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Time resolved FORC analysis and magnetic anisotropy in K0.4[Cr(CN)6][Mn(S)-pn] (S)-pnH0.6 chiral molecular magnets.
J Phys Condens Matter ; 31(8): 085801, 2019 Feb 27.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-30628583
Effect of the delay between stabilization of magnetic field and recording of the reversal curve on the first order reversal curves (FORC) has been found and analyzed in K0.4[Cr(CN)6][Mn(R/S)-pn](R/S)-pnH0.6 chiral magnet. The difference between the 'delayed' and 'on time' FORC diagrams manifests the effect of magnetic relaxation on switching field of the nonlinear spin configurations presented in crystals (spin solitons, domain walls, etc). The domain walls and spin solitons with different relaxation rates contribute to reversal magnetization. The temperature dependence of magnetic anisotropy governing nonlinear spin excitations is discussed in the frames of the Callen-Callen formalism.





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