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Highly Ambient-Stable 1T-MoS2 and 1T-WS2 by Hydrothermal Synthesis under High Magnetic Fields.
ACS Nano ; 13(2): 1694-1702, 2019 Feb 26.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-30649862
The phase-controlled synthesis of metallic and ambient-stable 2D MX2 (M is Mo or W; X is S) with 1T octahedral coordination will endow these materials with superior performance compared with their semiconducting 2H coordination counterparts. We report a clean and facile route to prepare 1T-MoS2 and 1T-WS2 through hydrothermal processing under high magnetic fields. We reveal that the as-synthesized 1T-MoS2 and 1T-WS2 are ambient-stable for more than 1 year. Electrochemical measurements show that 1T-MoS2 performs much better than 2H-MoS2 as the anode for sodium ion batteries. These results can provide a clean and facile method to prepare ambient-stable 1T-phase MX2.





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