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Aquatic Landscape Genomics and Environmental Effects on Genetic Variation.
Trends Ecol Evol ; 34(7): 641-654, 2019 07.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-30904190
Aquatic species represent a vast diversity of metazoans, provide humans with the most abundant animal protein source, and are of increasing conservation concern, yet landscape genomics is dominated by research in terrestrial systems. We provide researchers with a roadmap to plan aquatic landscape genomics projects by aggregating spatial and software resources and offering recommendations from sampling to data production and analyses, while cautioning against analytical pitfalls. Given the unique properties of water, we discuss the importance of considering freshwater system structure and marine abiotic properties when assessing genetic diversity, population connectivity, and signals of natural selection. When possible, genomic datasets should be parsed into neutral, adaptive, and sex-linked datasets to generate the most accurate inferences of eco-evolutionary processes.





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