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Colistin-Resistant mcr-Positive Enterobacteriaceae in Fresh Vegetables, an Increasing Infectious Threat in China.
Int J Antimicrob Agents ; 54(1): 89-94, 2019 Jul.
Artigo em Inglês | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-31034936
The presence of mobilized colistin resistance (mcr) genes is a global concern. However, data concerning mcr in fresh vegetables, a reservoir for antibiotic resistance genes, are still rare. In this study, mcr genes were analysed in 528 vegetable samples from 53 supermarkets or farmer's markets in 23 cities of 9 provinces in China, and the mcr-positive Enterobacteriaceae were characterized. Nineteen (3.6%) samples carried one or more mcr-positive isolates, and the highest three detection rates were found in carrot, pak choi and green pepper. Twenty-four mcr-1-positive isolates (23 Escherichia coli and one Enterobacter cloacae) were obtained, and E. coli isolates showed high genetic diversity. Different multilocus sequence type (MLST) isolates were also observed within the same sample. All 24 isolates showed multidrug resistance, and 14 carried blaCTX-M genes. Most isolates harbored similarly conjugative IncX4-type (∼33 kb) or IncI2-type (∼60 kb) mcr-1-bearing plasmids. The sequenced prevalent IncX4 plasmid and IncI2 plasmid from tomato were similar to the relevant plasmids from animals and clinical isolates in various countries. mcr-1-bearing IncHI2/ST3 plasmid highly similar to that carrying 14 resistance genes from E. coli of chicken was also observed. In conclusion, a high prevalence of mcr-1 in fresh vegetables was found in China, and the dissemination of mcr-1 was mediated by similar IncX4 or IncI2 plasmids. The plasmids from vegetables showed high similarity to plasmids from clinical isolates, indicating MCR-1-producers in ready-to-eat vegetables may pose a huge threat to public health and measures need to be taken to ensure food safety.





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