The ongoing practice of pre-hospital paediatric intubation by APs may not justify its risks.





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