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MHC binding peptides for designing of vaccines against Japanese encephalitis virus: A computational approach.
Saudi J Biol Sci ; 25(8): 1546-1551, 2018 Dec.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-30581316
Japanese encephalitis (JE), a viral disease has seen a drastic and fatal enlargement in the northern states of India in the current decade. The better and exact cure for the disease is still in waiting. For the cause an in silico strategy in the development of the peptide vaccine has been taken here for the study. A computational approach to find out the Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC) binding peptide has been implemented. The prediction analysis identified MHC class I (using propred I) and MHC class II (using propred) binding peptides at an expectable percent predicted IC (50) threshold values. These predicted Human leukocyte antigen [HLA] allele binding peptides were further analyzed for potential conserved region using an Immune Epitope Database and Analysis Resource (IEDB). This analysis shows that HLA-DRB1*0101, HLA-DRB3*0101, HLA-DRB1*0401, HLA-DRB1*0102 and HLA-DRB1*07:01% of class II (in genotype 2) and HLA-A*0101, HLA-A*02, HLA-A*0301, HLA-A*2402, HLA-B*0702 and HLA-B*4402% of HLA I (in genotype 3) bound peptides are conserved. The predicted peptides MHC class I are ILDSNGDIIGLY, FVMDEAHFTDPA, KTRKILPQIIK, RLMSPNRVPNYNLF, APTRVVAAEMAEAL, YENVFHTLW and MHC class II molecule are TTGVYRIMARGILGT, NYNLFVMDEAHFTDP, AAAIFMTATPPGTTD, GDTTTGVYRIMARGI and FGEVGAVSL found to be top ranking with potential super antigenic property by binding to all HLA. Out of these the predicted peptide FVMDEAHFTDPA for allele HLA-A*02:01 in MHC class I and NYNLFVMDEAHFTDP for allele HLA-DRB3*01:01 in MHC class II was observed to be most potent and can be further proposed as a significant vaccine in the process. The reported results revealed that the immune-informatics techniques implemented in the development of small size peptide is useful in the development of vaccines against the Japanese encephalitis virus (JEV).





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