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Anti-Atherosclerotic Effect of a Polyphenol-Rich Ingredient, Oleactiv®, in a Hypercholesterolemia-Induced Golden Syrian Hamster Model.
Nutrients ; 10(10)2018 Oct 15.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-30326655
The development of nutraceutical ingredients has risen as a nutritional solution for health prevention. This study evaluated the effects of Oleactiv®, an ingredient developed for the prevention of atherogenesis, in hypercholesterolemic hamsters. Oleactiv® is a polyphenol-rich ingredient obtained from artichoke, olive and grape extracts as part of fruit and vegetables commonly consumed within the Mediterranean diet. A total of 21 Golden Syrian hamsters were divided into three groups. The standard group (STD) was fed a normolipidemic diet for 12 weeks, while the control group (CTRL) and Oleactiv® goup (OLE) were fed a high-fat diet. After sacrifice, the aortic fatty streak area (AFSA), plasmatic total cholesterol (TC), high-density lipoproteins (HDL-C), non-HDL-C and triglycerides (TG), were assessed. The cholesterol efflux capacity (CEC) of hamster plasma was quantified using a radiolabeled technique in murine macrophages J774. OLE administration induced a significant reduction of AFSA (-69%, p < 0.0001). Hamsters of the OLE group showed a significant decrease of both non-HDL-C (-173 mmol/L, p < 0.05) and TG (-154 mmol/L, p < 0.05). Interestingly, OLE induced a significant increase of total CEC (+17,33%, p < 0,05). Oleactiv® supplementation prevented atheroma development and had positive effects on the lipid profile of hypercholesterolemic hamsters. The increased CEC underlines the anti-atherosclerotic mechanism at the root of the atheroma reduction observed.





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