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[Au18(dppm)6Cl4]4+: a phosphine-protected gold nanocluster with rich charge states.
Dalton Trans ; 48(11): 3635-3640, 2019 Mar 12.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-30747941
A diphosphine-protected 18-gold-atom nanocluster was isolated via a facile reduction of an AuI precursor by NaBH4. Its composition was identified as {[Au18(dppm)6Cl4]·C6H6·3Cl·PF6} (SD/Au18, SD = SunDi; dppm = bis-(diphenylphosphino)methane) by X-ray single crystal structural analysis. This nanocluster possesses a prolate shape and is built from an Au10 kernel (bi-octahedral Au6 units sharing one edge) fused with two Au7 caps via sharing six gold atoms. The identity of the Au18 cluster is further demonstrated by ESI-MS. The number of valence electrons of [Au18(dppm)6Cl4]4+ is 10 (n* = 18-4-4), which does not match with the known magic numbers according to the spherical jellium model, and elongated models must be considered. The special stability of the Au18 cluster likely arises from geometrical factors in the metallic core. Two charge states are reported for this system. This work not only presents the structure elucidation of a diphosphine-protected Au18 nanocluster, but also provides an important insight into the growth pattern of gold nanoclusters and the charge states they can achieve.





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