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Spin Polarization Properties of Pentagonal PdSe2 Induced by 3D Transition-Metal Doping: First-Principles Calculations.
Materials (Basel) ; 11(11)2018 Nov 21.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-30469387
The electronic structure and spin polarization properties of pentagonal structure PdSe2 doped with transition metal atoms are studied through first- principles calculations. The theoretical investigations show that the band gap of the PdSe2 monolayer decreases after introducing Cr, Mn, Fe and Co dopants. The projected densities of states show that p-d orbital couplings between the transition metal atoms and PdSe2 generate new spin nondegenerate states near the Fermi level which make the system spin polarized. The calculated magnetic moments, spin density distributions and charge transfer of the systems suggest that the spin polarization in Cr-doped PdSe2 will be the biggest. Our work shows that the properties of PdSe2 can be modified by doping transition metal atoms, which provides opportunity for the applications of PdSe2 in electronics and spintronics.





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