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Programa Mais Médicos: como avaliar o impacto de uma abordagem inovadora para superação de iniquidades em recursos humanos. / [More Doctors recruitment program: a new approach to overcome inequalities in human resourcesPrograma Más Médicos: cómo evaluar el impacto de un enfoque innovador para superar las inequidades en recursos humanos].
Rev Panam Salud Publica ; 42: e185, 2018.
Artigo em Português | MEDLINE | ID: mdl-31093213
Despite the 40 years elapsed since the Alma-Ata principles were first launched, a series of challenges still persists for the consolidation of primary health care (PHC) as the backbone of health care systems around the world. Among these challenges, especially noteworthy are the issues associated with the inequality in the allocation of human resources. The experience of the More Doctors Program (Programa Mais Médicos, PMM) in Brazil is an example of initiatives that tackle this inconclusive Alma-Ata agenda. By changing key aspects of physician training, provision, and allocation, PMM was shown to be a feasible alternative to minimize the challenge of physician shortage. Assessments of PMM, even though preliminary, have produced positive evidence showing increase in access and improvement of PHC quality in Brazil, a middle income country. Nevertheless, the generation of more robust evidence regarding the impact of PMM on PHC performance indicators is urgent. The discussion proposed in the present article emphasizes the need to prioritize quasi-experimental studies to measure the impact of PMM on population health. The article thus introduces a set of guidelines that may become a useful model to approach challenges associated with the shortage of health care professionals in low and middle income countries.





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